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Lifelines News - Friday 29th May 2020

Biscuit Day!

Yes, the perfect day. What's not to love?
We could suggestion ways to celebrate this day, but really...

Hi <<First Name>>,
We're sorry we couldnt get a newsletter to you last week, but we can reassure you the little newsletter elves are fully refreshed and back at work!

We don't like to blow our own trumpet here at Lifelines (okay, we do), but we've had a such a great response to our new remote activities that it inspired Volunteering Matters to create a new national project called Getting Together Matters - offering these kind of activities to people nationally. How cool is that!

There's more on that below, including
some thank yous, a date to save, and fun little snippets for you.

It may be Biscuit Day today, but next week is Volunteer's Week! Last year we hosted an afternoon tea at the Old Ship Inn to thank all of our wonderful volunteers. Sadly we can't do that this year but that doesn't mean we aren't going to try...
Wednesday 1st July 2020
@ 3:30 pm

All of our super volunteers are invited to an online celebration event where we can properly say thank you. We'll send details (and treats) nearer the date, so get your best togs ready, we're having a party!
But In the meantime, a huge
to every single one of you. Those still doing what they do, just remotely; those that changed to suit the new normal; those who stopped to shield themselves or look after family. All the volunteers who helped Lifelines reach so many people and Brighton their day.

We'll get together on the July 1st for some fun and festivities, and here's hoping that at some point we can all meet up again properly, in person, and we can make a big fuss over you all. You deserve it!
In the spirit of thanking our volunteers, seems like a great time to share some feedback from members and people attending our online groups.
First a bit from Colin Mason, the editor of our Volunteering Matters Focus magazine, where he reported on our Big Quiz.
"First I tried The Big Quiz, run by Brighton Lifelines, which is every Tuesday and Thursday morning. A really friendly group of people are involved and I was readily welcomed into the sessions and made to feel at home.

The whole occasion is great fun and very professionally run, and I’m now hooked and am a regular! If you enjoy a quiz, come and join in!
A big thank you to Colin and Sue who alternate as Quizmeisters, and regulars Arlie, Avril, Stewart, Theresa, Mark, Zena and Terry who really welcomed me - apologies if I’ve missed anyone out!"
“I signed up (easily) for two sessions. The Friday afternoon Sing Well session was good, despite my concern about whether my voice is still up to it."
I was very pleased to discover that when it was time to sing, the tutor muted us all (due to the internet time-delay ) so no-one actually heard me!  Will be there again tomorrow afternoon."
"Singing on Friday was a lively singalong. I was warmly welcomed by the host and made at ease; particularly important, as I have not done any singing for some years. It was also good to have the opportunity to "meet" other people whilst remaining in my own home. The event progressed with warm up exercises and techniques for singing which I found very helpful, as I had not experienced this before.

The songs were well known and it was uplifting to be able to sing along with the host. It was great to have the opportunity to join with others too and to be able to release pent up feelings and anxieties through song and proper breathing during these unprecedented times. A calming and uplifting experience.

All of us were treated respectfully and the activity was accessible to a range of singing skills and abilities. There was a fab choice of songs and we were also invited to make requests/suggestions. Great."

Seated Pilates

"Today, I had the pleasure of joining the Seated Pilates activity. Pilates is new to me, so I suspected it  was going to be an interesting challenge.
Challenge it was, but I felt well supported by the facilitator and enabled to participate in full, to my own level, and gain much benefit from my less painful and freer movement of joints. His enthusiasm for the activity is infectious and his gentle encouragement, a boost to confidence. Once again, the activity was inclusive and accessible to all abilities and I know I am going to grow with it! It was great to be able to experience such a thorough workout within my own home, without access to a gym and without the requirement of expensive equipment. At the end of the workout, my body definitely appreciated the attention and I felt invigorated and uplifted.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in these events. You are all providing us with uplifting and very welcome experiences in trying times. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved and I include the other participants for their full engagement and contribution to such successful events. I look forward to continuing these activities next week! Fantastic.”
A big thank you to Quizmeisters, Sue and Colin; pilates master, John; and singing superstar Annie. Dates on these and other activities below.
Join in the fun securely on Zoom or by phone
(standard rate charges will apply or may be included in your call plan)
All activities free with training and support provided. For details or to book, contact us on 01273 688 117 or
  • 10am - Pilates (30 mins)
  • 12pm - Bridge Club (30 mins)
  • 10am - Pilates (30 mins)
  • 11am - The Big Quiz with Sue (30 mins)
  • 10am - Pilates (30 mins)
  • 11am - Hangleton Mutual Aid Bingo with Martin (1 hour) * NEW
  • 12pm - Absolute Beginners Bridge (30 mins)
  • 12pm - Book Club (30 mins) * NEW
  • 2pm - Body & Breath (75 mins)
  • 2pm - Past & Present - Reminiscence (1 hour) * FULL
  • 10am - Pilates (30 mins)
  • 11am - The Big Quiz with Colin (45 mins)
  • 3pm - Creative Expression (1 hour) * NEW
  • 10am - Pilates (30 mins)
  • 11am - Coffee Morning (30 mins)
  • 2pm - Sing Well with Lifelines (75 mins)
Postal Activities
  • The Big Quiz - by Post!
  • Writing for Pleasure
  • Lifelines Pen Pals

Book Club

A weekly group for those passionate about books.
The books and discussions will be led by you, and our volunteers will help it happen with people in small groups so everyone gets the chance to speak. We can post short stories and poems out in advance, and there is even an option to have someone read to you - for those who enjoy it, or struggle with reading or their eyesight.
All of our groups are free to join securely over Zoom, Skype or by phone (basic landline charges will apply - and may already be included in your call plan).

Call 01273 688 117 to book your spot.

Download our activity calendar for details now!

Getting Together Matters

As well as our local online activities, you can now join in the national ones from our around the country.

Armchair Travel with George

Join your host for online tours of fantastic places, with trivia and facts.
Mondays at 2.00pm
We can't really go travelling at the moment, or can we? One our national colleagues, George, beleives we cam. Has started hosting some fun and interactive sessions, taking a group of people on online tours of wonderful places - all from the comfort of your own home.

These weekly tours will visit different places each week, and in the next few weeks you can visit:
  • Buckingham Palace, Holyrood House and Hampton Court Palace
    We're are all going to see the throne room in Buckingham Palace, the drawing room of Holyrood House in Scotland and the great halls of Hampton Court Palace. A virtual 360 degree tour of some of the rooms.
    Monday 1st of June  at 2.00pm
  • California nature reserves
    This week we will be going across the Atlantic to visit some of the most beautiful locations in California including the national parks, spectacular coastlines, serene lakes and undisturbed woodland.
    Monday 8th of June at 2.00pm
The tours will be on Zoom. If you're interested in joining George on his travels, then book your ticket by emailing him at

Please feel free to join in wearing themed attire for the tour, all to help making you feel like you are actually there!

Sue's Quick Quiz

Last week's answer:
Sugar Loaf Mountain

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, its name is said to refer it's resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined sugar. We now get it handy packaging.

Spot the difference:
One is a Sugar Loaf. The other is the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Gig Buddies Coronavirusfest!

Our friends at Gig Buddies have also had to adapt the fantastic support they give to those with disabilities to attend gigs and cultural events with a buddy - to create connections and friendships.

They now hold virtual coffee mornings, socials (pub quizzes, games evenings), art classes, phone check-ins, they started a lockdown podcast, took their advisory group meetings online and are actively trying to get more people connected online - they are even working on a Zoom chat show!

The best bit is they've started their own online music festival - Coronavirusfest - with gigs 3 times a week.
Go to the gig or find out more about Gig Buddies here.

This weeks question: What is the American name for the group of stars we call "the plough"?

Is it the:
  • Merry-go-round
  • Big Dipper
  • Rollercoaster
  • Helter-skelter
And because we missed last week, you get a bonus question: What is the American name for the group of stars we call "the plough"?

Is it the:
  • Merry-go-round
  • Big Dipper
  • Rollercoaster
  • Helter-skelter
Both questions courtesy of Sue, one of our Big Quiz hosts.

Free Tech Support

The friendly bunch at the Hangleton and Knoll Project (HKP) want to let you know that their amazing IT Tutor - David Purkiss - is now able, ready and willing to offer you remote IT support. This offer is open to all during lockdown period

He can email, call, text or even video call you, and answer any question - however big or small - to help you with anything you need to find out, or do online.

He's available Monday to Friday.

If you're interested then David at or call or text him on 07422 665 761 and leave your details and he will call you back asap.

Thanks Dave and all at HKP!
What's out your window?
This week, we see the view from Will's desk at home.
Not very exciting...
That's it for now folks, but hope you're coping well as we all keep on, keeping on.

Stay safe, have fun, be awesome!

Will, Karen & Arlie.
The LifeLines Team
01273 688 117
Please send in contributions, photos, requests or suggestions.
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