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November 2, 2021
POA News
   Upcoming Meetings
   Board Election Underway
   PSAC Highlights
   Long Range Planning Concludes Survey
   Tellico Village Network is on Roku
   Did You Know?
   Committee Application Deadline Extended
   Tellico Village Network
   Story Search
   Wellness Center Pool Schedule
   Timeless Tellico Foundation Update
   Governmental Affairs Committee Announcements

   Preserving Our History
   Hike the Village

Clubs & Organizations
   TV Hikers
   Smoky Mountain Service Dogs
   Annual Home Tour
   Muddy Boots
   Watershed Association
   Tellico Riders
   Shooting Sports Association
   Tellico Roadrunners RV Club
   Art Guild
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Click here to view the November meeting schedule.

November 3, 9 a.m. Budget Meeting (Board Review)
Open to the public: POA Conference Room & live stream

November 4, 9 a.m. ACC (Architectural Control Committee)
POA Conference Room

November 5, 9 a.m. CAC (Communications Advisory Committee)
POA Conference Room
The Board of Directors election is here! This year, there are 2 open seats and 3 candidates. Click here to read more about the candidates and access the full Board election calendar.

You must use the username and password provided in your letter in order to vote. Please note: you do not need to access the POA website to vote. The website to vote in the Board Election is
Voting will conclude at noon on November 18th. 
November 1, 2021 
  • Reviewed maintenance request for Mialaquo & Sequoyah wet well coating 
    • To protect wet well from corrosive gases 
    • Request amount: $32,000 from Water and Sewer Reserve
  • Pavement preservation underway 
  • Finished signs in Chatuga and started in Mialaquo 
  • Fall annuals 
Thanks to more than 2,400 property owners for telling us what you think!

The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) Village-wide survey closed Sunday, October 31. The Village-wide survey of property owners was conducted online September 27 through October 31. Over 2,400 property owners completed the survey. That compares to 1,692 property owners that completed a similar survey in 2018.

The committee will be spending the coming weeks to compile and analyze the data. In early 2022 the committee will publish a report on the information collected, make presentations to the POA Board of Directors and other groups, and publish articles in the Tell-E-Gram with the highlights of the survey.

The data gathered will be used to guide the future of the Village, including any changes to the long-range plan or recommendations to the Board that comes from the data.

The next quarterly public meeting of the LRPAC will be held via Zoom on Thursday, November 18 at 9:00 a.m. At that meeting the Committee will provide an update on our 2021 goals, re-cap the 2021 survey and its next steps, and review preliminary plans for master land use planning work to be conducted in 2022.  Watch the Tell-E-Gram for future announcements with meeting details.

The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee is one of nine all-volunteer advisory committees that provide input and recommendations for their respective areas of concern. The committees are:
  • Architectural Control
  • Communications
  • Long Range Planning
  • Finance
  • Golf
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Recreation
  • Marinas
  • Public Services
Volunteer Villagers are appointed to staggered 3-year terms and meet on a regular basis. If you would like to contribute to the Village in an area of interest to you, use this link to download the application
Tellico Village Network is now available on your Roku device or Smart TV as an app. If you would like to add this channel to your Roku, follow the step by step instructions below:

Gina McAlear provides free TOC Injury Assessments to those who live in Tellico Village. Injury assessments are available from 8am-12pm, Monday-Friday at the Wellness Center. If you have aches and pains or have questions about injuries to joints, muscles or bones, schedule a time to meet with Gina!
To schedule, please visit and select “TOC Injury Assessment.” 
Questions? Please email Gina directly at  
Times at Kahite will be available on November 9th and November 23rd from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
The POA has extended the deadline for advisory committee applications to Friday, November 19th. We are especially in need of volunteers for the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee. Please contact Shannon Jambon at for more information. To access a committee application, click here or stop by the POA Admin office. 
Did you miss the POA Board Candidates Forum hosted by the HOA on Thursday, October 21?  We are all busy, but our POA makes many important decisions that affect all property owners, and it’s important that we ALL vote.  Three candidates, John Arguelles, Bob Brunetti, and Hussein Nijim are running for two open Board positions, and presented their reasons on why they are running, what their backgrounds are, and answered questions from the audience.  If you missed the Forum, you’re in luck. Click here to see the recording:

Don’t forget to vote!  The election period is currently open and ends on November 18th

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and sign up for notifications to find out what’s new. Also go to our website at to find more programming of interest to residents of Tellico Village and surrounding area.

Do you have a story to tell? A unique hobby to share, or an impressive collection to show off?

We’re looking to tell your stories and highlight what makes Tellico Village unique. If you have a great story from your life, had a fascinating career or a heart-melting love story we’d love to help you share it. Were you sitting front row at a historical event (i.e.. moon landing, JFK Assassination, 9/11)?

Are you a member of a unique group or club? Is there a cause you’re passionate about that you want to speak to? Have long-lasting traditions you’d like to share for the holidays? Been married longer than anyone you know? Do you have a one-of-a-kind collection of political, entertainment or team paraphernalia?

Everyone has a story; would you like to share yours? Email Beth Kuberka at
Big changes are happening to the Wellness Center Pool Schedule during the month of November. Please note that we will be assessing these changes throughout the month.
Lap Swimming
A time is set aside for lap swimming only. No reservations will be required, but lane sharing is encouraged when more than 6 lane swimmers are present. Exercising or water walking is not permitted during lap swim time.
Water Walking
NOT an instructor led class, but instead a dedicated time for those who use the lap pool for walking, self-guided water exercise, and side-to-side fitness. Lap swimming is not permitted during this time.
Open Swim
Open to anyone for recreational or fitness swimming. During this time, you have the opportunity to water walk, exercise, play, or swim laps. Please be courteous of others during this time.
Silver Tarpons
Dedicated pool time for members of the Silver Tarpon Swim Club on Tuesdays at 7:00 AM. For more information on the club, please contact Holly Sequine at or Bill Alt at
Other Reminders
We do not allow lap swimming, water walking, or individual water exercising during any of our classes.
October 2021    

Since its inception in 2019, the trustees of the Timeless Tellico Foundation have worked to build an entity worthy of the respect and trust of the Villagers. Part of that effort is a periodic update of the state of the foundation.

Since the foundation was formed, we’ve received over $200,000 in donations from more than 400 donors. Most of the donations came from generous Villagers, though a number of folks around the country have sent donations to honor the legacy of an old friend who’d passed away. Regardless of the source, we’re humbled and motivated by those who are willing to invest in helping to make Tellico Village and Kahite even better places to be.

The bulk of the donations have been earmarked for the new covered Pickleball courts that will be the centerpiece of the Pickleplex area at the Wellness Center. Together with the TV Pickleball club, the foundation has worked to share the vision of how all Tellico Village residents will benefit from having these additional amenities.

We’re proud to be a part of such a large and important project, but we’re equally proud to be able to help Villagers honor the memories of people who’ve made a difference in their lives. Whether it be naming a trail or a flagpole in their honor or dedicating a bench to a loved one, we believe everyone benefits from the amenities.

We’re working with a great group of kayakers to have a safe, user-friendly launch installed at Clear Creek. While not a huge project, it’s another great example of making life better in Tellico Village. The same is true for the hiking trails we’ve built throughout the Village.

The Timeless Tellico Foundation is always open to talking with Villagers about other amenities or programs they think would be valuable to the Village. If the project makes sense and falls within the bounds of our 501.c.3 authority, we’ll team up with those that brought the idea to us to see if we can bring their vision to reality.

Beyond project donations, the foundation also accepts gifts from Villagers who want to give back to the community that has given them so much comfort and enjoyment. Regardless of the reason for the gift, we can accept donations by check, cash or credit card, as well as from Donor Advised Funds and Qualified Charitable Distribution accounts. We also accept appreciated stock donations. If you want to see what option is best for you, we can give you some general guidance but it’s always best to talk with your financial advisor and tax professionals. Our status as a 501.c.3 organization also allows donors to take advantage of tax-free donations.

The trustees of the Timeless Tellico Foundation are Villagers united in helping make Tellico Village the best it can be. Please reach out to any of us with questions and ideas. Visit our website at to find out which of your neighbors are on the Board of Trustees.

Pete Kilmartin
Treasurer and Trustee
The Governmental Affairs Committee encourages you to get involved in our local POA election.
Two POA board members will be leaving the board, Bruce Johnson, and Carla Johnson, leaving two vacant positions to fill. The candidates for villagers to vote to fill this position are:
John Arguelles
Bob Brunetti
Hussein Nijim
The Governmental Affairs Committee encourages you to use your Village Directory to look up the contact information for these candidates and try to meet them.
Two of them will become part of the voice of the policy making for the Village for the next three years. Meet them over a drink or coffee/lunch.  Hold a meet and greet at your home encouraging your neighbors or friends to meet them.
Make sure you understand their positions on Village policy, finances, etc. to decide who to support.
Finally, get out and vote. The voter turn out for the village is less than 25%.  However, we have a very vocal percentage when it comes to complaints. Let’s consider turning this around and getting the village out to vote leading to less complaints in the future.
Take note of the calendar dates to understand the election process in the Village. If you have any questions on the process, contact POA staff.
October 31, 2021, Election officially opened on VoteNet or by Paper Ballot at 12:01 a.m.
November 18, 2021, Ballots (Electronic and Paper) must be received by VoteNet by 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Polls CLOSE at noon
November 19, 2021, Official announcement of election results begins at 2:00 p.m. Election committee sends report of election results to Board of Directors for certification.
December 15, 2021, December Board Meeting – Certification of Election Results and Announcement of new Board members

Governmental Affairs Committee on Loudon County Redistricting
Every 10 years following a census there is a redistricting of County, State and Federal voting districts.  We are in that process now.  There have been three meetings already regarding redistricting in Loudon County.  There is  a County Commission meeting scheduled for a final vote on the redistricting plan for Loudon County for Nov 1, 2021, 6 p.m. held at the Loudon County Annex, 601 Grove Street, Loudon, TN. As it stands now our Village will be further divided by this redistricting plan.  From the north end of the Village to Clear Creek Bridge everything on the West side of the Highway will be in District 1, no longer in District. This means your voting place with be changing as well as your representation in the County. For further information on the redistricting process and the final proposal to be voted on at the meeting go to:
We just recently celebrated the 25th Anniversary for Tanasi Golf Club and Tellico Village will be turning 35 next year. Toqua Golf Club will also be 35 years old in 2022 and our newest golf facility, The Links at Kahite, will have been around for 20 years. While our courses are not considered classics, they are World Class, and we have a growing golf history worthy of being preserved.

We have a number of Villagers that have been around since close to the beginning and the first step in preserving our golf history is to document. Please reach out to me directly via email at if you have anything at all that may be of historical value. While it may seem insignificant, we would love any old pictures, scorecards, etc. as we want to chronicle everything. We want to properly preserve and celebrate our growing history and need your help to do so.

This year we added a new permanent Overall Champions Trophy for our Annual Red-Tailed Hawk Invitational. This trophy is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will properly symbolize the most elite event in Tellico Village. We will be adding a plaque for each overall champion and need your help with that information. When was the first member guest and who won? We currently only include the winners dating back to 2004 in our printed program, but the event predates that period.

Thanks for your assistance with this matter as we have a lot to celebrate in Tellico Village Golf and need to properly preserve our history.
Christopher C. Sykes
Director of Golf
Join Recreation Director Simon Bradbury for Friday hikes during the month of November. Hikes are open to all skill levels and will meet at 9:30am at the Timeless Tellico trail kiosk beside the Wellness Center.
Hike Dates:

November 5th
November 12th
November 19th

There will be a special Thanksgiving Hike on Wednesday November 24th at 9:30 am.
Location: Rich Mountain Loop
Date: Friday, November 5, 2021
Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Lakeside Realty Parking Lot
Distance: 8.5 miles
Rating: Moderate
Driving Time: 1.5 hours
Elevation gain: 1750 ft
Leader: Mark Kester    201-248-7001

This is a loop hike combining three trails (Crooked Arm Ridge, Indian Grave Gap, & Rich Mountain Loop) and hiking along the ridge on the north  side of Cades Cove.  The hike begins near the entrance to Cades Cove.  There are outstanding views of Cades Cove and Tuckaleechee Cove.  We will pass and visit the John Oliver cabin. 

Everyone is invited to join us for the very special occasion. SMSD is honored to “Pass the Leash” of our mobility assistance service dog “Tango” to US Army Iraq War combat medic SGT Russell.

First Baptist Church of Tellico Village — 205 Chota Rd. — Loudon, TN

Friday, November 5th, 1PM

It’s that time of the year! For the past 25 years the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Tellico Village has celebrated Fall with a gift to all Villagers, a tour of four lovely homes in the Village. This year’s Annual Home Tour is going to take place on Sunday, November 7 from 1 to 4:30. Tickets are $16 and include admission to four homes in four Village neighborhoods, and a reception at the Yacht Club where you can meet our wonderful Sponsors. To buy tickets via PayPal please visit the GFWC-TV website,; visit Sloan’s Hardware or the Welcome Center, or call Nancy Benn at 865-458-5253. See you there!
Location: West and North Boundary Trails | Oak Ridge, TN
Date: Monday, November 8, 2021 (Rain Date November 15)
Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Lakeside Realty Parking Lot
Distance: 5.3 miles
Rating: Easy to moderate
Driving Time: 40 mins
Elevation gain: 560 ft
Leader: Jan Jacobson

Hike Description: Close to home, this woodland/mountain trail winds through the hills outside of historic Oak Ridge.  After the hike consider going into the town of Oak Ridge to complete the Memory Walk, a very quick historic summary of events in Oak Ridge’s past (next to the Oak Ridge Library), or visit the museum.  This hike is moderate with significant elevation change through the undeveloped wilderness.  Some roots and rocks will also be present. 

Miscellaneous Information:  

  • Please leave your pets at home as they can cause delays and tripping hazards for others
  • No restroom facilities
  • Hiking sticks and appropriate hiking footwear are strongly recommended.  

Muddy Boots Coordinators:

Lisa Worner​Ph:  319-269-4839  |

Don Worner​Ph:  913-912-2984  |  

COVID-19 Information: Due to the recent resurgence in COVID-19 cases, caution should be exercised if carpooling. Masks are optional.

The Annual Meeting of the Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR) will take place on November 10 at 7:00 pm. The site of this year’s meeting is the Fellowship Hall of the Tellico Village Community Church, 130 Chota Center, Loudon. The church is located very near the commercial center of Tellico Village, just off SR 444. The guest speaker for the event is Charlie Rhodarmer, Director, Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, who will present “The Trail of the Syllabary“. 2021 is the bicentennial of the completion of Sequoyah’s long work in bringing the Cherokee language to written form.  Charlie will have many wonderful insights into how this achievement came to be. 

Also at this meeting, representatives will share progress the Association has made in monitoring water quality in the lake, keeping the environment around the lake as clean as possible, and ongoing maintenance work on the East Lakeshore Trail, which was built under WATeR’s sponsorship. Organization leaders are also excited to share with attendees a new program, which WATeR will be encouraging participation in among all area residents.  They expect this exciting program will have a direct, positive impact on the water quality of Tellico Lake, both now and in the future. 

The meeting area will be set up so as to maintain appropriate social distancing.  For the safety of everyone, masks will be required.

Everyone living within the Tellico watershed and guests are invited to attend.  Admission is free.
On Thursday November 11th, the Tellico Riders will hold their monthly meeting at the Tellico Village Yacht Club. The Club social starts at 5pm in the Yacht Club Bar, followed by a meeting on the 3rd floor at 6pm. If you own a motorcycle, live in Tellico Village or Rarity Bay, ride in East Tennessee, or would like to meet those that do, come join us. At 7pm after the meeting, it’s optional to join many of the Tellico Riders for dinner at the Blue Heron. If you desire to have dinner, we recommend you place your dinner meal order during the Club Social Hour-- tell them you're with the Tellico Riders. For additional information, please contact Carl Bye, Director, Tellico Riders, at
November 16, 2021 | Top Floor Yacht Club | 4:30 p.m.
This month's meeting will feature Chris Vittertoe, a custom gunsmith in the Knoxville area that has a variety of services ranging from basic repairs to fully custom work including modifications and complete builds.  He will bring with him examples of his work displaying pistols and rifles from competition, tactical and hunting samples.
If you have a need, or may at sometime have a need for a local gunsmith (remember, one outing has the potential to determine that), please join us. 
November 16, 2021 | Top Floor Yacht Club | 7PM Social, 7:30PM General Meeting
Please join the Tellico Roadrunners RV Club for their General Meeting and the social preceding it beginning at 7PM at the Yacht Club.  General club business will be discussed as well as sharing information on recent and upcoming RV rallies.  Visitors are welcome.
Realistic Animal Portraiture
November 18, 2021 
10am via Zoom

Jennifer Gennari, a nationally known artist from Connecticut, will share her story as an artist and her passion for painting animals realistically.

Jennifer is one of the first contemporary artists to focus entirely on animal painting, and the first to spotlight the Alla Prima method centered on capturing animals with the life, drama, and integrity of a traditional human portrait. There is a breath of individual emotion and personality inside each portrait as if their soul was captured within the paint. She works primarily in oil in a realistic style. Her work is a Labor of Love.  

This Art Guild meeting will be on Zoom, please email for the zoom invitation link.  

For more information about the Art Guild please visit:

Adopt-a-Class Greeting Cards - Holiday Collection 2021
Adopt-a-Class TN is proud to introduce a a very special collection of holiday cards!
Designed by children at Loudon, Steekee and Vonore Elementary Schools, these cards capture the spirit of the season as only seen by children.  Chosen from hundreds of entries, our unique cards display a variety of themes with exceptional artistic skill and creativity.  This sale is a FUNDRAISER  for our three
adopted schools, who will benefit from ALL profits.  Adopt-a-Class Holiday Cards are sold as a variety set of 12 cards, created by 4 children at each of our 3 adopted schools.  The cost of $12 includes all 12 cards with self-sealing envelopes packaged in a gift box.  Cards are on display at the library vestibule and on our website at
Cards will be available to purchase from November 1 to 30.  Free home delivery is available in Tellico Village, including Kahite.  To order, mail a check for $12/box and payable to “Adopt-a-Class” to Karen Hamerslag, 232 Elohi Way, Loudon TN, 37774.  Please include your name, delivery address and contact information.
We will have our collection on display and available for purchase by cash or check at the SHOPPES of CHRISTMAS on November 3.  Our booth is conveniently located at the entry to the Blue Heron, and will be open from 9 am to 2 pm. 
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