Happy Belated New Year! 
I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and fun celebration to usher in the new year
We are certainly glad 2020 came to an end and we're looking forward to a fresh start and a fantastic year for you and your family at the Club.  We have a very full year in store, with new events, amenities, and of course, all of the traditional Club favorites we look forward to each year.  2021 will be an exciting year for the Aero Club and we can't wait to get you involved!

We begin with some very exciting news: ACEA has finally secured an approval to proceed with the infrastructural development of the  airside access building. This means that approved private aircraft members will have an easy and immediate access to the apron from the Club. 

A polite reminder that 2021 subs are due so please remember to pay, that is, if you haven’t already done so. Contact the Accounts Department if you have any questions regarding the payments.

Finally, I want to sincerely thank each and every member for contributing to the success and safety of the Club over the past year. 
We have certainly all gone through a difficult period of time, but it has been very inspiring to see our members and our staff band together and truly make ACEA a better place.
Thank you again and cheers to 2021!!!

Duncan Mbaka - General Manager
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Airside Access Building

We have finally secured approval from the authorities to proceed with the infrastructural development to facilitate security screening at the Club.... MORE

2021 Committee

Find out who's in your 2021 Committee.... MORE

Welcome Aboard

Ibrahim Mahat KunoFull Member - Pilot at Freedom Airlines.

Nicholas K. Salat - Full Member

Brigid Gachoki - Full Member - Director/ Drone Pilot at Aerocopter.  Passionate about drones

New Staff Member

Najat Weni - Front Desk

Najat is responsible for ensuring efficient and smooth front desk operations and providing accurate and timely information and services to members and their guests. 

Admin (office hours)
Accounts (office hours)
To ensure correct delivery