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Thank you for being a participant in Together We Can. As you know, "Our mission is to educate, enable, and empower a lifestyle of mindfulness and action against racism". We are overjoyed by the response of Americans across the country to this new approach of living in unity.
TAKE ACTION MONTHLY: Each month you will receive an email from Project Unity providing action steps which can be completed in less than an hour and at your convenience. Each month will be unique and engaging.

These actions will help us better understand our country’s history surrounding race; our blind spots and unconscious bias; and the perspectives of those with different backgrounds and experiences. This effort will help direct positive change in our communities.

WEAR A UNITY WRISTBAND: Wearing our wristband shows that you are not silent to racism, are part of the solution, and open to discussing something we rarely talk about: race.

Acquire your complimentary Together We Can wristband by sending your name, complete mailing address and desired quantity to Each person may receive up to 5 bracelets to share. Additional wristbands can be purchased upon request.
ATTEND TOGETHER WE DINE: The third element of your participation is attending a virtual Together We Dine event. Since 2017, thousands of Americans have come together in these listening exercises where trained facilitators guide us through safe conversations about race in America.

If you have not yet attended, our next Together We Dine virtual event will be on Thursday, December 15 at 5:30 PM CST. Registration is now open through December 15th. Click here to register today! You will receive future invitations for Together We Dine events as they are scheduled.

SHARE OUR WORK: Please invite your friends and family members to join Together We Can. Sign-up and additional resources are at

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Thank you.
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