Spring Brings New Life to All

Yes. It has been a long winter, and now we all find ourselves in unique and unprecedented situations with COVID-19. This message came to me via an online lesson last evening: 
Transforming Aloneness into All One-ness.
This is our effort and intention now. 
Please join with all Grandmothers.

If not now,...when? If not you,... then who? 

A Message for Beloved Friends of
Allegra Ahlquist

Dear Friends of Dharma Treasure Retreat Center and Friends/Relatives of Allegra Ahlquist, In the midst of our Spring activities, and while we are temporarily in “quarantine break” from onsite meditators and guests, we are feeling called to upgrade and renew Allegra’s Garden. This garden was established long ago by Allegra, and is beautifully situated within a dome structure centrally located on Dharma Treasure property. Many who come partake in the produce of this garden, which we share with neighbors and visitors alike.

 In honor of Allegra's generous efforts and contributions to Dharma Treasure overall, we are calling for contributions (donations and help) to support us in rebuilding the fallen straw bale beds that support the garden.  Once the beds are rebuilt with new straw bales, we’ll purchase starts and seeds for a summer crop of vegetables, flowers, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. The flowers, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs will be extended to the garden at the main house where we are in the early stages of creating a Memorial Garden with Allegra’s statues, shells and various significant items she had placed behind her dwelling when she lived at Dharma Treasure.

 To support this project, we’ve been blessed with two wonderful volunteers - living locally - both with gardening experience, abundant energy and lots of enthusiasm.  Margarita Acosta, a close friend of Allegra’s, has offered to make a lovely sign for the garden's renewal.  Local resident Randy Redhawk has contributed some richly fertile soil. Happily, we have vision, momentum and labor all lined up. We’re ready to move forward to manifest a new expanded "Allegra’s Garden" with love, joy and celebration. Thank you to Mother Earth -- in this ancestral land of the Chiricahua Apache -- for the opportunity to grow our gardens!

 If anyone among us would like to contribute any amount towards the rebuilding, renewal and redesign of Allegra’s gardens, please feel free to contribute using the Paypal link below.  We've already raised $30.00 to start, and our aim is to purchase the straw bales and starts/seeds as soon as we have funds - possibly as soon as next week!    DONATION LINK:  (NOTE: There is a scroll down menu with the option to select “Other” to choose any donation amount.) We gratefully appreciate your donations!  Allegra would be thrilled to know we are supporting her former garden with the energies of love, sharing and abundance.

 Donations by check can be sent to: 
Dharma Treasure, Inc.

Allegra’s Gardens Fund

P.O. Box 232, Pearce, AZ 85625

We offer a tax deduction receipt by request. Cash donations are also welcome from local folks.  (Please let us know in advance if you will be dropping by.)

Grandmothers ZOOM!
On Sunday, May 3rd, the AZ Grandmothers Transitional Council gathered in Sacred Circle via Zoom technology.  The sharing was rich and full of potential. The fruits of this harvest will come your way soon.
Remember also to check out the web page
as we begin updates and provide information about future plans.

Below, you will find information 
about another online opportunity for women
to gather and grow together.
Gather the Women Global Matrix
has an opportunity to be in circle almost everyday and several times each month. Zoom technology opened GTW up to remote circles and has given GTW possibilities to be in circle with women from around the world. It is truly exciting to experience the creativity of deeper conversations with sister’s diverse voices.
We follow GTW Circle Principles, along with candles and talking pieces on each Zoom call.  Each circle creates a sacred, safe space for sisters from around the world to join in deeper conversations.
Every week GTW host Circle of Stones Zoom calls Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 8:45 am (Pacific} and one Wednesday afternoon Circle of Stones call, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm. (Pacific)
Circle of Stones began with Judith Duerk’s book “Circle of Stones” and her question, “How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to go to be with your mother, with your sisters and the aunts, with your grandmothers, and the great- and great-great grandmothers, a place for women to go, to be, to return to, as women? How might your life be different?” 
Gather the Women Circle of Stones ask you “What is bubbling up for you, today?” It is an opportunity for you to share with your sisters from around the globe.
On the day of a GTW Circle, please click on this link: with the password: 915574
or sign in on your ZOOM APP with ‘join a meeting” 5202550423 and password: 915574 
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