Changing Woman:
Led by Spirit

The Circle is Complete...yet Unbroken 
2019 AZCG Gathering 

As so many of our Grandmothers have been aware, the AZCG has been ready to evolve and move into a new future. The purpose of the 2019 Gathering was specifically to hold this energy in circle and ceremony and discern the vision for the future. Changing Woman: Led by Spirit was filled with love and generosity towards each Grandmother present in both body and in spirit. The visioning ceremony, The Dream of Wholeness, The Dance of Creation carried the group into the realms of energetic patterning where the newness of creation would become manifest for us.  Using small circles, the Elders and the 13 Grandmothers of the gathering brainstormed possible next steps. During sharing the harvest of these circles, we formed a transitional council that would take the ideas outlined into the next evolution of the AZ Council of Grandmothers.

One of the many transitions of the weekend included news from our Weavers, B-Lovely, that their long and heart-centered desire to have a child came to fruition. Two days before the Gathering, the judge in their adoption process delivered the order that custody of their new 5-yr old son would begin immediately! With this joyous transition for Blair and Lovely, they determined to remain nestled in their home with this new joy and did not attend the Gathering. Blair and Lovely, we celebrate your joy with you, and we hold you and your growing family in the highest light and love as you journey together.

Twinfeathers was invited to lead the Gathering as Weaver, and she did so joyously, with grace and song and flute. Mindful of the task of discerning the future of the AZCG, she held us lovingly and respectfully in the light of Spirit and the tunes of her flute. Thank you, Twinfeathers, for stepping into this role at the last minute.

We also hold B Campbell in our highest light and love as she stepped up to the significant effort to contact many, many Elders and invite them to the Saturday lunch and Visioning Ceremony. We were delighted to include Elders Barrie Ryan, Diane Wilson, Donna DeHaan, Irene Walden, and Nonine Anderson. B also reached out to several other Grandmothers who otherwise would not have been present. Her efforts doubled the size of the Gathering and provided the Voices of our Elders in the process of discernment.  And… in addition to all of that, B also coordinated the restaurant reservation for Friday night’s dinner, and she organized the order for lunch on Saturday. Thank you, B, for keeping our numbers and our bellies so full!

We now offer great thanks to Joanne Weiner and Margarita Acosta for creating and offering the Visioning Ceremony to us on Saturday afternoon. The Dream of Wholeness, The Dance of Creation perfectly embodied our hopes, our dreams, our desires, and our process of discernment. Invoking the presence of Thought Woman and her sisters (Changing Woman, Waiting Woman, Listening Woman and Talking Woman), the group moved into the Powers of Creation for our people. Thank you, Margarita and Joanne, for sharing your gifts and blessings with us.

We welcome several ‘past’ and ‘new’ Grandmothers to this Circle of Love and its transition into a new future. Laura Johnston comes to us from Grandmothers in Indiana bringing a fresh voice of vision and insight; Alberta Arviso, of the indigenous Navajo brings us wisdom and beauty; Joyce Harvey has returned from her home in Brooklyn to be part of us again; Rita Ashworth also returns to lend her energy. Shelly Jurmain returns to the group to share her strength and wisdom, and Cindy Leech and Kay Trammell (who were new to Grandmothers just last year) now also gift this group with their beautiful energy and blessings of presence. For all of you, we are grateful.

Behind the scenes, Cathy Stafford remained the steady hand as she coordinated logistics, shopping, driving, and serving the needs of this group as they arose. As always, her wisdom and guidance, her work with the Small Circle facilitators, and her tireless good humor support us all.

We also wish to thank Sarah Soltow for her energy and input as Wordweaver, Registrar, and part-time keeper of the funds. In tune with the transitioning energies of the times, Sarah will soon be relocating to a new home near Richmond, VA.  As you read more about the outcomes of the Gathering, you will realize that while she may be physically more distant, she will remain very connected to the AZCG.

We thank and honor ALL of the Grandmothers who were able to be present at this 2019 Gathering, ALL who desired to be there but could not, and ALL who have gone before. Each and every one was present in remembrance and celebration, in song and dance. ALL live forever in the Hearts of ALL.

Aho- It is so.

13 Grandmothers Transitional Council


13 Grandmothers Transitional  Council 

Front Row (L to R): Margarita Acosta, Joanne Weiner, B Campbell, Cathy Stafford 
Back Row (L to R): Sarah Soltow, Shelly Jurmain, Twinfeathers, Kay Trammell, Laura Johnston, Joanne Harvey,Cindy Leech,
Not pictured: Alberta Arviso, Rita Ashworth,
The outcomes of the 2019 Gathering will be communicated to via these e-notes and the new AZ Council of Grandmothers web page. If you are aware of any other GM who is not currently in touch, please let her know how to get connected with this information.
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