Women's Sacred Circle

"Coming together in a circle of women we create a sacred space, 'a temple space'  to surrender fully into the feminine flow.   We come together to engage in unique and radical spiritual practices created by women, for women, and practiced together with other women."
Sheila Chacko. Path of the Radiant Heart

25 Years of Empowering Strength:
Listen, Learn, Love & Leap!

25th Annual Gathering- AZ Council of Grandmothers
November 8 - 11, 2018, Kenyon Ranch, Tubac, AZ
Thanks to all who attended the September 14 Planning Circle in Eloy. Elders Irene Walden and Kit Wilson joined with Weaver Blair Braden and Registrar Nicolle Bornstein. Sue Gemoets brought various silver accessories as we plan for the 25th Anniversary Gathering. Rounding out the circle were Cathy Stafford, Twinfeathers, and WordWeaver Sarah Soltow.
The theme of this year’s gathering is “25 Years of Empowering Strength: Listen, Learn, Love and Leap!”  Sounds like there will be some serious dancing going on at Kenyon Ranch! As we shared and envisioned in circle together, we could feel the excitement growing. Here are a few of the highlights from the planning meeting.

On Wednesday, before the Gathering begins, several GMs will gather at Kenyon Ranch to help set up, organize materials, etc.  The annual Facilitators’ Meeting, hosted by Sue Gemoets, will take place on Thursday morning. There is also a Thursday morning Orientation for the ten new GMs attending. Karen Eastburn and Irene Walden are being asked to share their insights with this group..
The first day features the Opening Ceremony in the Big Circle. Weaver Blair presides over this magical event as we enter the sacred space accompanied by Twinfeather’s mystical flute. From the Opening, we will move to Small Circle groups. 
In the evening gathering, new GMs are invited to ask questions, and several seasoned GMs will share Stories of Past Gatherings. 

Grasshopper will explain the Pipe, Sage, and Water Ceremonies; Kit Wilson, Nancy Masland, Ilsa Swihart, Terry Bourne will share and reminisce. A New Moon Ceremony is planned for our first night together.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, the early risers will share in Margarita’s Mending the Hoop movement, followed by Sue’s meditation, and then a yoga stretching session led by Sarah. Small circles meet daily, of course. On Friday afternoon, Cathy will organize the Open Space discussions/workshops. Topics already suggested are flute, reiki/energy healing, and Sacred Activism. Friday evening brings the Sweat Lodge; at least 18 participants will be ready for that cleansing and renewing experience.
On Saturday afternoon, we celebrate the Elder’s Circle and Memorial Ceremony. A few experienced GMs will be invited to host aspects of these events. After dinner on Saturday, time to PARTY in the Ceili Circle.  Extravagance is the key word here; be ready to open up and SHARE who you really are!
On Sunday, the Small Circles will close in the morning session. The Closing for the Big Circle is held before lunch. Again, Weaver Blair will officiate, and we will move with gracious gratitude from this  sacred hoop of light and love, from this sacred space back to our lives in our individual worlds. Peace to all as we plan, prepare, and personally ready ourselves for the AZ Council of Grandmothers 2018 Gathering.

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