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Welcome to issue #21 of The Digital HR Leader...

It’s summer and with record temperatures all over Europe, we’ve decided to celebrate that over the next four editions of The Digital HR Leader Newsletter. Each week, we’ll focus on a specific topic and highlight some great reads – both on myHRfuture and from elsewhere.
For our first special, we’re going to focus on Diversity and Inclusion.
The business case for Diversity and Inclusion
The case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is compelling – not just because it is the right thing to do, but because numerous studies suggest it can drive better business performance too.   
As, highlighted by Stacia Garr in 
her recent interview with me, with advances in technology and the growth of people analytics, HR increasingly has the tools it needs to promote and embed diversity and inclusion initiatives, and perhaps most critically prove that it can be a significant driver of business performance.

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Content we're loving, on Diversity & Inclusion...

The role of AI in mitigating bias to enhance diversity and inclusion
Research from IBM exploring biases as an inhibitor to more diverse and inclusive workplaces and providing insights into the role that AI can play in mitigating biases. There are several interesting insights including FIG 1below, which highlights that over 20% of HR professionals are concerned that AI could perpetuate or worsen bias.
Read more | 9 min read 
FIG 1: One in five HR professionals are concerned that AI could perpetuate or increase biases (Source: IBM and UNLEASH Professional HR Study, 2018)
Brian Richmond summarises the discussions of a New York Strategic HR Analytics MeetUp, covering what inclusion means, how to measure it, the role of technology and what the future of inclusion is.

Read more | 4 min read
Citing research from Boris Groysberg, this article describes how female and male employees tend to build stronger external and internal networks respectively and the impact this has when they move job. Greg also provides insights from some of TrustSphere’s clients on how networks can affect promotability, trust and collaboration.

Read more | 5 min read
A recent BCG study highlighting that increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance (see FIG 2).

Read more | 6 min read
FIG 2: Companies with more diverse leadership teams report higher innovation revenue (Source: BCG)
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic outlines three factors that make some leaders more committed to diversity than others.

Read more | 3 min read
Does Diversity Training Work the Way It’s Supposed To?
Recently published research from Wharton documenting the findings of an experiment to measure the impact of diversity training, which had some surprising outcomes.

Read more | 4 min read
Maxine Williams is the Global Chief Diversity Officer at Facebook and her article challenges people analytics teams to look beyond the traditional minimum confident and push themselves to look beyond the limited hard data.

Read more | 4 min read
Andrew Marritt outlines findings from a project that sought to identify whether gender bias was present in the language used by managers, and also the differences in the way that men and women talked about their own performance.

Read more | 5 min read
Digital HR Leaders: How to Transform HR to be more Digital (Interview with Sharon Doherty, Chief People Officer at Finastra)
This #HROS Case Study provides an excellent example of how (and why) Atlassian improved the gender and ethnic diversity of its technical graduate hires.

Read more | 6 min read

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After successful shows already this year in San Francisco and London, I’m pleased to once again be co-chair of PAFOW with Al Adamsen in Philadelphia on 5-6 September. Hope to see you there.

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