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Welcome to issue #15 of The Digital HR Leader...

Last week in two cities on two continents, I had the good fortune to witness at first hand two supremely talented people at the top of their games…
‘The more digitised we are, the more human we become’
First up on Monday last week, despite a biblical storm I headed up to CogX in London for a Fireside Discussion with Leena Nair on how 
Unilever is pioneering the use of AI and Analytics across HR.The building may have been a bit dilapidated, the roof leaking and the electricity not working, but Leena made the place come alive with her energy, passion and knowledge. She urged HR to “junk all the self-doubt and work with some swagger and confidence,before reeling off several ways in which Unilever is using AI and analytics to improve business outcomes, employee experience and wellbeing. Leena is the epitome of what a 21stCentury HR leader should be – business focused, data driven, digitally savvy but above all making work better. Read the writeups of our discussion in the ‘Content we’re loving…’ section and be inspired.
The four phases required to evolve HR into a digital function 
From London I flew to New York for three days of filming for forthcoming episodes of the 
Digital HR Leaders podcast and video series. Amongst the recordings we made was a discussion with Dave Ulrich. We talked about a whole series of topics including the steps involved in making HR a digital function. The conversation was absorbing and I know I learned a lot from being in such a close vicinity to the father of HR. Look out for the podcast when it is released at the end of the summer.
Catch up with Series 1 of the Digital HR Leaders podcast
Series 1 of the podcast is a wrap and we are taking a week’s break before Series 2 launches next week with Nick Holley. If you want to catch up with Series 1, 
head over to the podcast homepage and don’t forget to check out the videos too on the myHRfuture YouTube pageA huge thank you to our guests for Series 1: Sharon Doherty, Ed Houghton, Didier Elzinga, Yvette Cameron and Eden Britt as well as our Series 1 sponsor Culture Amp.
Ziggy played guitar…
Whether it was fireside chats, podcast recordings or articles I read everything I picked up seemed to be of the highest calibre last week – more like every track on 
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars as opposed to the snore fest that is the race to replace Theresa May as the next UK Prime Minister. Check out three of these brilliant articles in the ‘Content we’re loving…’ section below.
Thank You
Thanks to all of you who shared last week’s newsletter as well as 
EP5 of the Digital HR Leaders podcast with Eden Britt particularly: Zahina Bibi, Pamela Davis-Bean, Erik Ottesen, Alexis Saussinan, Anantha Srinivasarangan, Norberts Erts, Debbie Harrison, Ellen Poissant, Anna Tavis, Stella Ioannidou, Kathi Enderes, David Shontz, Sophie Rwegera, Andrea Kirby, Lewis Garrad and Georgina Jarratt.
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New content from myHRfuture!

In last weeks podcast episode, we look at how to build a People Analytics team in a global organisation. Being the Global Head of People Analytics in a large multinational is an exciting but at the same time challenging role. Building and structuring the team, developing your operating model, identifying the right projects and business sponsors as well as turning insights into outcomes, are just some of the key responsibilities involved. Our guest last week was Eden Britt, the Group Head of People Analytics and Chief Data Officer for HR at HSBC. Click below to listen to this week’s episode and to read the full transcript.

Read more | 10 min read

In this video clip and transcript from this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcastDavid Green talks to Eden Britt (Group Head of People Analytics and Chief Data Officer for HR at HSBC) about some of the work that he has been doing at HSBC in Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), in using Glassdoor data to understand internal and external trends in employee engagement, and how he is using Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the bank. Eden outlines some great practical examples of how HSBC is experimenting with advanced techniques and using Python in their People Analytics projects.

Watch more | 5 min watch

Content we're loving, this week...

‘The more digitised we are, the more human we become’ Cathryn Newbery 
HR needs more swagger says Unilever CHRO. I couldn't agree more 
Sian Harrington

Two excellent write-ups of my fireside chat with Leena Nair at CogX. Read how Unilever is using analytics and AI across HR along with Leena’s commentary about disrupting the sh*t out of HR. File under inspirational.

Digital HR: What Is It and What’s Next?
Dave Ulrich
Dave Ulrich outlines a four phased approach to evolve HR into a digital function. 
How Data Can Help You Win in the Winner-Take-All Economy 
 Neil Irwin
It’s not every day that the New York Times features people analytics, so huge congrats to Dawn Klinghoffer for this stunning write-up of how people data revealed critical insights about work-life balance in a high-performing team at Microsoft.
Unlocking Change Management with People Analytics
 Jens Jahn, Thomas Rasmussen, and Reinhard Messenböck
Thomas Rasmussen, Head of People Analytics at National Australia Bank, partners with BCG on this must-read article on how people analytics has changed the game with regards to business transformation and change.

FIG 1: How to activate key people metrics in a business transformation (Source: BCG)
How to use technology & analytics to improve employee-driven innovation 
Andrew Marritt
Employee-sourced innovation can deliver significant economic value for firms. In this article Andrew Marritt provides a captivating description of how technology and analytics can support these activities.


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