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Welcome to issue #4 of The Digital HR Leader...

Which I’m typing from New York City where I am for a few days before heading down to Philadelphia for the Wharton People Analytics Conferencemore of which later.
What skills does HR need in the future?
Last week saw the publication of 
our report into the HR Skills of the FutureThere’s no doubt that the HR function needs to change, becoming more digital and analytical to deliver greater business value. The HR professionals that participated in the research certainly seemed to recognise this as the headline findings of the report below demonstrate. Read Jonathan Ferrar’s analysis  before downloading your free copy of the report.

Learning from outside HR
If HR is to become more digital and data-driven, there is plenty that we can learn from other business functions such as marketing. That ‘outside-in’ inspiration is one of the features of the 
Wharton People Analytics Conference, which I’ll be attending in Philadelphia this week. This is one of my personal highlights of the year as the program is at the cutting edge of people analytics. If you want to get a flavour of what’s on offer, check out Adam Grant’s three challenges for the profession 
from his closing remarks at last year’s conference. If you’re going to be in Philadelphia, I’ll see you there.
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New content from myHRfuture!
In my latest Expert Interview, I speak to Dawn Klinghoffer, Head of People Analytics at Microsoft, about the critical role of employee trust in creating and sustaining an advanced people analytics function. Discover the three core pillars of trust and learn about an example of a people analytics project at Microsoft that provided demonstrable value to employees.

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In this article Volker Jacobs, CEO of the TI People, breaks down the clear line of sight that can be drawn between Employee Experience and Business Value, through the CxHR model that the TI People co-created with 30 other organisations. He examines the importance of creating engaging experiences at the ‘Moments of Truth’ and an effortless experience of HR can potentially lead to more engaged employees, higher adoption of HR technology and an increase in productivity.

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Content we're loving, this week...
Hamza Bendemra
Employee turnover is a costly problem for organisations. So, understanding why and when employees are most likely to leave can lead to actions to improve employee retention as well as possibly planning new hiring in advance. In this article Hamza takes a systematic approach to building a strategic retention plan in Python to support organisations do just this. 

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“Reports provide data; analytics provide insight,” 
In this article Caitlin explores the differences between reporting and analytics and the unique outputs of each. Breaking down operational data vs insightful data, as-is data to transformed data, Caitlin takes you on a journey to understanding how you can transform reporting to generate real insight for your organisation. 

The objective of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation of what the rise of new vendors incorporating AI and machine learning means to HR and how to consider building such tools into your digital HR strategy. On completing this e-learning module you will become much more fluent in understanding what the impact of AI is on HR and how the Future of Work is impacting all of our lives.
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