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Welcome to issue #12 of The Digital HR Leader...

As the fourth industrial revolution gathers pace and uncertainty and complexity ensue, the art of leadership has to evolve too. Looking around the world in the last week, I’m not sure our political leaders realise this.
Indeed, as the US and China step up their trade war, the British Prime Minister falls on her sword and the unseemly scramble to replace her ratchets up, the song that keeps playing in my head is REM’s fairly damning 
World Leader Pretend – “I sit at my table and wage war on myself…”
Leadership matters
Whether it’s politics, business or the workplace, leadership matters. As such, our selection of ‘Content we’re loving this week’ features a selection of articles focused on leadership – and principally the challenges facing leaders and the skills required to succeed in the 21stCentury. 
How do you build a Culture First company?
Culture, leadership and strategy are the Holy Trinity on which an organisation will stand or fall. The tone for a thriving culture comes from the top through the values, actions and behaviour of leaders. Conversely, poor leadership can create a death spiral of a toxic culture, disengaged workers and ultimately an unsuccessful business. As such, I particularly enjoyed my recent discussion with Didier Elzinga, CEO and Founder of Culture Amp, for Episode 3 of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast on 
how to create a Culture First company. Have a listen, share with your network and please let me know what you think.

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Thank You
I’ve been blown away by the generous and positive response to the first two episodes of the Digital HR Leaders podcast and video show. Unfortunately, I can’t list everyone who has taken the time to comment or share on social media or those who have sent personal messages of support. However, I can thank some of you, so this week I’d especially like to thank: 
Littal Shemer Haim, Hanadi El Sayyed, Jayashree Gambhir, Kristen Pressner, Tim Pröhm, David van Lochem, Chiara Bersano, Justine Harmant, Anna Tavis, Craig Sweeney, Stela Lupushor, Martin Hoyes, Catalina Schveninger, Danielle Guzman, Enrique Rubio, Wilfred Yang, Mark Hayton and Søren Kold. Thanks also to Anders Bang-Larsen, Jonas Möbius and the whole HRtechXteam for inviting me to keynote their inaugural conference in Copenhagen last week and congratulations on staging such a successful first show.

Until next time... 

David Green

New content from myHRfuture!

There is a lot of hype around AI and HR, but what does it really mean for HR? How is the use of machine learning and other AI techniques impacting the vendor landscape and what are some of the main trends that HR will need to adopt to succeed in a world of digital transformation?

These were the topics that Ian Bailie discussed when he was invited recently to speak at the &NOW conference in Turkey in May. We have included the full video of his keynote presentation in this blog post as well as some of the key points from his talk.


With 69% of large organisations now having a people analytics team, interest in the topic has never been higher. But how do you actually drive business performance with people data and how can we make HR more evidence based?

The guest on last week’s podcast was Edward Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, or the CIPD, where he has been the lead author on a number of landmark studies on analytics, measurement, metrics and impact evaluation. Episode two focuses on the topic of evidence-based management. Subscribe to the podcast to ensure you don't miss a thing. 

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Content we're loving, this week...

Rebecca Ray
Evidence of the need to develop a new breed of leader can be found in the latest Global Leadership Forecast from DDI, The Conference Board and EY. As Rebecca Ray describes (and as illustrated starkly in FIG 1), developing ‘next-gen’ leaders is considered the biggest challenge facing the C-level executives worldwide.
FIG 1: Top 10 challenges facing C-level Executives (Source: Global Leadership Forecast by DDI, The Conference Board and EY)
Helpful summary of some of the key leadership skills required for the future of work by the ever-reliable Bernard Marr including authenticity, cultural and emotional intelligence, courage and agility.
FIG 2: Emergent Leadership Model (Source: WEF, Paolo Gallo and Vlatka Hlupic)
Inspiring piece via the World Economic Forum advocating a new and more human type of leadership, where trust and respect flourish within organisations. The emergent leadership model described in the article (see FIG 2) seems like the ideal template to spur a culture led organisation.
Amy Edmondson describes three steps leaders can take to create psychological safety (a concept popularised by Google in their Project Aristotle study), the prerequisite for greater innovation and growth.

Read more | 5 min read
Turning towards leadership in HR, this week’s podcast guest Didier Elzinga (a CEO himself), outlines five questions CEOs should ask their CHROs to support competitive advantage and growth.

Read more | 8 min read
Finally, Jonathan Ferrar outlines the key skills required by a Head of People Analytics and explains why forward-thinking CHROs will want to have the people analytics leader report to and be accountable directly to them.

Read more | 6 min read

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