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Recruiting is one of the business functions that is being disrupted most by digital and data. Indeed, as reported in George LaRocque’s indispensable HR Tech Venture Guide for Q2, there has already been over $1bn of VC investment in talent acquisition alone in 2019 to date. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leader podcast, where Richard Collins and I discuss how automation, AI and analytics is changing recruiting.  

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It’s always a nervous time when you publish a survey, but fortunately the Adoption of People Analytics Survey we launched last week at myHRfuture seems to have passed the acid test of adoption (if you’ll pardon the dreadful pun). If you work in a people analytics or HR role and haven’t completed the five-minute survey yet, click here. The results will be published in September. 
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New content from myHRfuture!

In his monthly round-up of data-driven HR articles for June, David features case studies from Microsoft, Spotify and HSBC as well as insightful articles on how people analytics is helping shape initiatives around culture, employee experience, transformation and innovation. There’s also a special on the growth of AI in HR and featured authors include Laszlo Bock, Dave Ulrich, Dawn Klinghoffer, Katarina Berg, Lexy Martin and Thomas Rasmussen.

Read more | 10 min read
Katarina Berg (CHRO at Spotify) outlines some of the examples of how Spotify is using people analytics to really influence business decisions in the company around manager/employee interactions and support making informed decisions around office locations. If you’re interested in learning more about how people analytics has been used at Spotify, then I urge you to watch this video with Katarina.

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Content we're loving, this week...

Sentiment analysis is frequently used on employee text but how useful is it in practice? If it is to be used what do you need to think about? My go-to on this topic is Andrew Marritt, and here he shares highlights from his experience in doing text analysis on vast amounts of employee data.
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Seven essential elements of a lifelong-learning mind-set
 Jacqueline Brassey, Nick van Dam, and Katie Coates
In a rapidly changing workplace, employees need to keep learning to remain relevant and in demand. Seven practices (see FIG 1) can help them be mindful in their career path and achieve success.
FIG 1: Seven essential elements of a lifelong-learning mindset (Source: Nick van Dam, Learn or Lose, Nyenrode Publishing, 2016)
Audacious, exciting and much needed – Dave Ulrich outlines his new moonshot initiative to establish an Organisational Guidance System. Read the article and learn more in my podcast with Dave, which will be available on 27 August.
Alexis Fink, who leads People Analytics and Workforce Strategy at Facebook, highlights some of the benefits of data-driven HR in this short interview.
Ian Cook
Good read from Ian Cook on three ways predictive analytics can impact the future of a firm covering recruiting, personalisation and workforce planning. Short and very sweet.

Read more | 7 min read
David Bernstein
Comprehensive guide from David Bernstein on how AI is transforming every aspect of talent acquisition including FIG 2, where David outlines eight primary aspects of the talent acquisition process and where AI comes into play.

Read more | 8 min read
FIG 2: 8 Primary Aspects of Talent Acquisition and the Role of AI (Source: David Bernstein, AllyO)
Under his #HRWins guise, George LaRocque puts together the best regular round-up of the HR Tech VC market. His round-up for Q2 2019 is full of charts, insights and data to keep you occupied.

Read more | 4 min read

Press Play on your Career Today!

People Analytics needs a solid foundation. This is routed in having strong governance with clear purpose, standards, privacy, ethics and security. Governance is the underpinning element of all analytics. It ensures the right people provide direction for work, that the structure and stewardship for managing data are appropriate and applicable to your organisation and that you are managing the risks associated with people analytics in a clear and proper manner.

In our newest course, How to Create a Governance Model for People Analytics, you will learn how to create strong governance for your people analytics function and understand how to build the six different types of governance for people analytics.

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