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As I explained in a recent interview for People Matters, firms are increasingly leveraging people analytics to drive outcomes for employees as well as the business. This is not just for altruistic reasons either as there is increasing evidence that using people analytics to drive improvements for the workforce can directly impact the bottom line.

A stark example of this was provided by Leena Nair during our Fireside Chat at the CogX Festival of AI a few weeks ago. Leena highlighted how the HR team at 
Unilever has quantified that for every $1 invested in health and wellbeing initiatives, they get a return of $2.50.
In this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, Jordan Pettman provides another powerful example of how people analytics can provide clear benefit for employees with the
analysis his team undertook on the gender pay gap at Nestlé. I highly recommend readers take time to listen to my conversation with Jordan.

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New content from myHRfuture!

In this video clip and transcript from last week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast, Catalina Schveninger from Vodafone and I discuss the new world of learning and how Vodafone is innovating in the area of Learning and Development. Catalina gives some great examples of how Vodafone is understanding the skills that its employees needs to learn and personalising the learning experience for them. If you’re interested in learning more about new learning models and how a company like Vodafone is leading the way in this space, then I urge you I urge you to watch this video/read this blog with Catalina.

Watch more | 4 min watch
In an exclusive interview, I spoke to HRTechX about the impact that organisational transformation is having on the HR function. One of the key points I raise, focuses on the impact that the 4th industrial revolution is having on organisational transformation. In a world where organisations are having to reinvent themselves constantly, it is essential that HR is able to understand and measure employee experience. In this article, we examine how to go about measuring employee and manager perceptions of HR.

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Content we're loving, this week...

Yet more good research from McKinsey on how by working towards fairness in AI systems, we can help humans to make fairer decisions too. Some good lessons here for HR not least the six considerations in FIG 1.
Read more | 5 min read 
FIG 1: Six potential ways forward for AI practitioners and business and policy leaders to consider (Source: McKinsey)
Greg Newman writes on how firms are increasingly turning towards ONA to support efforts to transform D&I.

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Part 2 of a series with Alexis Fink, who leads people analytics at Facebook, providing salient advice on overcoming challenges such as disconnected data when creating and growing a people analytics function.

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 3 Practical Solutions to Offset Automation’s Impact on Work
Moran Cerf, Ryan Burke and Scott Payne
Nice summary via the Singularity Hub on ways to offset the impact of automation on work through investment, education and social safety nets. FIG 2 provides a great illustration of the structural impact technology is having. Thanks to Andy Spence for highlighting this gem.

Read more | 5 min read
FIG 2: Technology’s structural impacts in the 21st century (Source: Singularity Hub)
Three insights from research by Accenture, which collectively address technology’s impact on talent. The study found that two-thirds of workers acknowledge they must develop their own skills to work alongside intelligent machines.

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