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Welcome to issue #11 of The Digital HR Leader...

When the hugely visionary Kraftwerk told us that “we are the robots” back in 1978, I doubt even they foresaw the extent of the fourth industrial revolution in which we are now immersed just over 40 years later.
Can HR grasp its big opportunity?
In his keynote at 
UNLEASH in Las Vegas last week, Peter Hinssen struck a chord when he voiced that when it comes to preparing their organisations for the future, too many HR functions are stuck in a spiral of the same old thinking. This will only lead to the same disappointing results.
Ian Bailie also implores that
 It’s Time for HR to Act in one of our featured articles this week, as he casts a critical eye on HR’s failure to implement continuous reskilling and learning. These are both essential in helping equip organisations for the future of work and successfully augmenting our workforces with the robots imagined by Dusseldorf’s finest.
Is HR prepared to change its mindset, embrace a more data-driven approach and work in partnership with the business and the workforce to create a culture of lifelong employability? Only time will tell…
Driving business performance with people data

The Digital HR Leaders Podcast successfully launched last week and I’m humbled by the terrific response we’ve had to the inaugural episode on digital HR transformation with Sharon Doherty.

Episode 2 goes live today where I speak to 
Ed Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership at the CIPD on driving business performance with people data.

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Much of our discussion centres on some of the terrific research Ed has led on evidence-based HR, but we also focus on some of the initiatives the CIPD is taking to improve data literacy amongst HR professionals. Have a listen, share with your network and please let me know what you think.

Meet me at CogX in London on June 10th
I’m particularly excited about CogX, as I’ll be interviewing the brilliant Leena Nair – surely one of the most progressive and prominent CHROs on the planet. My sparring partner at myHRfuture, Ian Bailie, will also be hosting a panel with Blair Hopkins, Andrew Marritt and Alexa Lightner. As a valued reader of the Digital HR Leaders newsletter I wanted to share a 
discount code with you for a FREE pass for the HR stage at CogX. 
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A huge thank you this week to those of you who gave positive vibes about the podcast launch and/or shared last week’s newsletter particularly: 
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David Green

New content from myHRfuture!

In this article, Ian Bailie looks at the topics of continuous reskilling and lifelong learning. He suggests that there is a real opportunity for HR to take a lead in enabling companies to promote a strategy that provides transparency on the skills of its workforce, invests in the development of its people, provides workers with visibility into potential career paths and the skills they should develop, and where there is an equal focus on developing internal talent through both training and experiential or project-based learning as there is in hiring external talent.

Read more | 7 min read
We hear a lot about digital transformation in HR, but how do you achieve this in partnership with the business rather than in isolation? That’s the topic of last week’s Digital HR Leaders podcastThe guest on last week’s podcast was Sharon Doherty, Chief People Officer at Finastra who until recently spent nearly six years at Vodafone as Global Organisation and People Development Director, where she led Vodafone's approach to Organisational Effectiveness, Resourcing, Talent, Capability, Diversity and Inclusion and Digital Transformation across 30 markets

Watch more | 3 min watch

Content we're loving, this week...

To coincide with this week’s podcast, I highly recommend reading this 2018 study from the CIPD. It provides a host of insights, not least that strong people analytics culture leads to positive business outcomes as well as FIG 1below, which suggests that confidence in conducting analysis varies significantly in the regions covered by the research.
Wonderfully insightful read from Priya Bagga on twelve factors driving the priorities, perspectives and expectations of today’s workforce. Lifelong employability, an inclusive culture and personalisation all rank high and the consequent need for a different style of leadership, a refresh for HR and a more data-driven approach are all clear pre-requisites. 

Read more | 6 min read
Continuing with the focus being on the employee, Lexy Martin cleverly adapts Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for people analytics. I’ve long advocated that if you can’t articulate the benefit of a people analytics project to employees, then you probably shouldn’t do it. This EVP is a good start in helping mitigate against that.
Should Companies Use AI to Assess Job Candidates?
 Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic & Reece Akhtar

Talent identification has long been an issue many organisations struggle with. AI has the potential to significantly improve the way we identify talent as it can reduce the cost of making accurate predictions about one’s potential, while at the same time removing the bias and heuristics that so often cloud human judgement. In this fascinating article Tomas and Reece examine the role that AI could play in talent identification.  

Read more | 5 min read

Invest in your career

In our course "How to Use Assessments for Talent Identification" globally renowned psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic walks you through everything you need to know about when and how to use assessments for talent identification.

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