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Welcome to issue #22 of The Digital HR Leader...

It’s summer and with record temperatures all over Europe, we’ve decided to celebrate that over the next four editions of The Digital HR Leader Newsletter. Each week, we’ll focus on a specific topic and highlight some great reads – both on myHRfuture and from elsewhere.
Our first special focused on Diversity and Inclusion, and this week we turn our attention to Employee Experience.
The business case for Employee Experience 
The potential of people analytics to better understand, personalise and improve employee experience is considerable. Indeed, I believe this is THE biggest opportunity for people analytics.
What else could be more important for HR than analysing employee data to better improve wellbeing and career advancement, reduce bias and enhance the employee experience? Especially, when research demonstrates that this can have a direct and dramatic positive impact on business performance and customer loyalty.  
It is hardly surprising therefore, that employee experience is one of the biggest focus areas for the HR leaders and people analytics teams I speak to.
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Over the summer, we want to express our thanks to readers who regularly share this newsletter and other myHRfuture content. This week, a special thank you to: 
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Content we're loving, on Employee Experience...

Patrick Coolen and Luuk Sombezki share learnings on ABN AMRO’s Employee Experience journey including how they measure EX, how they have implemented continuous listening and how they are using people analytics to create value.

Read more | 5 min read 
This study from IBM is the perfect primer on employee listening and its move to the forefront of management thinking. Recommendations are provided on how to design an employee listening program, the stakeholders you need to involve (FIG 1), the range of listening channels available and the importance of having a sound analytics strategy in place: Listen, Analyse, Act.

Read more | 10 min read
FIG 1: Key stakeholders in an employee listening program (Source: IBM)
This article highlights that whilst companies have harnessed data to improve revenue, reduce costs and enhance customer experience, most have neglected to use this treasure trove of data for the benefit of the employee. As Hinssen passionately argues “Let’s change that. Let’s mine all the data that’s available and turn that into value, not just for the company, but for the individual employee”

Read more | 6 min read
This HBR article based on a people analytics study at Facebook suggests that employee surveys are still effective predictors of behaviour, provide employees with the chance to be heard and are a great vehicle for changing behaviours.

Read more | 5 min read
Identifying business value is a challenge that HR often encounters, Volker walks us through a model that TI People have co-created with 30 other organisations to help HR identify a line of sight to business value in one of the most challenging spaces

Read more | 6 min read
Andrew Marritt describes why the shift in a narrow focus on engagement to a wider one on EX has several implications for measurement. Instead of ineffectual traditional surveys, Andrew advocates that effective EX measurement entails an exploratory, qualitative-first approach, which combines true listening of employee feedback, needs and ideas.

Read more | 4 min read
As Employee Experience continues to gain more traction and importance and becomes an ever increasing priority for Chief HR Officers, as a HR function we don’t have a clear plan on how to execute on it, the TI-People examine the common pitfalls HR can avoid

Read more | 3 min read
Good read from Felix Wetzel outlining a five-step process to reviewing and improving your candidate journey.

Read more | 4 min read
Does engagement drive performance? Or is it the other way around? Thomas Rasmussen presents evidence that engagement really does drive both business and individual performance over time (2-3 years), and that the potential uplift in Sales or Customer Satisfaction (NPS) is typically in the 15-25% range.

Read more | 5 min read
Co-creating the Employee Experience 
This interview with CHRO Diane Gherson outlines how IBM has radically co-created the employee experience through a lens of the employee as customer.

Read more | 5 min read
I had the opportunity to speak to Aki Ben-Ezra Head of HR Strategy and Diversity at Adidas to find out what they're doing in this space to measure Employee Experience.

Read more | 4 min watch


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