Join us for our LAST Thursday
virtual volunteering event!

This week we will be phone banking to GOTV in Georgia 
Thursday, October 29 from 5 - 7pm CT


We hope you'll join us in this crucial outreach.

New to phone banking? No problem! You'll get everything you need and will be able to ask questions. This is the most impactful way for you to make a difference!

Let's talk to some voters and #WinTheWholeDemThing!!

Sign up below for this Thursday!

LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL NOV 3. This is OUR time and we need all hands on deck. ⏰  
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Count Every Vote - Save Democracy!


We think the likelihood of activation is high. We should all plan as though these events will start at 3:30pm CT on Wednesday, November 4. But, this is a tentative date & time.

With every tweet and refusal to commit to accepting the legitimate results of the 2020 election, Trump seeks to stoke chaos and fear.

But we will be ready - if Trump tries to steal the election or prevent every vote from being counted, the Protect the Results will activate nationwide mobilizations to demand that
all the votes are counted and for the peaceful transition of power.

Join us to honor the valid results of the 2020 election, ensure that every vote is counted,
and show up to demand the peaceful transition of power.

If you are interested in helping us on the day of the event to distribute signs, sign up HERE.

We will be organizing a safe socially distanced event along Roosevelt Rd between Main St in Wheaton, IL and Main St in Glen Ellyn, IL.
Sign up below so you can get more information!
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Midwest Indivisible Telethon Phonebank
GOTV in Pennsylvania


We're in the final stretch! Join us for a fun Halloween theme phonebank and costume party on Saturday, October 31 at 10 am CT.

After we make calls for a couple hours, we will have a costume contest!
Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:
- Best political costume
- Best group costume
- Best couple costume
- Scariest costume
- Funniest costume

We will also be phonebanking EVERY DAY from now to Election Day!
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Register for Phone Banks Oct 27 - 29
Register for Phone Banks Oct 30 - Nov 3

Join Us for Sean Saturdays

The Last Weekend: Call Voters for Sean!
Come help us make calls to our neighbors to Get Out The Vote!
Shifts available from
9 am - 8:30 pm!

Other times available daily!

Whether you’re new to campaigns or an expert, you have a place with our people-powered campaign. 

Sign up below for this Saturday!
Register to Phone Bank for Sean

We Can't Do This Without You

We know there is a LOT going on and we appreciateall your efforts! That is why
we are asking you to make a list of
at least 5 friends and family and
ask them if they have a plan to vote

We have lots of great info at the end of this email.

And as the saying goes,
"Hard Work is Its Own Reward". 
But sometimes a little reward is nice.
Stop by the Lisle Township Dems Office,
tell us what you've been doing and
pick out some buttons or a poster.

LTDO Office
906 Lacey Ave. Unit 118, Lisle
(630) 297-8133

Red To Blue

ONE WEEKEND BEFORE ELECTION DAY! Don't wake up on Nov 4 wondering what you might have done to defeat Trump, flip the Senate, and hold the House!

Whether you are an experienced activist or brand new to political activism, THIS IS IT!

Other Volunteering Opportunities Spotlight

Time is Running out to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)


Phone Bank for GOTV in for Jaime Harrison

Talk to voters in South Carolina and let's flip the Senate! Register at


Text voters in SC! Register at

Phone Bank for Marie Newman

Talk to voters all around the 3rd district to share why we support Marie.
Shifts available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Register at



Phone Bank for Lauren Underwood

Talk to voters all around the 14th district to share why we support Lauren.
Shifts available every day.
Register at

Important & Ongoing

  • Better Know a Ballot! National voter resource HERE
  • Design Your Vote, create 6"x6" art to express how voting changes your world! More info HERE
  • Phone Bank for GOTV in Wisconsin
Every Day - Register HERE
  • Phone Bank for Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa with Indivisible Chicago
Every Day - Register HERE
  • Donate or volunteer to help voters in Texas get to the polls
Information HERE
  • Indivisible Illinois Twitterstorm
LAST Wednesday at 12 pm - Register HERE
  • Phone Bank for Betsy Dirksen Londrigan
Almost Every Day - Register HERE

We all need to make our voting plans NOW!

1️⃣ Commit yourself to vote. Registration has ended but you can register on Election Day.

2️⃣ Decide on who and what you will vote for. Sample ballot at

3️⃣ Decide on how you will vote. We strongly suggest a paper ballot which can be done by voting by mail OR at the County Fairgrounds, at 2015 Manchester Rd, Wheaton, both already underway. If you miss these, it can be done on Nov. 3 at your polling place. 

4️⃣ Decide on a specific date and time of when you will vote.

For voting by mail, we don't recommend applying for it anymore in case it does not arrive on time! But if you already have it, then turn it into any polling place in a secure drop box or the secure drop box in the clerk’s parking lot of 421 N. County Farm Rd., Wheaton For early voting, details at DuPage voters can early vote at any of these locations at the dates and times listed.

5️⃣ If Nov. 3 comes and you haven’t voted, make sure you vote at your polling place. You can register to vote and vote the same day. Find your polling place at
*If you change your mind about voting by mail and would rather do it in person
bring the envelope and the ballot with you.
More information on voting anywhere else in Illinois at
Virus Free Voting Illinois
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