Join us TONIGHT!

This week we will be phone banking for 
Vote Yes for Fair Tax Volunteer at 6pm!

Time is running out and it will be close. We need all hands on deck.⏰  
Register to Phone Bank for Fair Tax Reform

Black Lives Matter
Justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was murdered. Hard stop. And this is not justice. She should be alive today, and her killers should have been fired and prosecuted for her murder. The lack of accountability is staggering. Breonna Taylor and her family deserve so much more than this. #SayHerName

This ongoing violence by law enforcement is systemic. It isn't a question of good vs. bad cops -- it is an indictment of the entire institution. We are beyond the point of police reform.

It's simply not enough to discuss a need for more bias training or body cameras. We must demand transformative change. We must defund the police and reinvest in community services to keep everyone safe.

Light, tangential charges for one officer in the case are a mockery of justice. This is infuriating, heartbreaking, and a devastating reminder of how far we are from justice or safety for Black people. We stand in solidarity with all those taking to the streets in Louisville.

Fill out THIS FORM to be connected with your local city council and demand they defund the police and invest in Black communities.
DEMAND the Change We Need


Join Indivisibles across the country for a 24-hour postcard and letter writing marathon to get out the vote! Our goal is to write postcards and letters to as many voters as we can in a 24 hour period, while enjoying live music, visits by activists and candidates, and good company. 

Request postcards in advance. This is the final push for writing as we get closer to mail dates. Do you need postcards/letters to write to voters? Here are some suggestions:
Flo Appel and Linda Kallas will be moderating the event from 1:30 AM to 3 AM on Sunday morning. Be sure to sign-up and join them for some very early morning fun!
Register to Indivisible Writing Marathon

Join Us for Sean Saturdays

From Now Until the Election We Will Be
Phone Banking for Sean Casten

One of our big wins in 2018 was the election of Sean Casten to replace Peter Roskam. 
Sean has done a great job representing the 6th district and we need him more than ever in Congress. Join us every Saturday as we make calls for Sean. 

These are our neighbors and they will be the same people we will want to reach out to
when most of the local elections take place in 2021.
Register to Phone Bank for Sean

Election 2020 - Virus Free Voting!


TODAY, September 24, ballots will start to be mailed to those who have already requested and early voting starts in some counties!

In DuPage you can early vote at the county clerk office at
421 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, IL


You can still request your vote by mail ballot at


Check out this new website for all the information you need to
vote anywhere in Illinois:

Virus Free Voting Illinois

Important & Ongoing

  • Commit to Protect the Results! Sign up HERE
  • Better Know a Ballot! National voter resources HERE
  • Don't wake up on Nov. 4 wondering what you could have done.                    Get involved NOW
  • Phone Bank for Lauren Underwood for IL 14th Congressional District
Several Days at many different times - Register HERE
  • Phone Bank for GOTV in Undeserved Chicagoland Communities
Every Thursday and Sunday in the afternoon - Register HERE
  • Indivisible Illinois Twitterstorm
Twitter Training Every Wednesday at 11 am - Register HERE
Every Wednesday from at 12 pm - Register HERE
  • Local Elections: Candidate training
Every Saturday at 8:30 am - Register HERE
  • Phone Bank for Betsy Dirksen Londrigan for IL 13th Congressional District
Upcoming Tuesdays at 6pm - Register HERE
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