Early Voting is Underway!

Did you know that less than 20% of registered voters in DuPage voted in the last Consolidated Election?! From the School Board to your local Township, we have lots of important elections on April 6th.

You can go early to vote right now! 

Don't forget to turn over your ballot -- some races are on the back.

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DuPage Elections Information

Know What is on Your Ballot

Be An Informed Voter – Library News
Make your plan to vote today! Find out what will be on your ballot at

If you missed our candidate forums, you can still watch them below!
You can also checkout other candidate forums from League of Women Voters, NAACP, and other local organizations.
Watch the February Forum for Municipal Candidates
Watch the March Forum #1 for School Board
Watch the March Forum #2 for Townships

Voter Suppression Alert!

Passage of H.R. 1, 'For The People Act,' Urgently Needed to Repair  America's Broken Democracy -

With over 250 bills across 43 states legislatures looking to restrict voting access, we must demand Congress passes the For The People Act (S1/HR1)! Listen below to the compelling speech by newly elected Senator Raphael Warnock on voting rights legislation and the filibuster.

Then contact Senator Durbin and Duckworth via phone, email, and social media to pass S1 by whatever means necessary! Contact them HERE

Senator Raphael Warnock First Floor Speech

Indivisible National Updates

Indivisible National has been working on a special project for a few weeks - a Midwest Democracy Reform series! We'll hear from guest speakers, musicians, and then write Letters to the Editor together so we can get media attention about why we need to act with urgency and get our democracy back on track.

  • Voting Rights
With rampant voter suppression targeting voters of color, immigrants, and poor communities across the country, enshrining and expanding the right to participate in our democracy has become more and more urgent. Congress must pass H.R. 4 (the John Lewis Voting Rights Act).

  • DC Statehood
D.C. has a population of almost 700,000 (more than Wyoming or Vermont), and it represents an increasingly diversifying electorate nationwide (if D.C. were a state, it’d be the only majority-minority state in the country). None of those people have voting representation in the House or Senate. The way the Senate was designed caters to the shrinking conservative base, and it’s time to expand representation to reflect the true needs of the people.
Register for HR4 Voting Rights Act Webinar
Register for HR51 DC Statehood Webinar
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