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The Whole Picture
“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” - Philippians 2:4

You’re with a group of friends and someone suggest you take a picture together. Everyone agrees and a photo is snapped. The group crowds around the little screen to assess the quality of the picture. Some say “It’s great” and some “I don’t like it”. 

Whether this is a group of two or five or twenty, one thing is almost certain - every single person crowded around that little screen has zoomed in and is assessing, not the whole picture, but how they themselves look. Our perspective gravitates toward self-interest. If we are blinking or our hair is out of place or we are making a weird face, we want the picture retaken. We want to look our best. It almost never occurs to us to evaluate how others look or the overall quality of the photo. In fact, if we look great, even if several others have gaping mouths or squinty eyes, we will fight to have the photo stand.

The world is bigger than us. There are things out there that are just as important as you. A true perspective is able to take these things into account and give appropriate weight to a variety of concerns.

When we focus on ourselves, we shackle and limit our ability to understand and appreciate the fullness of the world. The whole picture matters. Every aspect is important. A fuller life is ushered in when we learn to see a fuller picture.

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