Montana Herald • September 2022

A Note from the President

Greetings Montana Church Family,

Summertime and Camp Meeting
Summertime in Montana is…amazing! I pray that each of you has been enjoying the beautiful summer weather and all the blessings that come from living in such a grand State. One of my favorite summer activities so far was enjoying Camp Meeting with many of you. This year we were blessed to have Pastor Pavel Goia as our main speaker to help us all deepen our relationships with God and to refocus our lives on prayer. The children and youth programs were well attended, and the adult Hobby Classes and breakout sessions were filled with fun and fellowship for all who came. You don’t want to miss Montana Camp Meeting 2023! Elder Derek Morris, President of Hope Channel International, will be our speaker. Camp Meeting will be from July 12-15 on the Mount Ellis Academy campus. We hope to see you here to enjoy the unique blessings that come from all being together for this special time.

Montana Ministries Volunteer Sign Up
During this year’s Camp Meeting, the Montana Conference launched a sign-up page so that every Montana Church member can have the opportunity to get involved in ministry or to share their ministry experience with others. For those of you who could not attend Camp Meeting and didn’t hear the announcement, here it is in a nutshell: As I have visited our churches across Montana, I am finding church members who are passionate about the same area of ministry and are making a big impact on a local level. In Kalispell and Lewistown, there are members who are excited and actively involved in Radio Ministry. Members in Glendive and Stevensville have shared with me the amazing blessings of participating in Literature Ministry. Eureka and Mount Ellis Academy church members have richly blessed their communities through Adventist Community Services. Church members are excited about being involved in Public Evangelism Ministry in Billings and Hamilton. The list goes on and on.

Across the state, many of you, as faithful servants of Christ, are working independently in your local settings and doing amazing things for God! What would happen if all of you interested in a specific ministry met in person or by Zoom to collaborate, share best practices and ideas, and plan events to bless your communities across Montana and win people to Christ? What if we create a “super ministry team” to help churches start a specific ministry in your church? The impact would be huge, and God’s work in Montana would expand quickly. We have set up a webpage on the Montana Conference website ( for you to find, connect, and collaborate with others with the same interest and passion for ministry. Maybe you are not currently involved in any specific ministry, but you want to serve. Not a problem. There is a massive list of ministries to choose from:

  • Health Ministries,

  • Social Media Ministries,

  • Music Ministries (voice and instrument),

  • Small Group Ministries

  • Pathfinders,

  • Women’s Ministries,

  • Youth or Young Adult Ministries,

  • Prayer Ministries,

  • And many more...

If you don’t see a ministry on the list that you think needs to be there, you can choose “Other” and let us know what interests you. Please take time to look over all the ministries listed on the sign-up page and pray about what opportunity God is calling you to get involved in for service. By signing up for any of these ministries, you are simply stating that you are interested in learning more and want to see where God leads. Whether each ministry team has three people, thirty, or three hundred, we, as Conference administration, want to do all we can to support each of you and your teams as we all work together to turn Montana upside down for God.

Thank you to each of you for your dedication to Christ and willingness to serve Him during these last days of earth’s history. Jesus is coming soon. Now is the time to seek Him. Now is the time to serve Him. May God richly bless you and your families.

Your servant in Christ,
Ken Norton
President, Montana Conference of SDA

Education Department

Teachers Unite

On Sunday, August 14, the elementary teachers from around the Montana Conference arrived in Trout Creek for a picnic at the church as a way to start the annual in-service before the start of the school year. After enjoying specialty sandwiches, fries, and deep-fried veggies, the teachers drove to the Bear Creek Resort, owned by local church members, and checked in for the night. The forest atmosphere provided a welcome retreat from the beginning of the year duties already upon the teachers.

Daily training sessions were held at a Mennonite school building, which Trout Creek Adventist School rents. Teachers enthusiastically learned new things, such as the science of reading concepts. Additionally, Becky Meharry, NPUC Elementary Director, led standards-based unit planning training, assisted by Maurita Crew. Teachers also had an opportunity to do some planning and exchange ideas. Angela Binder presented a PowerPoint on how to teach the sex education portion of the science curriculum. Teachers also had time to get acquainted with the newly hired teachers and offered lines of support to each other.

While the training portions are always expected for such an event, Maurita Crew, asst. superintendent, arranged some extra-curricular activities to add some creativity and help teachers relax. Maurita arranged with some of the local church members, Ray Langford, as well as Steve and Terri Stoltz to drive boats while the teachers sailed along behind on tubes as an evening activity. The teachers who chose not to ride the tubes had an opportunity to ride along in the boats and enjoy the screams of their peers, taking pictures of the ordeal! For the teachers who wanted to do some exploring, they were able to utilize kayaks. A hotdog meal, along with other meals during the training, were provided by Dave Armstead, the wife of the new head teacher in Missoula.

Overall, the teacher in-service was a good balance of learning, relaxing, and connecting.

Adventist Community Services

Helping Flood Victims Across the State
Article by: Stephen Carlile

This summer, National news reported catastrophic flooding in Yellowstone National Park. However, many Montana communities were affected as well. Towns such as Gardiner, Livingston, Red Lodge, and Fromberg were devasted by flood waters and have been trying to rebuild ever since.

Local churches began communicating with Gabriele Laub, Adventist Community Services Coordinator of Montana Conference. She was already working on a way churches could help. A pathfinder group from the Upper Columbia Conference had prepared "Flood Buckets" for such a time as this and were graciously willing to donate all of them. Flood buckets are five-gallon buckets filled with all kinds of cleanup supplies for flood and water damage. Our churches donated over 150 buckets to families to help with the initial cleanup needs.

One group, organized by the Bridger Adventist Church, joined together in Fromberg on a Sabbath afternoon with buckets in hand. After checking in with the volunteer coordinators, they hit the streets of Fromberg, going house to house, knocking on doors, offering buckets, and assisting with cleanup. Residents and volunteers shoveled mud out of the basements and garages and removed flooded appliances and furniture before mold set in. Others were still waiting for water to be pumped out of their basement.

Another group, organized by the Mount Ellis Adventist Academy Church, volunteered their time and donated flood buckets in Livingston and the surrounding communities.

On behalf of the Montana Conference, we want to thank everyone who has donated their time, energy, and money to help love our Montana neighbors. We would also like to thank Gabriele Laub for volunteering her time to help churches help people.

Homeless Ministries

On June 25, members of the Butte SDA Church went out and distributed lunch boxes to the homeless in the city.

Church members prepared and packed lunch sacks for the homeless ahead of time. The original plan was to go to a set place and wait for the homeless to come so that they could distribute the food, but when they arrived, only one homeless person came by. After about 15 minutes of waiting, they decided to drive around town and search for the homeless.

They drove from one place to another and enjoyed going and searching instead of sitting and waiting for the people to come. They began to find people and distributed the lunch sacks to them. When they stopped to share food, they also spent some time talking with the homeless and tried to make them feel loved. As the conversations grew, the homeless began to give compliments, saying that what the church members were doing was awesome. They thanked them for handing out food and began to ask which church they attended. The church members shared with them about the Seventh-day Adventist church and that the homeless were more than welcome to attend. A few people seemed interested in coming on Sabbath. We plan to do the same thing a couple more times this year.

Why do we do this? Will the homeless join our church? Will the homeless change their perception of life? We don't try to connect with homeless people because we want them to be like us, to join our church, or even to have a change of life, but because we want them to see Jesus through our simple acts of compassion and kindness. We want them to know who we are as a church!

To us, feeding the homeless is not a waste of time, but it shows them God's love by sharing simple things. We will continue to ask God for wisdom on how we can allow people to experience Him in unique ways. God meets them where they are!

Author: Pastor Ney Khut is the district pastor for the Butte, Dillon, and Whitehall churches in the Montana Conference.

Resources & Events

Mad about Marriage Coming to Bozeman

Are you madly in love? Or just plain mad? This Mad About Marriage seminar will help you flip the switch from “mad” back to “madly in love” again. Host of the TV show Lifestyle Magazine Mike Tucker offers his personal and counseling expertise along with advice from other leading relationship experts giving you the tools to work through relationship issues like:

· Communication
· Lack of love or respect
· Finances
· Anger
· Infidelity
· And other problems

This two-day event in Bozeman, Montana will be an experience you won’t want to miss. Discover what it’s like to be madly in love again.

When: October 14-15, 2022
Friday, 6:30pm – 7:00pm – Registration
7:00pm – 9:30pm – Mad About Marriage Seminar Part 1
Saturday, 2:00pm – 5:30pm Mad About Marriage Seminar Part 2

Where: Bozeman Seventh-day Adventist Church
24 North 15th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715

You can register or share with a friend in the area:

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