In a distant land on a lone stretch of highway sits an inn. The local villagers would warn pilgrims to avoid the temptation to stop here. One day desperate, cold, and starving a reluctant traveler finds himself with nowhere else to go, he ignores the warnings of the villagers and approaches the inn.
The innkeeper a small and impish man offers the traveler a place for the night he warns, " I only have the one bed so we will have to make you fit".  Thrilled to have shelter the traveler agrees to the terms and follows the innkeeper to the room.
The weary traveler sits on the tiny bed recognizing the limitation immediately, “its no problem” he thinks “I will just sleep on the floor”. The innkeeper appears with a hatchet and grumbles, “ah it seems you are too tall you will need to be chopped down to size”, scrambling to his feet the traveler shouts, “and if I were too small?”. The innkeeper “ah, that would be no problem, my boy, I would just stretch you to fit.”

When we look for a home outside of ourselves, we may find we are playing the role of the innkeeper, chopping and cutting our self to fit the mold made for another. The parts of ourselves that we deny becomes cold and sinister.  Desperate for inclusion we feel lost and abandon parts of ourselves in the process. In reaching for someone's acceptance or their image of success or happiness what do we give up? How does this shadow self begin to habitually pick apart those who seek connection by forcing them to fit into a bed they have designed? 

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Are we on the precipice of a revolution? What does it mean to be truly safe? What is mother nature trying to communicate with us? How does what is happening in the external world really reflect what is happening in our internal world?

Join Reverend Ginny Brown, Scout Bartlett, and Christopher Mitchell for this month's Spirit Talk where together we will explore your questions around these themes and all things related to Virgo season.  You can watch recordings here.

Resolving Racism 
Sept 9th, 6-730pm PST Free 
Save Your Spot

Its time to get on our mat and take a look at ourselves. We are all responsible for what is happening in the world, so let's turn to one thing we can control, ourselves. In this workshop, we will be guided to see where unconsciously we are contributing to the problem and steps to begin unraveling the pain we cause one another. Bring a pen and paper lets get to work.
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