The native people consider the rooster to carry very powerful medicine. The rooster announces to all that are sleeping the presence of a new dawn. The roosters shrill caw snaps us out of our slumber and beckons us to see the light appearing on the horizon. It declares with repetition the presence of life almighty and invites us to bask and celebrate the birth of a new day that the light has come once again and we have been released from the darkness.
So what say you?
Do you answer the call of this mighty warrior? To rejoice and plant new seeds? Do you delight in the glory of life? Can you revel in your new skin and the new world you are privileged to live in?

Or do you return to bed to your illusions and dreams? To the place or yesterday and the place of what will never be? 
Nevermind choices made yesterday or the promises tomorrow makes, for today is what we live for, only and always.
Crowing and cawing,



Spirit Talk  

7/3 Fri  12pm PST FREE
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An open forum to ask your burning spiritual questions as they relate to the collective. Join Rev. Ginny Brown and clairsentient Scout Bartlett, and your host Christopher Mitchell for this month's Spirit Talk where we will explore your questions about what is going on in society, the universe from our unique psychic perspective. This is a free offering every first Friday at 12pm PST. You can watch recordings here.

Grounding Workshop
Sun 7/12 10am-12pm PST

Online $90

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With so much change happening in the world grounding is the cornerstone of our self-care. Grounding steadies us in an unsteady world. In this workshop, we will focus on 

  • Grounding through the body, how to open energy channels, remove blocks, and charge your chakras.  
  • Self-massage techniques to loosen and bring comfort into the body.
  • How to release energy into the planet and how to receive energy from the planet. 
  • How to ground our thoughts. How to stop anxiety-ridden ruminating patterns and gently discipline the mind. 

In this workshop, we will learn how to ground our energy, minds, and bodies.  Bring a mat, massage lotion/oil, and a chair. 

Schedule a Session
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