Once upon a time, there was a musician named Krauncha. He was a celestial being who was quite talented and vain. One day in court he stepped on and insulted a sage. The sage was enraged at the arrogance and pride displayed in Krauncha, so he cursed him and turned him into a mouse. 

Krauncha was quite powerful and grew the size of a mountain - tearing up the town in his fit of rage. The villagers shut themselves in, and grew terrified of the giant mouse. Tall tales of Krauncha and his destructive power began to permeate the town. 

Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles came to visit the ashram and watched as the giant mouse wreaked havoc. Ganesha recognized the celestial being and lassoed Krauncha with his noose. Once harnessed, Ganesha rode atop the mouse parading through the streets to show the villagers that what they were afraid of was just a little mouse. 
Krauncha was being crushed under the weight of Ganesha and begged for forgiveness. Ganesha felt his sincerity and pardoned the mouse allowing him to become his vehicle. 

In some versions of this story Krauncha represents the ego and Ganesha the intellect. As we see in this legend the untamed ego is destructive and creates fear. By example, Ganesha shows us how to harness our ego through our thoughts, directing and driving our consciousness.

I invite you to ponder if our ego can grow monstrous, how do we, like Ganesha, learn to harness it?

Maybe, what we think is monstrous and destructive inside us is really a small scurrying mouse. Perhaps, we are all bigger than the obstacles we perceive...


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