There lived an old farmer who had worked tirelessly all his life in the fields. He relied on his horse to pull the plow and carry the load. One day, his horse bolted away. His neighbors dropped in to commiserate with him. “What awful luck,” they whined sympathetically, to which the farmer only replied, “We’ll see.”

Next morning, to everyone’s surprise, the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How amazing is that!” they exclaimed in excitement. The old man replied, “We’ll see.”

A day later, the farmer’s son tried to mount one of the wild horses. He was thrown on the ground and broke his leg. Once more, the neighbors came by to express their sympathies for this stroke of bad luck. “We’ll see,” said the farmer politely.

The next day, the village was visited by military officers who had come to draft young men into the army. After seeing the farmer's sons broken leg they passed over him. The neighbors patted the farmer on his back – how lucky he was to not have his son join the army! “We’ll see,” said the farmer.

When life offers you a moment with a deep emotional impact do you let it decide how you feel? Does the impact become the defining moment of your fate or of your favor? Is there a tendency to look to the outcome to decide whether it was good or bad?

How would life be different if instead of being deterministic you simply, wait, and see. Life continues to unfold after the initial brunt of any fortune or folly.

Maybe, it real meaning is yet to be seen. 


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