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The history of Valentine's Day is somewhat blurry due to various saints bearing the name Valentine, however, what is clear is that this is a day to express gratitude!

Thanks for being on this journey with us. Please don't hesitate to share your inspiring stories - we love hearing from you!

- The PL2030 Team


PL2030 at the 31st EBLIDA Annual Conference
We're happy to announce that we will be back at the EBLIDA conference with a full day dedicated to our partnership with EBLIDA and NAPLE. Join us on this day to dive into concrete advocacy and how NAPLE and PL2030 are implementing projects that support this advocacy!
More information about the conference.
PL2030 met with MEP Sabine Verheyen
We met with European Parliament Culture and Education Committee Chair MEP Sabine Verheyen (EPP, Germany) on February 8 2023. After hosting her during our breakfast meeting last year, she's become a library advocate that will champion our missions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with her and hope to see her back after the 2024 elections! 

Project updates

The Lighthouse Libraries Clusters are going Ghent
Our Lighthouse Libraries will be going to Ghent for a two-day meeting to discuss the digital strand of the project. We'll be diving into a range of topics touching on digital skills but also the importance of media and digital literacy for an informed and critical population as well as how the digital world impacts our planet. Keep an eye out on our project page to find out what we discussed!
ADELE tool launch event
The ADELE tool launch event is happening on February 28! This event will dive into the importance of digital strategies in adult education and the digital skills needed for adult education.
More information about the event
Registration (closes on February 20!)
RL:EU project at the EBLIDA Conference
The "Resourcing Libraries: Connecting Libraries to EU Resources" will be at the EBLIDA Conference! If you're curious about EU funding, want to learn what it takes to apply for EU projects and meet others motivated to take part in EU-funded projects - this is the session for you!
More information about the conference.
Are you willing to help us, so we can support you best? 
“Resourcing Libraries” funded by the Erasmus+ programme is a project of PL2030, EBLIDA and PiNA focused on building capacity in public libraries across Europe to apply for EU funding. This will be delivered through a series of webinars on EU initiatives covering: Active citizenship, Sustainability and the European Green Deal, Digitalisation, and Inclusion. Following on from this, mentorship hours and coaching sessions will be delivered to librarians. We want to help libraries realise the opportunities for funding in the EU and understand how to develop a successful project application that grants you funding and long term relationships with other libraries, institutions, and organisations in Europe. For this reason, we would first like to conduct a survey that will help us understand the current status and assure the support better. Please, help us and  fill in this questionnaire about the status of your library, your competences for EU funding and project management and how we can support you best - it takes around 7 minutes, but helps us and you a lot in the future! We very much appreciate your help. 

EU items for your attention

New Generation of Citizens' Panels
One of the key outputs of the Conference on the Future of Europe were recommendations from citizens to be involved in Citizens' assemblies to participate in EU policy making. In September 2022, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced a "new generation" of citizens' panels to consult on key proposals at the European level. Find out more about the Conference on the Future of Europe and its results in this post!
BiodiverCities - how this project helped a remote city in Italy pioneer a new way of democracy
This small rural town in Italy took part in a participatory process to help revive this remote town. Find out more about the processes they took and why citizen engagement is so crucial for the wellbeing of our society!

Piqued our curiosity

How libraries can be forums for democracy
This report in the form of a handbook presents ways that can help all public libraries carry out democracy work; in other words, to build civil dialogue, participation and opportunities for exerting influence. Check it out here!
Urban Libraries Council Declaration on Democracy
In many countries – also in Europe- this role of libraries is threatened or even under attack. EBLIDA has therefore worked with the Council of Europe on Recommendations on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe to protect the independence of library professionals and the role of the library as democratic institution. In the USA the Urban Libraries Council has launched a Declaration of Democracy. This Declaration expresses the views and values of EBLIDA and therefore EBLIDA supports this Declaration of Democracy as an important initiative and calls upon all libraries in Europe to do the same.
ChatGPT and libraries
We're sure you've seen something about ChatGPT in the last few weeks as it grows in popularity. While it can be a great tool to foster creativity, some are also sounding the alarm on issues this AI tool could create. This Reddit thread has started a discussion on the impact of ChatGPT on libraries and how librarianship could change. The School Library Journal also has an article on how this tool could spell a new reckoning for librarianship.

Our read of the month

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