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This month, we were honoured to host the first in-person meeting of our Lighthouse Libraries network since the pandemic. This unique gathering of library professionals from across Europe really showed us the power of networks and creating strong supportive bonds in the library community. Working together, we can achieve remarkable results.

Thanks for being on this journey with us. Please don't hesitate to share your inspiring stories - we love hearing from you!

- The PL2030 Team


Launch of the Super Searchers programme!
In partnership with Google, we have launched the Super Searchers programme! This is a new information literacy programme aiming to equip librarians and library staff with the skills to increase the search and information literacy skills of library patrons so they can more effectively and critically evaluate information online. Find out more about this programme in our announcement!
PL2030 session at the fourth Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival
You may have seen us promoting our session at the fourth Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival the European Commission organised on our social media. We had such a blast at this session and have recapped it here for anyone who couldn't join us. 
Meeting with MEP Library Lovers on child safety online
With the support of the office of MEP Catharina Rinzema (NL, Renew) we hosted a breakfast meeting at the European Parliament to discuss child safety online and how libraries support this through their digital activities and services. Check out a summary and a gallery of pictures of meetings between MEPs and library professionals!

Project updates

Kickoff session of our Lighthouse Libraries cluster work
Our event "Libraries and the Future of Europe" on November 8 and 9 served to start our work on the Lighthouse Libraries thematic cluster project we received funding for. Find a summary of the work we did on November 9 here and watch this space for more information on how this project develops!
NEWCOMER final meeting
All good things must come to an end and we hosted the final NEWCOMER meeting in Muntpunt on November 8. We heard from many speakers and all the partners involved - check out this post for a recap of what we did that day!
Help youths fight against disinformation with SMILES
The SMILES project aims to train librarians and teachers with the resources and knowledge needed to facilitate activities for youths aged 12-15 in fighting disinformation. They recently published a digital toolkit that boosts digital and media literacy in youths through a modular approach. Find the toolkit here and get youths SMILE-ing about fighting disinformation!

EU items for your attention

European Digital Rights and Principles announced
The Commission has proposed a declaration on European digital rights and principles to promote a digital transition shaped by European values. The Commission wants to ensure people are empowered to fully enjoy the opportunities that the digital decade brings. So, it has proposed a set of European digital rights and principles that reflect EU values and promote a sustainable, human-centric vision for the digital transformation. The suggested European digital rights and principles will complement existing rights, such as data protection, ePrivacy, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. They will build on the experience of the European of Social Rights. And, they will provide guidance for the EU and Member States as they adapt to the digital transformation. Find out more about the European Digital Rights and Principles.

Piqued our curiosity

Brussel binnen Budget
Every year Muntpunt organises an informative campaign through which we sensitise and inform our visitors about social themes. This autumn we focus on financial literacy. Through lectures and workshops, a specially selected collection of books and a budget guide made by Muntpunts information experts we give tips on budget management and refer to organisations in Brussels that help citizens to live a more affordable life. More info here (in Dutch!)
FIGA - promoting films and books together
In Kranj City Library, we have been noticing a decline in movie and music rentals for several years. The reason is the disappearance of DVD and CD players and easy access to streaming content online. Our collection of both movies and music is non-commercial. The collection includes domestic and foreign films by award-winning directors and screenwriters for film buffs and music for music connoisseurs. A handful of connoisseurs of both genres visit our library from other municipalities precisely because of the aforementioned offer. But that's not enough to justify how much space the two collections take up in the library. So this summer we bought three CD and DVD players for rental. We also started a special campaign and, at the same time, promotion of movie and book rentals. We named it FIGA (translation of the fig fruit), which is a coinage of the words FIlm and knjiGA (translation of the words film and book). CD and DVD players are constantly being borrowed, and movie and book sets are also better borrowed. More info here (in Slovene!)
The sound of books from the award-winning Veria library
On the occasion of ten years since the awarding of the "Access to Learning" Award by the "Bill and Melinda Gates" Foundation, "Pod" honors the multi-dimensional and international work of the Public Central Library of Veria, hosting a series of ten podcast episodes with title "The Sound of Books". Ten stories of contribution, toil and love for the scientific, cultural and social progress of Veria. In the focus, ten simple, everyday and at the same time so special people of the Greek Region. Check out the podcast episodes (all in Greek!)

Our read of the month

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