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Climate Solutions are Health Solutions

How Native Tribes Are Taking the Lead on Planning for Climate Change

Yale 360

“Indigenous peoples have always been on the front lines." These are communities that have relied on the land for generations, building an intimate knowledge of the natural cycles of plants, animals, and weather. For many indigenous groups, it makes little sense to talk about environmental health and human health separately; they are deeply intertwined.

Indigenous tribes are at the forefront of climate change planning in the U.S.


Local and federal governments can learn from indigenous community-based approaches and use of traditional ecological knowledge. 

Climate change threatens health. Nurses could help.

Yale Climate Connections

Professor Phyllis Eide speaks on the responsibility of nurses to educate patients and push for programs to protect public health.

To reduce food waste, we actually need more grocery stores


Is the solution to food waste and food deserts..the same? New research shows that solving the issue of emissions-intensive food waste will take building *more* places where people can buy groceries.

Virginia lawmakers pass major renewable energy legislation


The Virginia House and Senate passed sweeping energy legislation Tuesday that would overhaul how Virginia’s utilities generate electricity and, supporters say, move the state from the back of the pack to the forefront of renewable energy policy in the United States.

Therapist launches website about climate-related anxiety and trauma

Yale Climate Connections

Andrew Bryant is a clinical social worker in Seattle. He says recently, global warming has started coming up more and more in his therapy sessions with clients. To connect people to helpful resources, he started a website called “Climate and Mind.”

Universities Receive AT&T Funding For Climate Change Research


The University of South Florida-St. Pete and the University of Miami are getting $50,000 each from AT&T to help address climate change. 

Climate Change is Harming Our Health

In Wildfire’s Wake, Another Threat: Drinking Water Contamination


From bacterial infiltration to debris to leaching of man-made pollutants like plastics and chemicals, the aftereffects of fire can be long-lasting and expensive.

Calculating Air Pollution’s Death Toll, Across State Lines

The New York Times

In most states, about half of premature deaths caused by poor air quality are linked to pollutants that blow in from other states, a new study found.

Some Communities are Being Harmed First and Worst

Louisiana tribes file complaint with United Nations over U.S. inaction on climate change

"It looks like our community could be gone in 20 years. We’re not only losing our homeland. We lose so much more than that. We lose our culture. We lose our identity." - Shirell Parfait-Dardar, chief of the Grand Caillou and Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians.

15 Years After Katrina, a Fight Against ‘the Jim Crow of Climate Change’ Rages on in the Gulf Coast


After inequitable responses to Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, climate activists are preparing their communities for the next storm.

From Our Blog

The Swinomish tribe is assessing how its indigenized climate and health planning process worked to achieve community goals, what drove success, and what impact it will have on health outcomes and advancing health equity locally and regionally. 

Upcoming Webinar 

In the first webinar of our Health and Climate Solutions Webinar Series,  Mustafa Ali, Elizabeth Yeampierre, and Patricia Cochran will lead a discussion on health and climate equity. They will discuss the role of health equity in the larger movement for climate justice.

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