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Climate Change is Harming Our Health

The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse


More than 100 storage sites for coal-burning power plants’ toxic leftovers lie in areas that federal emergency managers have labeled high risk for flooding. The ash contains arsenic, selenium, lead, mercury, boron and other contaminants known to cause cancer, neurological damage or heart ailments. 

Some Communities are Being Harmed First and Worst

Two years after Harvey, low-income Port Arthur, Texas, residents are still struggling

Yale Climate Connections 

Extreme storms often affect low-income people the most, and the hardships do not end when floodwaters subside and TV cameras leave. Almost a third of the city’s residents live below the poverty line and some simply cannot afford to rebuild. 

After the wildfire: treating the mental health crisis triggered by climate change

The Guardian

In 2017, thousands of homes in Santa Rosa, California, were wiped off the map. Now the community is learning how to help residents cope with the trauma. 

Climate Solutions are Health Solutions

Where there’s wildfire, there’s smoke. Protecting ‘clean-air refugees.’

The Christian Science Monitor 

Seattle's air quality has dropped drastically from wildfires in eastern Washington and beyond. The city has responded by designating two community centers and three other public buildings as clean-air centers where residents can take shelter when wildfires turn the skies ashen.

California Governor Announces Launch of $50 Million “Listos California” Campaign to Help Build Community Resilience to Wildfires

Sierra Sun Times 

California has awarded $30 million for the expansion of culturally and linguistically relevant emergency preparedness programs and $20 million to community-based organizations developing approaches through peer-to-peer networks.

Nature-based solutions can help New York and New Jersey adapt to rising seas and intensifying storms


EDF urges adaptation authorities to consider the full range of benefits natural and nature-based flood risk mitigation projects can provide and not risk leaving economic value on the table. 

Heat is deadly—even in Montana. But the city of Missoula is doing something about it.

The Daily Climate 

Missoula's forward thinking climate planning offers lessons for other cities and towns facing similar conditions.

Coming Soon to Your Home: Cleaner Air and Climate Action

Earth Justice 

Berkeley's city council voted unanimously in July to ban natural gas in new buildings, making it the first city in the United States to do so. 

In this new solar-powered apartment complex, all 600 units have batteries that form a virtual power plant

Fast Company

The apartment complexes of the future have arrived. The new in-unit feature? Solar-power. 

In the Spotlight

In our latest Health and Climate Solutions blog post, Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute, writes about how the transition to clean energy is technically feasible, economically advantageous, and vital to community health. 

Resource of the Week 

As the health impacts of climate change worsen, lessons are being learned - and books are being written. Yale Climate Connections provides here a list of 12 books that have been published in the last two years on climate change and public health. 

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