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Climate Change is Harming Our Health

Global heating made Hurricane Dorian bigger, wetter – and more deadly

The Guardian 

Warm water allowed for the storm to ramp up quickly, undergoing what is known as rapid intensification as it exploded from a moderate category 2 to extreme category 5 over just two days. 

Toxic homes: The invisible threat after Hurricane Harvey

CBS News 

One year after Hurricane Harvey slammed the Gulf Coast, preliminary results of new research suggest public health risks remain for flood victims returning to waterlogged homes.

Some Communities are Being Harmed First and Worst

Hurricane Dorian evacuations: 'The only people on this block who left have the money to do it'

NBC News

The unclear trajectory of Dorian closed businesses and cost people nearly a week’s worth of wages. The expense of evacuating and the missed income made leaving almost impossible for many. 

Why climate change is a disability rights issue

Yale Climate Connections

Emergency evacuations can be difficult and dangerous, especially for people living with disabilities. As climate change makes extreme weather more common, cities and states should work to understand the specific ways that people with disabilities are affected.

Climate Solutions are Health Solutions

We Need to Radically Rethink Our Approach to Disaster Recovery. Here’s One Solution.

Mother Jones

A pilot project in Texas is rebuilding homes in months instead of years. Contractors or even volunteers can build “the core” in about a week, and residents can live in the home while the rest of it is built up around them.

Preparing for hurricane season in Puerto Rico with long-term solutions


Communities, energy reform, technology and finance – all have a role to play in protecting the island from the next super storm, while improving the quality of life for all its residents and strengthening its economy.

Austin, TX to increase green job access for people of color

Smart Cities Dive

The City of Austin has launched a community grant program to increase equitable access to the area's green jobs for youth and adults of color.

Climate-friendly buildings can improve your health

Yale Climate Connections

Well-sealed and insulated buildings save energy and help block outdoor air pollutants. Other green building approaches, like using more natural light, can support mental health and focus.

Code Red: Seeking Solutions 

Capital News Service

While Baltimore has started implementing solutions to extreme heat, neighborhoods have been grappling with the varying roles of grassroots and government in addressing the crisis. 

Reno Leads On Climate Adaptation

Nevada Public Radio 

Reno is the fastest-warming city in the United States. The city council unanimously adopted the city’s first Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, a multi-year roadmap to lowering carbon emissions and improving the community’s resilience to the negative effects of climate change.

In the Spotlight

Did you know that fossil fuel pollution can harm the health of our brains - starting before we're even born? Our latest blog post details research on how sharing this little-known fact leads to an increase in demand for clean energy.

Resource of the Week 

This is the second installment of an interactive storytelling series on the impacts of climate change in Baltimore. This striking piece of journalism includes eight stories on the uneven burden of rising temperatures and urban heat islands. 

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