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Cerulean's week:
Official announcement coming to on Weds, but wanted to share with Blue Monday subscribers first:

There will be a launch event on the Album Release day of Wed June 30th, and it will take place in Eastleigh, at the stadium of Eastleigh FC no less:
The SilverLake Stadium will be the location for my Album Launch event! Remind yourself what it's like there!
King Ben & I went down to watch the final home game of the season, and were spotted!
Big shame we didn't make the playoffs, but we'll duke it out with Wrexham's Hollywood boys again next year!
🇪️Ⓜ️🅾️🇯️ℹ️ 🔗s
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🏝 "island" lyrics video to make sure you don't miss a single "The Tempest" reference!

📊 my report on the first 7 days of "island"
In my headphones this week:
Showing you the full picture here now! (Lmk if TMI!)
Review: Olivia Rodrigo
Also discovered a great iOS app called "Music Harbour" for souping up Apple Music experience with artist release notifications etc.
Photo of Cerulean performing
'island' Out Now!
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