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Love coming back from FirstWeek 📴 to find not just one, but TWO thoughtful & insightful reviews of "Ever After" out on the internets already !!
Hit the images to check out the 2 reviews:


1. Curators & fellow educators @yourmusicexperience said:
"the track showcases the British songwriter’s talent in finding the right words for the right story"
In their article "Cerulean releases new pop gem ‘Ever After’"

2. the brilliantly named unearthers "Less than 1k followers" published a thoughtful review by @madzenman.
Curator @jpgchief announced on the gram:
"the track “is a sensitive composition filled with a continuous flow of violins and the personal thoughts of a couple as they journey together. It’s an uptempo ballad filled with hope, love and the facing of problems that present along the way. Beautiful arrangements, background vocals and caring lyrics make this song a perfect choice for your favorite tear-jerker romantic movie, or book”."
Check it out for yourself and see if you agree with them!
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💡 find out more about the story behind the single

📝 my press page I'll update with future reviews & shout-outs!

🏝 next single "island" already just round the corner next Weds!
In my headphones this week:
On this month's FirstWeek vlog, I discussed in more depth my monthly BandCamp purchases, and how I can now listen to them on my Light Phone II.
This ambient music is perfect for connecting back to Real World:
(open mic performance)
Photo of Cerulean performing
'Ever After' Out Now!
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