"Blue Monday"
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Cerulean's week:
Couple days late getting back online after this FirstWeek!
Now it's 2 weeks today that the album launches!
I'm "Double booked" on June 30th!
🇪️Ⓜ️🅾️🇯️ℹ️ 🔗s
Emoji Links!)

🎤 know any local artists? They can pick up the mic too!

⚽️ Always knew I'd play the Silverlake

📵 this month's LightPhone review (was hard to come off it this week, hence why I'm a couple days late!)
In my headphones this week:
Was very inspiring to then go perform "BURNER" at an industry open mic!
In the last couple days I've been back online, have enjoyed Lorde's "Solar Power" and can't wait for that whole record!
Photo of Cerulean performing
Smalltown Dreamer Launch: 30th June
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