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Hello co-conspirators

This month we have been celebrating birthdays, milestones and more new arrivals...


Happy Birthday to us!

Early this September, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. As always we are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters and co-conspirators for their contribution to the 3Ai's mission. 

Read our reflections on what we have achieved so far.

3Ai Masters of Applied Cybernetics 2020: applications are now closed

We're excited to have so many applicants for the 3Ai's 2020 Masters program.
Next year will be the second iteration of the program and we anticipate that our new cohort will bring divergent experiences to further the 3Ai's intellectual framework.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by September 20.

A New Space for 3Ai's Expansion

We are currently working on 3Ai's move into the renovated Birch Building within the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the ANU. 

To marry with the ethos of 3Ai, this building will be forward-focused whilst honouring its midcentury origins. We'll be updating you as this project progresses.

3Ai Masters Student Kathy Reid Invents SenseBreast

Kathy Reid, one of the 3Ai's Masters students, recently featured on ABC National News as the inventor of SenseBreast. 

Kathy's prototype smart prosthetic breast was originally an assignment for the 3Ai Lab.

In true Kathy style, the data and design of SenseBreast is open-source.

She says, "My vision is that women all around the world can use this to experiment, to tinker, and it might even help them with their breast cancer journey as well."


We are very excited to welcome Senior Fellow Ellen Broad to the 3A Institute’s faculty.

Ellen Broad is an internationally recognised data policy and data ethics expert. She joins the 3A Institute after serving as the Head of Policy for the Open Data Institute (ODI) and most recently, Head of Technical delivery for Consumer Data Standards at CSIRO’s Data61. Ellen’s research interests lie in data policy, standards and analytics as tools for mitigating unintended consequences and harms, and she aims to investigate the deployment of safe, trusted autonomous systems at scale. Her influential book, Made by Humans: The AI Condition, has also been included in The Best Australian Science Writing 2019.

We hope you are as keen as we are to see Ellen start at the Institute! Read more on her appointment here.


EU Data Protection Law vs Algorithmic Regulation: Tilting at Windmills?

Date: 27 September
Time: 12:30 PM
Place: ANU

Come and hear Professor Lee A. Bygrave speak on the contested effectiveness of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – often called the ‘gold standard’ for data protection law. 

Register here

Governing artificial intelligence at scale

“Talking about artificial intelligence alone isn’t enough. We need to discuss the systems in which it will be a critical component.”

Read our latest article on the importance of questions in defining the effectiveness of public policy for AI at scale here.
Public Law Weekend 2019: Technology, public law and public administration

Date: Friday, 01 November 2019
Time: 9am - 5pm
Place: ANU

This conference will bring together legal scholars, computer scientists, government legal advisers and public sector integrity experts to discuss the unique set of challenges automation and AI present to liberal democratic governments, administration and public law.

Register here.
Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit: Philanthropy in the service of democracy

Later this month, Andrew Meares will be part of a panel on the 'Technology, data and the future of philanthropy'.
This will be an exploratory panel discussion about what artificial intelligence and data means for our global future and how philanthropy can effectively evolve our practice to support the promise and potential of the next generation.
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