Get Wiser About Advisers.

Figuring out how to customize your New College curriculum? We have pros for that. They’re called academic advisers (faculty mentors) and they’re awesome.

What classes are you interested in taking your first semester? You’ll need to fill out your Academic Advising Questionnaire (AAQ) by June 1 so we can match you with an adviser and help you plan a strong start to your academic life.

Not only will your adviser help you navigate the course catalogue and plan your options, they will become a trusted guide as you move through your undergraduate career. New College is known for its close faculty-student connections, and your adviser will be with you every step of the way as you progress academically (and as a person).

According to New College Associate Provost Suzanne Sherman, Ph.D., advisers (also known as contract sponsors) are assigned to you before your first semester. You will have at least two meetings prior to the first day of classes with your adviser to develop a holistic plan (or contract) that is customized to your interests.

“As the semester progresses, check-ins with their adviser help students navigate their path forward. This close student-faculty adviser relationship is a key component of the New College experience,” Sherman said. “Though key, this relationship is not the only one with a faculty member that students will encounter. The interactive nature of our courses means that students will build relationships with many of their professors at New College."

Want to Thrive Holistically? Try the CWC.

Need a boost in mind, body and soul?

New College’s Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) has you covered.

The team is spearheaded by licensed psychologists Anne Fisher, Ph.D., the CWC’s program director; and Duane G. Khan, Ph.D., the assistant program director. They will help you schedule everything from talk therapy sessions to medical services (check the CWC website for availability and details on how to register).

Currently, the CWC team offers telehealth services via the Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) program (and in-person meetings are available when students are on campus). Participate in individual or group counseling sessions, and take a health education workshop. There are many types of workshops to choose from. 

In addition to counseling services, the CWC sends out a weekly wellness newsletter every Wednesday called “Sprouts for Wise Wellbeing,” which offers tips on how to stay fit and practice mindfulness.

For more information on the CWC (and how to get student health services during this time), call (941) 487-4254 or visit the CWC website.

Want an expert’s take on COVID-19? How about a bunch of experts?

Well, they’re all here at New College, and they’re ready to share their insights with you this fall in one incredible course about pandemic perspectives.

How did we get here? Where are we going? What does it all mean? Learn the answers to these questions—from professors in epidemiology, data science, art, religion and more—in a class co-organized by Assistant Professor of Religion Manuel Lopez, Ph.D., and Digital Humanities Librarian Cal Murgu. It’s an educational “time capsule” and it’s sure to be a fascinating one!
Take the Next Steps

Your journey into fearless learning is about to begin! 

But first, we have a few boxes for you to check before arriving on campus in August. We want to make it as easy as possible, so head to for a step-by-step breakdown of the pre-Orientation process.

Finalize Financial Aid

Were you selected for Financial Aid Verification or do you have an Exception on your account? Please get in touch with the FA office at or call (941) 487-5000 as soon as possible to walk through what items are needed. All forms are due June 30 in order for aid to be displayed on your account when bills are issued.

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