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NMSSA Members,

If I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you yet, I’m Zachary Fort the new NMSSA President. NMSSA is beginning to undergo a transformation into a renewed organization, and our first step is improved communication with our members. To this end, we are launching this newsletter, our new website, and we have built a social media following on our Facebook page

I have also begun the process of using the NMSSA platform to form a political voice for gun owners in New Mexico. I understand that this is a departure from how NMSSA has operated in the past, but under the current political climate, we have no choice but to speak up. NMSSA will not be endorsing political candidates, that will continue to fall under the purview of the NRA Institute for Legislate Action. What we will be doing is educating second-amendment supporters in New Mexico on the issues we currently face, specific legislation regarding our rights, and what elected officials have said and done regarding our rights.

There has been a lack of organizing for our rights and educating residents of our state of the challenges we face. But when we do speak out, we can hold our elected officials accountable and push back on the anti-gun agenda. Recently, Congresswoman and Gubernatorial Candidate Michelle Lujan-Grisham at a candidate forum called for a ban on: "assault rifles and high magazine cartridges." Yes, you read that correctly, she wants to ban "high magazine cartridges." After we published the video on our Facebook page, it was picked up by several pro second-amendment news outlets including Breibart News. Further, at several recent legislative body meetings, NMSSA members have shown up to speak out against the attacks on our rights. While we have not been able to defeat everything we have opposed, we have seen several measures discarded even when the legislative body in question has a strong anti-gun slant.

With all of that being said, we are in no way going to become just a political organization. We will continue to support the shooting sports and training for new and experienced firearm owners alike. This is our organization, I will need your support as we launch new initiatives and expand. On that note, if you have anything you think should be included in this newsletter, the website or the Facebook page, please feel free to contact me at; I look forward to working with you on this journey.

Zachary Fort


The 2018 Annual Meeting was held at the Community Room at Cabelas in Albuquerque starting at 11:00 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Approximately 45 members attended the meeting. The Agenda was as follows;

I.    Call to order

II.    Introductions

III.    Political Landscape 2018 - 2019

IV.    Ballot Voting

V.    Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting

VI.    Chair Reports

VII    Appointment of Officers to Open Positions

VIII.    Open Issues / New Business

IX.     Adjourn

Item V.  Approval of Meeting Minutes from Last meeting was not completed because the past President had not submitted the minutes for approval.  This will be rectified at a later meeting.

Political Landscape 2018 - 2019:

Vice President Zac Fort introduced himself and conducted the meeting. NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) liaison Tara Mica spoke next about the Political Landscape for the next nine months.  She stated that Steve Pearce is our ONLY choice for Governor because all three Democrat candidates have made gun bans key parts of their platforms.

We need gains in the State Legislature this coming Fall.  The House is currently 38 Democrat vs 32 Republican.  Gun owners need to get active backing candidates who will support our rights, especially with cash donations because money is the fuel of politics.

We need to organize for the upcoming January Legislative Session where we will need to fight the Progressives in the Legislature who seek to disarm us.  Very many anti-rights Bills, modeled on those seen in other States recently, are expected. Tara said that she is going to be spread thin covering the flurry of anti-gun legislation in the Texas Legislature so we (NMSSA) need to step up and fill the gap by paying attention to what goes on in Santa Fe.

The New Mexico State Constitution limits what local governments can do to restrict gun rights by law but they can pass Resolutions recommending that the Legislature pass new restrictive laws.  These Resolutions can be cited as showing the will of the people by Legislators proposing restrictive Bills.  So, gun owners need to show up in large numbers at City or County meetings where these Resolutions are considered to show our disapproval, such as recently happened in Las Cruces.

Tara said she will be available in the Fall to talk to Gun Club General Meetings about what’s at stake and the importance of getting involved in the campaigns, and to vote.

A member in the audience spoke up that gun owners and NMSSA need to address the concerns of mothers statewide about school security. There is growing gun phobia on the part of New Mexican moms that we need to address with our ideas .  Another member spoke up about the ‘bad optics’ of people showing up with rifles slug over their shoulders and dressing like motorcycle gang members, or in camo, at pro-gun rallies and at the Legislature.  The news media uses images of these people to make the case that we gun owners are a violent, fringe group.  The point was made that we need more conventionally dressed people to show up at Rallies and Committee meetings in Santa Fe to counter this theme.

Next, State Representative Jimmie Hall and Bill Rehm spoke on their views on the state of the Legislature and the upcoming election. First, contact YOUR legislators by email, snail mail, or phone.  In the email state your address so the Legislator knows that you are in the district.  Be polite and Do Not threaten by saying things like ‘ I’ll be watching how you vote’.  They know that you will be watching.

Write letters to the Editor but please clear these through NMSSA to ensure that we stay on message and not use inflammatory language. Because of 1-in-90-days rules in many publications, NMSSA members need to take turns submitting facts-based articles.  FBI statistics show that blunt force trauma and knives kill more than guns do. So, banning all kinds of weapons, as they do in England, will come here if we don’t stop the gun ban movement now.

Jim and Bill said that we need changes to the Laws concerning treatment of mental health patients. For example, due to medical privacy laws (HIPAA) persons who self-commit themselves for mental health treatment or failed suicide attempts are not tracked in the National Instant Check System (NICS) yet they could pose a threat in the future if allowed to purchase a firearm. Perhaps a temporary hold could be created but currently this is not possible.

On the Judicial front, there are two Republican Appeals Court Judges and one on the State Supreme Court. It is critical that these judges be retained and more added.  The Plaintiffs Bar Association has raised $250,000 to unseat these judges.

The NRA is endorsing some Democrat Legislators who support the Second Amendment. Without the support of Democrat 2A supporters we would not have been able to stop multiple anti-gun Bills in the Legislature.

All Second Amendment supporters need to register to vote and vote in the Fall. Talk to your State  Representative and Senator about your support for the Second Amendment. Members who are Instructors can offer to take their Reps and Senators to the range for an educational session on firearms or even a free Concealed Carry Course.

Once the Legislative Session begins information on Bills and the analyses of them is on the Legislative website ( You as a Citizen can look at this website and contact your Representative and Senator about your views on a Bill.

Vice President Fort summarized the topic by saying that if we lose our gun Rights we will never get them back.

Ballot Voting:

Next, the Ballots were collected and vote counts tallied. 40 ballots were submitted and the entire slate was elected. The results of the election are as follows:

President                    Zac Fort

Vice President             Jeremy Gill

Treasurer                    John Fugedy

Recording Secretary    Gary Newton

Membership Secretary   Aaron Strasburg

Smallbore Rifle               Virginia McLemore

Legislative Affairs            John Jackson

Education & Training        Andy Montoya

Life Member Trustee 3-Year    William Swantner

In accordance with the Association By-Laws the following persons were appointed.

                   Women’s Programs        Karma Welchel & Nancy Bennett

                  Pistol Programs        Rick Kennedy

                  High Power Programs    Bill Rudolph

                  Communications Director    Anthony Segura

                  Black Powder Programs    Bob Welchel    

 Chair Reports:

Virginia McLemore spoke about the progress and successes of the small bore teams.

Aaron Strasburg reported that NMSSA has 819 members most of whom are Life members and, as such, do not pay annual dues. More new annual members are needed to join the 59 new members joining this year.

John Fugedy gave the Treasurer’s Report. The General Fund total is $22,813.07 while the Life Member CD Account total is $61,000. The Life Member Interest Account total is $18,120.85. The Association’s Net Worth is $101,933.92

Open Issues / New Business:

A wide-ranging discussion of Association Communications occurred.  A new website is needed and is being planned. The attendees agreed that regular newsletters be sent out every other month to include Statewide shooting Event Calendars.  A mass emailing application can be used to send out newsletters to members while information of general interest can be sent to other shooters in the State via a separate email address list. In this way NMSSA can become more visible throughout the State and move towards becoming an effective Statewide Association. V. McLemore said that she has a list of shooters to fill this need. NMSSA has a Facebook page which has approximately 2500 ‘likes’ and has been maintained by Zac Fort.  This Facebook page is essential to reach younger members and youth shooters.

V. McLemore also suggested putting pre-written letters on the website and in the newsletter, as NRA-ILA and GOA offer for members to contact their political representatives.  These letters would serve as a starting basis for members who could edit them as desired. 

A Member in the audience suggested that NMSSA create a Mission Statement and Goals & Objectives and also a Business Plan.

A. Sigura proposed a Motion to back the NRA School Shield Program and get it implemented into New Mexico Schools.  The Membership voted to table this Proposal for further study as few in attendance knew much about School Shield. The NMSSA Board will  gather this information and discuss the Proposal at a future Board Meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 2 PM.


Illinois Counties Become Pro-Gun ‘Sanctuary’ Counties

Posted at 12:00 pm on May 7, 2018 by Tom Knighton


The phrase “sanctuary cities” is one of those things that’s infuriating to many of our readers. After all, these are cities that are ignoring federal law–and the Constitution–in an effort to protect people who are, essentially, criminals. They broke immigration laws, and now these cities are trying to circumvent the federal government’s constitutional role in handling the issue.

However, in Illinois, the phrase “sanctuary” is being used by a handful of counties for a very different reason.

Several counties in Illinois (26 as of July) have taken gun control matters into their own hands and told the state, in essence, sorry — you’re not stripping us of our Second Amendment rights.

And thus the showdown begins. But honestly, the state has no constitutional leg in this fight.

The state, for those who’ve not yet heard, has been engaged in a leftist-pushed campaign to bypass the Constitution and impose even more gun control on the law-abiding citizenry. The Democrats want a Chicago, statewide.

Some of their pressed-for crackdowns?

Increases in the minimum age for gun purchases. A complete ban on bump stocks. More punishments for violators. You know, the typical yada yada left-leaners manual of anti-gun provisions. The ones that don’t reduced crime but make the politicians feel good about themselves — all the while stripping control from the little people.

Anyhow, some counties in Illinois are saying enough’s enough — we’re declaring ourselves sanctuaries for gun owners.

“It’s a buzzword,” said David Campbell, the vice chairman of the Effingham County Board, in Fox News. “[It’s a] word that really gets attention. With all these sanctuary cities, we just decided to turn it around to protect our Second Amendment rights.”

Effingham is one of a handful of counties fighting against the state’s anti-gun stance.

Last month, Bearing Arms had a story about Effingham County. In particular, its stand as a sanctuary county. Now, it’s no longer alone.

This is actually pretty brilliant.

In order to undermine Effingham County and their fellow sanctuary counties’ efforts, gun control opponents will have to undermine the very idea of sanctuary communities as a whole. They’ll have to lash out at sanctuary cities as a concept–which, I suspect, your average gun grabber isn’t going to want to do. The other option is that they just leave these counties alone, which is an obvious win.

Realistically, I don’t see either happening. I figure they’ll try and attack the gun aspect and sniff around and try to find some weakness they can exploit without jeopardizing the concept of sanctuary cities. This makes them far less likely to be successful. Like I said, pretty brilliant if you think about it.

More importantly, though, it’s the right thing to do. Regardless of what the courts have argued, any incursion into our Second Amendment rights is unconstitutional. It’s a moral imperative to oppose unjust and unconstitutional laws, regardless of what level of government issues such decrees.

While I agree with the rule of law, when those laws become tyrannical–and any law infringing on our ability to resist tyranny is tyranny in and of itself–they must be opposed. I’m glad to see a handful of counties in Illinois agree.


BELLEVUE, WA – The Department of Justice and Second Amendment Foundation have reached a settlement in SAF’s lawsuit on behalf of Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed over free speech issues related to 3-D files and other information that may be used to manufacture lawful firearms.

SAF and Defense Distributed had filed suit against the State Department under the Obama administration, challenging a May 2013 attempt to control public speech as an export under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), a Cold War-era law intended to control exports of military articles.

Under terms of the settlement, the government has agreed to waive its prior restraint against the plaintiffs, allowing them to freely publish the 3-D files and other information at issue. The government has also agreed to pay a significant portion of the plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees, and to return $10,000 in State Department registration dues paid by Defense Distributed as a result of the prior restraint.

Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military.

“Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “For years, anti-gunners have contended that modern semi-automatic sport-utility rifles are so-called ‘weapons of war,’ and with this settlement, the government has acknowledged they are nothing of the sort.

“Under this settlement,” he continued, “the government will draft and pursue regulatory amendments that eliminate ITAR control over the technical information at the center of this case. They will transfer export jurisdiction to the Commerce Department, which does not impose prior restraint on public speech. That will allow Defense Distributed and SAF to publish information about 3-D technology.”



We will be shooting USPSA matches with a classifier twice a month at Founders Ranch in Edgewood (see directions in next article below). The schedule will be 2nd and 4th Saturday starting 10AM ! This is in addition to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening matches at Mags indoor shooting range in Moriarty. Mark your calendars!


We hold a monthly 100 clay shoot on the first Saturday of every month.
The match is open to all, including non-NSCA members (Hunter Class).
The match fee is $40.00 including tax and NSCA fees.
Start time is 10:00 AM.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM.  (Please call ahead.  505-934-2533
 Pre-registration is not required, but helps ensure a smooth and on time start.)  

From Albuquerque take I-40 east to Exit 181 (Sedillo).  
Turn left on NM 333 (Old Rt 66) go 1.4 miles to NM 217.
Turn Right.  Go 4.5 miles to Juan Tomas. Turn Left.
Go 1 mile to Barton Road.  Turn Left.
Go 3/4 mile to gate on right.


These fun matches are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays starting at 0900.  Open to non-members but call Ron 293-3707 in advance to ensure someone meets you at the gate.  Action Pistol is a fun way to improve your Defensive Pistol skills.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  Unsure? Go and watch a match first. 

ADDRESS:  3615 Los Picaros Rd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 - SOUTH OF ABQ SUNPORT
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