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NMSSA Members,

The first item I want to address in this letter are the results of the 2018 New Mexico Elections. There were some races where Second-Amendment supporting candidates won; I am grateful for those results and for the support those elected officials have for our constitutional rights. Much to my disappointment however, there were many races where candidates who supported our rights did not win. It’s not easy to loose in a contest where you are a stakeholder and have invested your time and efforts into seeking a favorable outcome; but more importantly, New Mexicans are missing out on some of our best representation both in Santa Fe and Washington D.C. as a result of this election.
                With that said, we will not stop lobbying for our rights. This election only underscores the importance of showing up and speaking out for our rights. No matter the odds, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is a right worth defending. We will do so in the upcoming legislative session, and we will explore all our options to fight back against potential infringement. 
                We already know of a group of four proposals that will be introduced: “universal background checks,” court-ordered “red flag” gun confiscation, domestic abuser firearm surrender, and “child access prevention” laws. If you have not done so already, I would encourage you to read my opinion editorial in the Albuquerque Journal where I describe the issues with those proposals. Unfortunately, it is likely that this is not a complete list of the bills that will be introduced. In 2018, there was a “bump-stock” ban bill introduced that was never heard. This proposal may return, and given what we have seen in other states, it could be accompanied by an “assault weapons ban.”

Once pre-filling of bills begins in December, we will have a better picture of what will be introduced. There will be a General Membership Meeting in January to discuss the Bills that have been pre-filed and how NMSSA should respond to them. PLEASE be looking for an email and/or check our Facebook page

We are in this together; when we send out legislative alerts whether through email or social media, we all need to step up and take action. If you can make it to Santa Fe, please do so when gun related bills are being heard. If you can’t make it in person, please diligently contact your elected officials through phone and email. Do not engage your elected officials with anger or threats, but instead engage them with the facts, logic and constitutional truths the right to keep and bear arms are grounded in.
                To end this letter on a higher note, I want to highlight some of the recent charitable work for others NMSSA has been engaged in. At the 2018 Rio Grande Friends of the NRA Banquet, we sponsored a table to support their work. The event was a huge success and I would like to extend my gratitude to our members who had a hand putting on the event, and also to all of our members who support the important work of Friends of the NRA. Several months ago, our previous president gave me a box of about 90 copies of the book: The Second Amendment and Hunting Heritage by Charlie Kirk, which were donated to us by The Conklin Endowment Fund. The book was written for high-school and college age individuals, so we donated 60 of them to the APS JROTC program. Please let me know if you would like one of the remaining copies, I only ask that you make sure it is read. 

President, NMSSA;


NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action


Poll: Most Americans Oppose Ban on “America’s Rifle”

This week, Gallup released the results of a poll which included a finding that should surprise no one: Americans oppose a ban on AR-15s and similar semiautomatic firearms by robust a margin of 17%. Meanwhile, current support for such a ban is 7% lower than the historical trend dating back to 1996, when Gallup first began polling on the issue. Americans, in other words, appear not to have been swayed by the intense media editorializing, celebrity pontificating, and youthful activism of the past year aimed at prohibiting what are by all accounts the most popular types of rifles in the country.

Of course, even in America, you could probably find people who would claim to support a ban on apple pie. It’s not very nutritious, they might say. It’s regressive, others might insist. Americans, after all, have the right to their opinions, even the unpopular ones.

When it comes to guns, the minority opinion is strongest among people who identify as Democrats. Gallup’s latest poll shows 56% of Democrats would support a ban on semiautomatic rifles, 16% above the national average. That is more than twice the percentage of Republicans (25%) who responded the same way. But even among Democrats, support for a semiauto ban has fallen 7 points since this time last year, notwithstanding the fact that some pundits were predicting that 2018 would finally be the year when banning highly popular guns would somehow become a winning political issue.   

So what has all the “game-changing” post-Parkland grandstanding accomplished in the last eight months?

When it comes to banning guns, apparently nothing.

And it’s not just us who think so.

No one individual has shoveled more bad money into the gun control cause than billionaire Michael Bloomberg. In fact his insistence on burning huge sums of money on the issue for minimal returns almost makes you wonder how he ever got so rich in the first place.

But even he seems to understand the reality of the current situation.

According to an article in the Washington Times, Everytown for Gun Safety – the umbrella group for Bloomberg’s gun control activism – has actually shifted its midterm election spending into “ads covering abortion, health care and the Republican tax bill – but nary a mention of assault rifles … . “

Commenting for the article, gun control advocate Adam Winkler mused, “Perhaps the gun issue has waned a bit in the absence of highly publicized mass shootings in the past few months.”

And that, of course, is the irony of the gun ban movement: it needs the very events it claims to want to prevent for anyone to pay attention to it.

Even then, however, that attention and intensity typically prove to be short-lived.

Hyping other issues, of course, does not actually signal a retreat by Everytown from its gun control agenda. Rather, it’s a recognition that gun controllers will have to buy votes and politicians by other means to force their prohibitionist views downward on the American people, rather than using those views to inspire people to support their candidates in the first place.

In other words, it’s pretty much the opposite of a true grassroots approach.

Take, for example, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who was embarrassed this week by the release of audio recordings catching her and her staffers admitting that they conceal or downplay her true positions on issues like gun control in order to mislead voters on the positions she will take once elected.

All this is exactly why NRA-ILA – a true grassroots organization – is dedicated to ensuring that voters know exactly what they’re getting when it comes to the Second Amendment views of political candidates.

You might even say we try to make it as easy as pie … apple pie, of course.




The New Mexico State High Power Championships were contested on May 22, 23 and 24th, 2018 at the Grady Eldridge Memorial Rifle Range in Capitan, NM.  The event was sponsored by the Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club, Inc.  The 3 days of shooting consisted of the Service Rifle Championship shot on Friday, the Match Rifle Championships shot on Saturday and a CMP, EIC match shot on Sunday.

The Service Rifle Championship on Friday had 12 shooters from around the country and was won by Ray Grado from El Paso, Tx.  Ray shot a 754-17X for the win.  Second place and first high master went to Bobby Adams of Austin, Tx., with a 751-16X.  Top master was Kevin Cooper from California with a 738-11X and top expert was Steve Jones of Capitan, NM with a 722-10X.  Gusty conditions made the shooting very tricky all day long.

15 shooters were present for Saturdays match rifle state championship.  Ron Zerr of Tucson, Az was our state champion with a 785-23X.  Top New Mexico resident was Bill Lamb from Roswell, NM with a 751-23X.  Tops in the master class was Ray Grado with a 755-9X and winner in the expert class was Steve Jones with a 728-9X.  Conditions were again very windy and tricky making shooters earn everything they got!

Sunday was our CMP, EIC day but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough non-distinguished shooters to hold an official match.  So, we held a 50 shot fun match with prizes for different categories and a good time was had by all.  Cash was given for the top shooters in service rifle and match rifle as well as first sighter at 600 yards.  We hope that next year we can have more shooters! 

Hold hard and favor center!

Bill Rodolph, President

Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club, Inc.



From CCRKBA'S October issue of POINT BLANK newsletter. An EDITED article


During the Kavanaugh hearings Sen.Feinstein asserted that "assault weapons" have been used in "hundreds of school shootings".

CCRKBA has repeatedly stated that the use of rifles of any kind amounts to a fraction of the number of gun-related murders in any given year according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Days earlier National Public Radio published a report of ints investigation of school shootings reported by the Dept. of Education finding the data questionable. According to NPR mosrt of the shootings reported "never happened". "We were able to confirm just 11 reported incidents". In 161 caases, schools attested that no incident took place or couldn't confirm one.

Annually, according to FBI data, between 2 and 3 % of all homicides involve rifles. In 2012 there were 298 rifle-related homicides. In 2013 - 285, In 2014 - 258, In 2015 - 258. In 2016 - 374. [EDITORS' NOTE - Average total yearly gun-related homicides for these 5 years was 9,289]

According to FBI crime data, more people are stabbed, bludgeoned, beaten or chocked to death than are killed by people using rifles or shotguns.  Yet, Feinstein is convinced that semi-auto rifles are the problem.

[EDITOR] Now you know the facts, use them when talking to your friends and neighbors, spread the word !



Del Norte Gun Club -

Dec. 1st - IDPA Match 9am set up 10am start Bays 1-4 
Dec 2nd - CMP 1000yd Range

For information on these and more events go to 



Action Pistol/Fun Shoot (Cutler) - 5 pm - 8 pm MST Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month!

Event begins at 5:00 p.m. Day of event registration begins at 4:00 p.m. Stop by Calibers on Cutler Blvd anytime and sign up early.

Dec. 9th - NSSF First Shots Clinic


These fun matches are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays starting at 0900.  Open to non-members but call Ron 293-3707 in advance to ensure someone meets you at the gate.  Action Pistol is a fun way to improve your Defensive Pistol skills.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  Unsure? Go and watch a match first. 

ADDRESS:  3615 Los Picaros Rd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 - SOUTH OF ABQ SUNPORT

Los Lunas Gun Club -

Dec. 8th - Black Powder Shoot

Dec 9th Steel Challenge Monthly Match
Dec 29th - 

Rio Grande Practical Shooting Club - FOR MORE INFO GO TO

1st and 3rd Saturdays  - Rio Grande Practical Shooting club - ABQ city Range -  10 AM - 2:30 PM 

CAPITAN HIGH POWER SHOOTING - Entrance on US Hwy 380 is 3 miles east of Capitan, NM.

No events for Dec,

Upcoming Locally Registered Shotgun Shoots

Sporting Clays:

Dec 1 - Founders Ranch. Edgewood, NM
Dec 15 - Xmas Match - Edgewood, NM
Dec 16 - Eddy Cty  Shooting Range - Lake Arthur, NM


No Matches for December

Dec 1st - High Desert Sportsmen Monthly Tgts - Albuquerque
Dec 1st - Chaparral Skeet Club Monthly Tgts - Roswell
Dec 1st - Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports Monthly Tgts- Las Cruces


We hold a monthly 100 clay shoot on the first Saturday of every month.
The match is open to all, including non-NSCA members (Hunter Class).
The match fee is $40.00 including tax and NSCA fees.
Start time is 10:00 AM.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM.  (Please call ahead.  505-934-2533
 Pre-registration is not required, but helps ensure a smooth and on time start.)  

From Albuquerque take I-40 east to Exit 181 (Sedillo).  
Turn left on NM 333 (Old Rt 66) go 1.4 miles to NM 217.
Turn Right.  Go 4.5 miles to Juan Tomas. Turn Left.
Go 1 mile to Barton Road.  Turn Left.
Go 3/4 mile to gate on right.



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