Webinar "Cyber Security Architecture in the Finance Industry", Acer ransomware attack and launch of Visibility NOW
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After a few very turbulent weeks as a result of the Microsoft Exchange hack, we are delighted to invite you today to our upcoming webinar on "State-of-the-art Cyber Security Architecture in the Finance Industry". We will be conducting this webinar together with Mark Beerends, the former Head of SOC at UBS and Rabobank on April 7 at 3pm (CEST).
However, of course, the Microsoft Exchange hack is not at all over yet – in this newsletter we refer to an article describing how Acer is facing a $50 million ransom demand as a result of this attack. And finally, we are proud to introduce Exeon's "Visibility NOW" offering, providing complete network visibility and AI-powered cyber detection in just 24h to detect network anomalies faster than ever.

We wish you an interesting read.

David Gugelmann
CEO & Founder

Carola Hug

Gregor Erismann


This webinar – realised in collaboration with the internationally renowned cyber security expert and previous Head of SOC at UBS and Rabobank Mark Beerends on April 7, 3pm (CEST) – gives a brief introduction of the NIST framework and zooms in on the detect function with a special focus on the finance industry and the protection of personal data. Also, a live hack is conducted directly in the webinar to show how intruders discover and spread throughout a network and how a state-of-the art security architecture can help detect them. Register here.

Industry News

As various media report, Acer has been hit by the largest ransomware attack known to date. The attackers request a ransom of $50 million and have likely entered the system through the Microsoft Exchange servers. This article shows how Exeon can support the detection of and response to anomalies resulting out of the Microsoft Exchange hack – before major damage happens.

In this article, published on the German security-insider.de platform, our CEO and Founder David Gugelmann explains the concepts of Network (NDR), Endpoint (EDR) and Extended (XDR) Detection and Response - and how those provide a second layer of defense enabling companies to stop cyber attackers who managed to bypass traditional IT security measures.

Exeon News

Exeon launches Visibility NOW providing organisations complete visibility of network activities in just 24 hours. This allows for network monitoring and AI-powered cyber detection faster than ever before.
Internationally proven. Without additional hardware. Ready to start right now.

Check out our latest job offerings - currently a Sales Manager Cyber Security as well as a System Engineer. No fitting vacancy and yet interested in joining us? Great - let us know!

About Exeon

Hackers will always find a hole to enter your network – be it through Microsoft Exchange, Sunburst, or phishing emails to your employees amongst others. Therefore, the detection of cyber attacks in the network before precious data is stolen or costly ransomware campaigns are launched is of utmost importance. Based on more than ten years of award-winning research at ETH Zurich, we strengthen the cyber resilience of corporates around the globe with the smartest Network Detection & Response solution: completely hardware-free, deployed in hours and proven in global corporate networks. www.exeon.com.

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