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Falcon News
A weekly newsletter of the current events at
St. Mary’s Catholic School
March 29, 2022 ~Issue 277


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our PSIA event on Saturday was wonderful. From my teachers and parent coaches, to our tireless volunteers, to all who donated food and gift cards/money, I would like to thank everyone who made this day possible and a success. 

On behalf of myself and the teachers, I would like to congratulate our students who competed Saturday. Each represented St. Mary’s wonderfully. Many of our students have qualified for the State competition on May 7th in Fort Worth at Texas Christian University. 

Congratulations to St. Mary’s Catholic School students!!!!

PSIA Results for St. Mary’s

Grade 1  

Creative Writing: 

  • Naomi Shibuya: 3rd place


  • Blaise Jones: 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Emma Adams: 6th place                                                                         

 Grade 2

Creative Writing: 

  • Isbel Stewart: 3rd place

  • Lilly Martinez: 1st place–State Qualifier


  • Lilly Martinez: 3rd place—Alternate to State

  • Joey Schutz: 5th place

  • Larsen Svajda: 2nd place—State Qualifier


  • Avery Smith: 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Alexa Polak: 3rd place

Grade 3


  • Devansh Katragadda: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Colin Hawkins: 4th place

  • Lillian LeFave: 6th place  

Ready Writing: 

  • Devansh Katragadda: 4th place

  • Camila Vazquez: 6th place           


  • Ricky Sagredo: 3rd place—Alternate to State

  • Siana Schoepf: 7th place

  • Lillian LeFave: 4th place


  • Devansh Katragadda: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Isbel Stewart: 6th place

Music Memory (3-4 ) 

  • Morgan Collins (3rd): 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Ricky Sagredo (3rd): 1st place—State Qualifier

Grade 4

Art Memory (4th-5th): 

  • Adaline Bailon (4th): participation

  • Daniella Holst (5th): participation

Listening Skills (4th-5th): 

  • Medha Atluri (4th): 2nd place—Alternate to State

Maps, Graphs and Charts:

  • Eli Kuriger: participation

  • Reza Ghergherehchi: participation


  • Devansh Katragadda: 1st place—State Qualifier

 Grade 5       

Informational Skills (5-6): 

  • Landon Ortiz (5th): 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Alexis Sandoval (5th): 5th place

  • William Baker (5th): 1st place—State Qualifier                                                                            


  • Landon Ortiz: 3rd place—Alternate to State

  • Jack Knaus: 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • William Baker: 4th place

  • Eli Kuriger: 5th place

Music Memory (5th-6th)

  • Medha Atluri: 1st place—State Qualifier

Number Sense:

  • Jack Knaus: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Medha Atluri: 4th place

  • Eli Kuriger: 5th place


  • Alexis Sandoval: participation


  • Landon Ortiz: 4th place

  • Jack Knaus: 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • Max Morrison: 6th place

Middle School 

Dictionary Skills (6th-8th)

  • Luke Picarazzi–3rd place

Listening Skills (6th-8th): 

  • Anuki Pelawatta (6th): 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • Sarah Barkis (8th): 1st place—State Qualifier

Maps, Graphs and Charts: 

  • Ricardo Jimenez: participation         

On-Site Drawing:

  • Dylan Applewhite: 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Nathan Cayce: 3rd place


  • Anuki Pelawatta: 3rd place

  • Luke Picarazzi: 2nd place—Alternate to State

Ready Writing: 

  • Abby Loos: 4th place

  • Luke Picarazzi: 5th place


  • Nathan Cayce: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Jack Knaus: 2nd place—Alternate to State


  • Anuki Pelawatta: 2nd place—State Qualifier

Impromptu Speaking (7th-8th)

  • Rosie Mosmeyer (8th): 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Kgosi Motswenyane (8th): 3rd place

Informational Skills (7th-8th)

  • Cody McCracken (7th): 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • Victoria Calixte (7th): 2nd place—State Qualifier

Modern Oratory (7th-8th)

  • Rosie Mosmeyer: 2nd place—Alternate to State

On-Site Drawing: 

  • Angel Pynadath: participation 

  • Jayla Cooper: participation

Prose (7th-8th) 

  • Sarah Barkis: 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • Rosie Mosmeyer: 1st place—State Qualifier  

  • Wesley Kuriger: 3rd place

  • Kgosi Motswenyane: 4th place 


  • Sarah Barkis: 2nd place—State Qualifier

  • Thomas Adams: 3rd place—Alternate to State

  • Wesley Kuriger: 4th place

  • Anuki Pelawatta: 5th place

Number Sense: 

  • Wesley Kuriger: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Cody McCraken: 3rd place                                    


  • Wesley Kuriger: 1st place—State Qualifier

  • Sarah Barkis: 2nd place—Alternate to State

  • Cody McCracken: 3rd place


Coaches will continue to work with these students in the weeks to come. 


  •  ADVANCING TO STATE. In all contests, except Creative Writing, One-Act Play, and Storytelling, a minimum of four students from at least two different schools must compete in the grade level OR combined grade levels of the event in order for two students to advance to State. If only three compete (from one or more schools), only one may advance to State. In the event that only one or two students compete, neither student advances to State. In Creative Writing, Math 2 and 3, and Storytelling, only ONE advances from each grade level if at least four compete. Grade levels may be combined to meet minimum entries. If grades are combined, students will compete with the higher grade at all levels of competition. For contests that are officially combined for competition, the top two scoring students advance, regardless of grade level. No teams, other than One-Act Play, may advance to the State Meet. Students MUST actually compete in a District contest in order to be counted among those to meet minimal requirements for contestants to advance to State from that event. If contestants tie for 2nd place in an objective contest, both advance to State. 

  • ALTERNATES TO STATE: The first alternate ONLY from each of the 58 grade level contests will be eligible to compete at State in the absence of a first or second place qualifying contestant from their own district. If contestants tie for 2nd place, there is no first alternate to advance in the absence of a 1st or 2nd place qualifier. There will be no first alternate when tied 2nd place individuals advance to State. In the case of a 3rd place tie, both 3rd place students serve as 1st alternates, and both advance to state should either the 1st or 2nd place student drop out of the competition. 


Have a wonderful week.


Mrs. Wyles


News from Mrs. Hoelting 
George Kolbe was born 3/25/22 at 10:07 am. Mom and baby are doing great. Welcome to the world! 

PSIA Pictures
Please send pictures from PSIA to Ms. Giannotti
at Thank you!

Chocolate Fundraiser Money Due Friday!! 
Thank you for all who participated in our chocolate fundraiser. Reminder that all money is due by Friday, April 1. We will be drawing names this Friday afternoon for the last two baskets. 

Walking for Education
Every year SMCS has a Walking for Education Fundraiser. This fundraiser goes directly to the tuition assistance program to help secure the longevity of the program. SMCS is a firm believer that no child should ever be turned away from a quality Catholic education due to the ability to pay. Please click on the links below for information and pledge sheets. 100% of all proceeds from this fundraiser goes directly to the SMCS tuition assistance program. 

Our day will begin at 8:30 in the gym with walking to begin at 8:45 and concluding at approximately 11:30. We will have lunch a little later with lower grades beginning at 11:40 to 12:10 and upper grades from 12:20 to 12:40. Students will be able to picnic outside with their classes and spend the afternoon leisurely (to be determined by the teacher).  Because it is Lent lunch will be regular hot lunch cheese pizza from the cafeteria. Students may order this in the morning or bring a cold lunch.

Students should wear:  

* St. Mary's Spirit shirt
* tennis or athletic shoes and socks
* walking shorts or Capri or jeans or.... athletic knee-length shorts
* sunscreen

Students should bring:
* A water bottle

Walking for Education Information 

Walking for Education Pledge Sheet
Drama Department Bake Sale

 The SMCS Theatre department has an opportunity to sell baked goods for donations at the Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fry on Friday, April 1, 2022. We are asking for baked good donations to sell and help with selling the items. Students can earn service hours during this time. 

Donations can be sent into the office the morning of April 1st and I will be happy to transport the items to the KC hall. If you have any questions please contact the office. 

Community Service 
On Saturday, April 9th, weather permitting, we will gather at 9:00 a.m. to remove the native plants growing in the beds around St. Mary's Church, mainly in the back of the church.  I will have pots and potting soil into which to pot the plants that are dug up.  It is a sizable project and I need lots of help.  The plants will go into the school beds at another date.  We will have a place for the pots on the school grounds.  Please bring shovels to dig up plants.   Please let me know if you will be available on that date.  Thank you.
Mary Ann Everett

Track News 


JACOB BOONE GOT 6th in the 1600m

And 4th in the 800m

Emily Bennett got 4th in the 400m

Gracie Garza to 6th in the 200m



Jacob Boone got 1st in the 2400m, 800, and 1600m

Emily Bennett got 3rd in the 400m 

Gracie Garza got 3 in the 800m



Jacob Boone got 1st in the 3200m, 3rd in the 800m and 2nd in the 1600m

Knights of Columbus Easter Egg Hunt 
After the 9:30 Mass on April 17, 2022 
Knights of Columbus Hall  2218 W Avenue D, Temple, TX 76504

Purse Bingo

2022-2023 Enrollment
New student applications for the 22-23 school year are now available. Sibling spots will be held until April 13th. After this date, we will open waitlists to new families. 
For questions regarding admissions or the application, please contact Ms. Giannotti at

Tuition Assistance Information 
Tuition Assistance applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now available. Follow the link below to sign in or create an account. Applications will close Thursday, April 14th. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Giannotti at


Try and WIN a NEW TRUCK!!!!
St. Mary's Catholic Church has begun selling raffle tickets. Stop by the school, church office or after Mass to purchase yours! Tickets are only $10.00 each.  Please contact the church office for more information. 


Classroom Spotlight: This week is Middle School Math
Pi Day takes place on March 14th every year to celebrate one of the most popular mathematical constants, Pi, most commonly shortened to 3.14. Although the day fell over Spring Break, Middle School math students were able to celebrate when we returned. Students graphed the first 10 digits of Pi to create city skylines, participated in Pi themed trivia, and of course, enjoyed some pie!
Yearbook Sale and AD information
SMCS Yearbooks are on sale. Please click the link to purchase your yearbook. Click on the link below for yearbook prices and information. 

Order your yearbook HERE 
EIM Information 
All parents and guardians who want to volunteer at St. Mary's Catholic School must be EIM compliant. All information regarding EIM can be found on our website ( ). If you have a specific question about EIM or your your EIM status please contact Mrs. Cayce at 

**EIM workshops are in seat only**

Important Dates to Remember  

Tues. March 29th
Golf Tournament in Killeen

Fri. April 1st
Walking for Education - details in newsletter
Fish Fry and Theatre Bake Sale at the Fish Fry

Sat. April 2nd
Theatre Play Practice - 10 am - 2 pm
Plant Rescue Service Hour Project 9:00 a.m.

Tues. April 5th 
3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony - 2 pm in Church
Golf Tournament: Sammon

Wed. April 6th - Fri. April 8th
7th & 8th Grade - USS Lexington Overnight Field Trip

Fri. April 8th
4th Quarter Progress Reports
Final Fish Fry
Easter Egg Hunt for grades Pre-K through 5th (details to come)

Tues. April 12th
Golf Tournament: Sammon

Wed. April 13th
Sibling Application fee due for the 2022-2023 School 

Thurs. April 14th
Holy Thursday: Noon dismissal
Tuition Assistance Applications are due

Fri. April 15th
Good Friday: No School

Sun. April 17th
Knights of Columbus Easter Egg Hunt after the 9:30 Mass (Knights of Columbus Hall)

Mon. April 18th
Easter Monday: No School

Tues. April 19th
Spring NWEA testing begins
Golf Tournament: Waco

Wed. April 20th
School Board: 7:15 a.m.

Thurs. Apr. 21- Fri. Apr. 22
5th Grade Overnight to Fossil Rim

Thurs. April 21st
Mass followed by NJHS Induction

Fri. April 22nd
popcorn day

Fri. April 29th
Cameron Zoo: Grades 2, 3 and 4

Fri. April 29th and Sat April 30th
Pirates of Penzance Performances - details to come 


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