This month’s playlist [ available here ] serves dynamic levels of mood and concepts around the meaning, impact and relationship of time. It’s the perfect playlist for a mellow winter day and the lyrical content is wonderful for reflection. Whether you’re looking for new background noise for your everyday life or a chill soundtrack to set the perfect winter mood, this is worth a listen. Big shoutout to Jack Meeks for executing a vision by curating these jams. Over the next few months I have some exciting playlist contributors on deck so stay tuned. 
Cue ALL of the nostalgia! I’m not kidding. My roommates and I just watched Mid 90’s and just about every five to ten minutes something was sure to tug on our heartstrings. This movie is so captivating and it’s filled with crude (real) humor and simple life lessons through the lens of an adolescent boy. Jonah Hill (screenwriter and director) really killed it with this one and I’m excited to hear your reactions to this film.
I had a really incredible time at the August at FMYHClub meet up to discuss The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, but I’m taking a step back before I guarantee another IRL #FMYHClub meet-up. I am so grateful to all of you who came out and I still love the idea of having a book of the month and potential gathering to discuss. Right now I am reading Becoming Michelle Obama and I know a fair number of you are reading it too. I’ll be sharing excerpts, thoughts and more on Instagram with the hashtags #fancyfebruary and #iambecoming, feel free to do the same. Happy reading!
Fast fashion a highly pronounced symptom of the marketing-to-consumer relationship that has been established in this day and age. There are so many issues within fast fashion and consumerism, but just to name a few: labor inequity, toxic environmental sustainability, illogical perceptions that we are born inadequate, and so on. To put it bluntly, the media creates sensationalism, demand booms, things are made cheaply and they fall apart after a handful of a wears because manufacturers know we’ll be back to buy new things next season, month, week or even day. Let’s work to educate ourselves on this matter so we can break the cycle
While breakdowns and meltdowns often seem like they’re totally out of left field, typically they are a long time coming. This video is short, but it does a great job of explaining how small things build up overtime. Usually there is a negative connotation around the mid-/quarter-life crisis, but these moments can also allow us to zoom out and assess. We have the ability to refine, tweak and edit our thoughts and actions to increase fulfillment and honesty in our day to day lives. Like the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. When difficult moments arise, think of what the deeper meaning is and be willing to get to know yourself a little better everyday because that’s where true self love begins.
You can catch me at this month’s #ThirdThursday @artsmia hosted by one of my very best friends, Anthonia Eboreime. The event is focused on Afrofuturism which you should come out to fully experience and vibe with the concept; in the meantime, take it from Janelle Monáe. Expand your mind, get out of the house, do something different, absorb new energy. Interested in attending, but don’t want to go it alone? Hit me up and we can rally a group to go together. Did I mention all are welcome? I say that because I know at least one person reading this is assuming this event is just for black people. This event celebrates black people and all shades of people should be able to get down with that! It’s 2019, you guys. And black history month no less.
Everything about Shine is time well spent. The entire concept flips the script on negative aspects of technology and communication and uses it to keep its users mindful, accountable and on a continued path of acceptance and self development. I love getting these texts in the morning to start my day and the guided meditation options are super helpful if you aren’t a big fan of silence. Click here to sign up for daily mindfulness prompts via text or push notification. 
Dirty John is a podcast that will scratch more than just one itch. Romance novel vibes? Check. Plot that integrates the technological woes of modern society? Check. Suspense and cliffhangers? Check. And to think, you can do chores around the house while you listen. These days I am trying hard to decrease the amount of multitasking I do so I can be more present in each moment. Unlike most things, podcast listening and housework multitasking actually make sense.
This month’s #letstalkaboutrace will be held on a holiday that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth lately: Presidents’ Day. Join me for an open conversation to share thoughts, gain perspective and build empathy. Location TBA as the 18th approaches. All are welcome. RSVP by responding to this email. 
I had to sneak my #10yearchallenge in at the end! Can you believe even back then I was still dreaming about FMYH? It feels so amazing to see this project change, evolve and grow as I do the same. What’s that thing you want to do? Are you standing in your own way?
“A vision without a task is but a dream, 
a task without a vision is drudgery, 
a vision and a task is the hope of the world.
— Unknown
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