That was my daily mantra for the majority of 2018,
and I can honestly say it helped.

Focusing on self-development is one of the positive ways I redirect my energy when the world pisses me off.
If all humans on earth took more time to know, grow and be themselves, I believe the world would be a better place.

I talk about stuff like this with people basically all the time, but it can be difficult to keep taking care of ourselves top of mind with all of life’s other distractions. About 6 months ago, I was talking to my pal Jaime and she recommended I start a “fancy” newsletter. A seed was planted and here I am. (Thanks again, dude.) Through 2019, stay tuned for a new issue and area of focus in the fancy newsletter on the first of every month.
B r e a k  b i g  g o a l s  i n t o  s m a l l  g o a l s ,
I used to be big on new year resolutions, but I think we all know how those tend to go...
January 1, get amped... January 4, there’s always next year. Rinse and repeat.

It’s been a frequent practice of mine to write down everything I want to accomplish, but at some point you have to wonder why the same things carry over year to year. I’ve accepted that maybe my approach could be better, so I’m going to try something new. 

Check out how I broke down January’s intention below:
Here’s a blank version if you want to give this a try:
V i s u a l  i n s p i r a t i o n , 
Taking a few moments to set and define a mood always helps me to recenter my focus and keep my motivation front and center. When I can easily see my visual inspiration, it’s like magic accountability dust that keeps my eye on the prize through the month and beyond. In fact, right now the wallpaper on my iPad is this very mood board. If out of sight, out of mind is true, then I'm keeping this intention in my face for the next 31 days.
S p e a k  i t  i n t o  e x i s t e n c e ,
If you haven’t seen Insecure yet, you need to stop what you’re doing and binge that shit. Issa’s mirror rapping monologues are everything. I feel silly for having slept on this show for as long as I did, but better late than never because it literally gives me life. p.s. Representation really does positively boost my general quality of life, just sayin’.
My personal affirmation of the mo’:
This book recommendation is nourishment for the soul in the form of freeverse bliss. Don’t tell me you don’t have time to real a book, this one won’t take you long because it literslly flows like milk and honey (I couldn’t resist.) Give this book a taste and see how it makes you feel. 
Music is powerful. It can be like a soundtrack or anthem for life. Feuling your body with food is important, but don’t forget to feed your ears and soul too. Enjoy this playlist my man Jack and I put together curated around the concept of food [ for thought ] .
Serial... get it? I had to go for the dad joke and take this pun opportunity to remind and/or present you with Serial. This podcast really changed the game for podcasts everywhere and even Netflix originals like American Vandal. I recommend going back and giving season one another listen. Do you think the same thing could happen today?
I dare you to try a coffee dialogue. If you did, who would you be speaking to? And what would you have to say? I will definitely be giving this concept some space in my life within the months ahead. Holler if you have any suggestions on who I should meet for coffee and opposing world view talk.
(I’m 100% serious.)
No, this isn’t whole 30 compliant, but it’s damn delicious. Be sure to bookmark this recipe for the next time you think someone else has to make you a salad for it to be 100. Check out the rest of the eatchofood blog for tons of food inspiration to get you in the kitchen. Did I mention this blogger is also an interior designer in San Francisco? *perks up and leans in*
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