So, what is truth?
I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately, but I don’t think I really understood the question fully until about a week ago. If I did understand it before, it was only on the surface. I’m digging in more now. Reflecting on summer as it comes to a close, I’m mostly either asking a lot of questions or mindlessly following status quo. Go figure. 

That weekend, I woke up to the first day in weeks that I didn’t need to immediately spring into action to get ready for work or extra curriculars or anything else at all and it was honestly just so nice. The little things, sometimes.

That morning, instead of the usual grabbing for my phone and/or the remote, I spent my first few hours awake stretching, sketching and journaling; letting out all of the thoughts that had been marinating in and amongst my brain during that busy spell we refer to as summer.

That afternoon, I was not expecting the amazing sense of contentment that spilled into my soul as I saw clarity take shape right in front of me, but that’s the magic of journaling. Quiet time. Reflection. Peace. When they say “you are enough,” this is what they mean

To sit in silence that Sunday morning, unplugged, mind at ease, excitedly reading what I was writing, my brain began to feel nourished and loved in a special type of way; closing loops to combat edges that were previously frayed.
     Transformed by focus
     In response to my own curiosities
     Answers and reprieve
As a designer and generally inquisitive human being, I tend to see the world through the lens of problem solving. Sometimes I feel like I unintentionally view my whole life that way.

Oftentimes I’m going so quickly through each day, I don’t take the time to write out a thought inventory (aka journal) when I need it the most. This is where slowing down can help me speed up.

Nagging thoughts on their own are hardly productive if at all, but by spending time asking questions, I was able to fill in the blanks.
Choose slowing down to live with intention and the answers you’ve been seeking will seek you.
What makes something true? What makes something false? Who can truly define right vs wrong? Is truth constant? How do we know when truth has expired? My best guess is that truth is nothing more than the things we tell ourselves and the things we are willing to believe. 

Are we in an era signifying the end of information? Or are we finally grappling with the idea that we know nothing? Because what we know, we know, until we don’t know, you know?

One thing I think I know for sure is that we’re all just humans on a planet trying to live, love and last. I suppose I could be wrong there too, though. Who knows?
Save the date:
Friday, November 1, 2019

I’m guest curating a TEDxMinneapolis Salon event all about the concept “what is truth?” Registration opens soon! Get ready for a giant word search, soul food, libations, thought provoking videos, interactive stations & more! I would absolutely love to see you there. Come through 🤙🏿

“The truth will set you free,
but first it will piss you off.”
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+ Bonus stuff for you to click on, as if you needed more distractions:

For a dose of humor with a strong side of reality, check out the movie Idiocracy. Keep the mood alive and follow it up with the newly released Rocko’s Modern World: Static Cling special and let it all soak in.


I’ve been getting into crystals over the last few years, and honestly I think they’re worth the hype. Crystals encourage mindfulness and intentionality. They help me focus. I’ve been carrying tigerstone and citrine lately to encourage creativity, resilience and positivity for myself and others.
+ This month’s “fancy” challenge:

Last month, I focused on meditating more often. Things started off strong, but I fell off towards the end. As the middle of the month got hectic, I think I lost myself in busyness and I thought “one more task” after task after task after task would save me, but the truth is, moving through life like that is exhausting and never-ending (think endless scrolling on social media).

This month, I want to keep an open mind and keep the questions coming. I want to do real research instead of skimming through headlines to stay informed. Everyday I want to journal, even if it’s just a sentence or word. I want to be able to look back on these as I look forward. 

Set the tone & soothe your mind with this musical detox. If you’re feeling particularly down with the get down, you can even try a simple meditation session through some or all of the mix. You deserve a chance to catch your breath, after all. I think we all do.
September’s playlist of the month is
the perfect mental detox to start a new month:
Sending you a virtual hug and
all the good vibes for the rest of your month. 
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