Be empathetic, but don’t give all your fucks away. 
Take inventory of where you direct your attention.
Save some mental capacity for things that matter.
Alright August, take it easy on me.
Or should I be saying that I need to take it easy on myself?

This summer has truly been a roller coaster and I’m trying to catch my breath.
I want to stay informed, but media is menacing and downright manipulative.  
Adulthood can be so ugly sometimes. The internet, too. 

My social [ media ] life is slowly dying and I love it.
Instagram, recently deactivated. Facebook, been deactivated.
Twitter, yawns. LinkedIn, I guess. 

With all of this newfound time in my days that I’m not mindlessly scrolling, I’m still tired, but not as drained. 

They say that ignorance is bliss, but what’s the price? 
And who will be left to settle the tab?
Sometimes I lose hope and it feels like humans are doomed. 
Other times I’m overly optimistic and that’s a struggle too. 

Equity through empathy’ [was / is ] my inner mantra [ past / present tense ] .
Real talk though, it’s losing steam. I’m losing steam. I’m internally conflicted. Ambivalent, really. 

My hope is that one day this will all make sense. 
The realist in me doubts it, but we’ll see. 

Will the truth set us free?
Set the tone for the next 30 days, August’s playlist is inspired by, ‘equity through empathy.’
On the blog: 
Read ‘August is Coming’

“Honestly, where does the time even go? ...summer just kicked off and I’m already hearing talks of the state fair...”
+ Bonus stuff for you to click on, as if you needed more distractions:
Aziz Ansari spills his guts in his latest Netflix special and my mind is still blown. Curl up, unwind enjoy what he has to offer. And yes, he addresses the #metoo incident. Prepare to laugh and cry.  

True Grit is a new gym in uptown with an enticing line up of classes. I met the owners while working at my part time plant shop gig and they were the sweetest. They’re offering a free freaking month as apart of their grand opening offer and I’m going to get started this month. Keep me accountable because when it comes to exercise, I need it. 

Did you know my first job ever was as a barista at Barnes & Noble? Back then I was absolutely obsessed with Post Secret. If you haven’t heard of it before, visit their website weekly and you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of people from around the world in an anonymous and artful way. If you think what you’re dealing with is rough, you may find solace here

+ This month’s “fancy” challenge:

Last month, we left our phones at home more often to unplug and engage IRL.
In August, I want to meditate more often, especially as part of an anti-technology bedtime routine.
I’m planning to set aside 5-10 minutes to meditate 1-2 times a week. Will you join me?

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. 
Carry empathy in your heart and have a beautiful month ahead. 

Sending you love,

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