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News and Opinion

Upcoming Barts Health Share and Learn Team Leaders Webinars
"You are invited to the Team Leader webinars in below:

Each session will focus on a different topic and has been designed to be:
• A safe space for you to meet peers across the Trust
• An opportunity to share your experiences and hear from others
• A place for you to have your say on what support you need in order to support and lead your team

12 May 10am-11am & 13 May 2pm-3pm: Coming out of Shielding with Compassion - a session for leaders who may be coming out of shielding or supporting people to return to the workplace.
Speaker: Carla Croft.

19 May 10am-11am & 20 May 2pm-3pm: Employee Wellbeing Service - focus on management referrals.
Speaker: Sue Kennard.

26 May 10am-11am & 27 May 2pm-3pm Inclusion - what has that got to do with building an effective team?
Speaker: Banji Adewumi.

Team leaders can subscribe to the webinars by entering their email address here -

You will then receive the bulletins each week with joining details – the sessions will then be held on MS Teams."
From HSJ:
TEDx Talk: The rigged test of leadership
"The glass cliff: an experience of taking on a leadership role only to find that your chances of success have been limited before you've even begun. Equality activist Sophie Williams explores the research-backed reasons behind this workplace phenomenon and how it overwhelmingly affects underrepresented groups, despite a facade of progress and inclusion. Learn more about the biases and behaviors that set people up for failure -- and what can be done to make the path to success in leadership better for everyone..."
From Harvard Business Review (HBR):
  • UPCOMING FREE WEBINAR, 14/6/21, 5pm: A New Leadership Model for the Future of Business and Work
    "Will introduce a new leadership playbook for the future of work and business—one that contributes to the common good, and one that serves the needs of all stakeholders. The key... is for leaders to pursue a noble purpose, put people at the center of the business, create an environment where every employee can blossom, and treat profit as an outcome, not the goal..."
  • [Audio] Ursula Burns on Leading with Authenticity at Xerox
    "Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox from 2009 to 2016, rose from humble beginnings to become the first Black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company. In this interview with HBR editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius, she talks candidly about the frequent challenges and occasional advantages of being “the only” and explains why organizations needs to do a better job of promoting both economic and racial equality..."
  • Transform Your Technical Expertise into Leadership
    "People often get promoted into leadership roles because of technical or functional skills and expertise that enable them to perform well in their technical domain, but that don’t translate into effective leadership. They then struggle to inspire, coach, co-create, and build commitment to a shared vision. If you’d like to become as expert in leading others as you are in finding technical solutions, the best place to start is by committing to ongoing self-directed leadership development..."
  • How Men Can Be More Inclusive Leaders
    "Despite the Covid-19 “Shecession,” which has driven millions of women out of the workforce, women are the majority of the college-educated talent pool. Because of this, male leaders — and men more broadly — must pursue gender inclusion and equity through deliberate allyship with women. There are four inclusive leadership strategies male leaders should follow..."

Guidance and Institutional Publications

From The King's Fund:
  • [Blog] Leadership and innovation during Covid-19: lessons from the Cardiff and Vale Health System
    "Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, clinicians at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board realised that they would have to make rapid changes to prevent the widespread cancellation of elective surgery. A core team of staff started meeting in a lecture theatre every morning and evening to work on the redesign. They fell into a particular ‘battle routine’: identifying problems in the morning, coming up with solutions by lunchtime and presenting the proposals back to colleagues in the evening..."
  • [Blog] Decision-making in uncertain times
    "How do leaders approach decision-making when the challenges they face seem so intractable and the context so uncertain? Thinking clearly, acting wisely, and staying healthy must be goals for anyone leading anything at the moment, but complex and uncertain times can make these goals hugely challenging to realise..."
  • UPCOMING COURSE: The Top Manager Programme (from 29/3/22 onwards)
    "The Top Manager Programme (TMP) has a more than 30-year history of developing senior leaders. Health and social care services continue to face increasing economic pressures, changing demographics, increasing public expectations and all the time health inequalities are widening..."
From NHS Confederation: What does a leader look like?
"The way leaders are leading is changing and can be at variance to preconceptions of what leadership is. Fortunately, because of this, explains Sarah Walter, assistant director of the ICS Network, we are beginning to broaden the conversation on what leadership looks like..."
Infographic from the RCN: Embrace Your Inner Leader
"Leading is an innate part of nursing. Even if you’re not in a formal leadership role, you can assert your influence and lead. Here’s how..."

Latest Research Articles

Faculty leadership development: A case study of a synergistic approach
"Ongoing leadership development is essential for academic health center faculty members to respond to increasing environmental complexity. At the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, an 8-month program, based on Conger’s leadership development approach emphasizing conceptual understanding, skill building, feedback and personal growth was offered to mid-level faculty charged with developing educational programs, clinical services, and/or research initiatives. We studied how specific learning methods catering to different learning approaches contributed to improving leadership competencies..."
Examining ethical leadership in health care organizations and its impacts on employee work attitudes: an empirical analysis from Austria
"This study aims to examine the effects of ethical leadership on job satisfaction, affective commitment and burnout of health care employees, considering frustration tolerance and emotional stability as moderating variables..."
Redeployment of Health Care Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study of Health System Leaders’ Strategies
"This was a cross-sectional, qualitative research study designed to investigate strategies used by health system leaders from around the world when mobilizing human resources in response to the global COVD-19 pandemic. Prospective interviewees were identified through nonprobability and purposive sampling methods from May to July 2020. The primary outcomes were the critical considerations, as perceived by health system leaders, when redeploying health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic determined through thematic analysis of transcribed notes. Redeployment was defined as reassigning personnel to a different location or retraining personnel for a different task..."
Changing hospital organisational culture for improved patient outcomes: developing and implementing the leadership saves lives intervention
"Leadership Saves Lives (LSL) was a prospective, mixed methods intervention to promote positive change in organisational culture across 10 diverse hospitals in the USA and reduce mortality for patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Despite the potential impact of complex interventions such as LSL, descriptions in the peer-reviewed literature often lack the detail required to allow adoption and adaptation of interventions or synthesis of evidence across studies. Accordingly, here we present the underlying design principles, overall approach to intervention design and core content of the intervention..."
An explanatory model of authentic leadership, flourishing and work–family balance of nurses in French hospitals
"This study aims to investigate the relationship between a positive leadership style [i.e. authentic leadership (AL)] and nurses’ psychological health (i.e. nurses’ flourishing and satisfaction with work–family balance), including psychological capital (PsyCap) as a mediational variable..."
Leadership assumptions on implementation of patient involvement methods
"From 2014 to 17, a large-scale project, 'The User-involving Hospital', was implemented at a Danish university hospital. Research highlights leadership as crucial for the outcome of change processes in general and for implementation processes in particular. According to the theory on organizational learning by Agyris and Schön, successful change requires organizational learning. Argyris and Schön consider that the assumptions of involved participants play an important role in organizational learning and processes. The purpose was to explore leaders' assumptions concerning implementation of patient involvement methods in a hospital setting..."
An innovative leadership development initiative to support building everyday resilience in health systems
"Effective management and leadership are essential for everyday health system resilience, but actors charged with these roles are often underprepared and undersupported to perform them. Particular challenges have been observed in interpersonal and relational aspects of health managers' work, including communication skills, emotional competence and supportive oversight. Within the Resilient and Responsive Health Systems (RESYST) consortium in Kenya, we worked with two county health and hospital management teams to adapt a package of leadership development interventions aimed at building these skills..."

Library COVID Update

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St Bart’s Hospital Library has moved back to its original space in the department of diagnostic imaging, on the ground floor of the KGV Building. It will be staffed from 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday, and available to staff 24/7. The phone no. there is 020 3465 5467.

At Whipps Cross and Newham Hospitals we offer comfortable seats and computer access, with tea and coffee, from 10am-4pm. Please check local notices for details. Staff can continue to access our 24/7 knowledge hubs (computer rooms) on each site.

Our Library Hub at the Royal London continues to be available to staff 24/7.

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