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News and Opinion

As part of the journey to rest, reflect, and recover, all Barts Health staff are invited to come to ‘reflection rooms’ that will be opened up at each site during the week of 5 July. Do stop by to record a few words to camera. 
The Wellbeing Hub in the North Wing of St Barts Hospital is closed for refurbishment until August. Find out more on WeShare.

During July, Whipps Cross staff have an opportunity to join new Yogalates and Swiss Ball Classes, along with Legs, Bums and Tums, Body Bar, Zumba and Spin Classes.  Come along and play Table Tennis, or visit to relax, unwind and de-stress in the garden area. To get the full timetable of these classes, please email

From HSJ: Yvonne Coghill spoke at webinar on how to improve staff wellbeing post-pandemic
Barts Healthstaff can register to watch the on demand recording. "This webinar asked: What are the most pressing areas of staff wellbeing which NHS organisations need to consider as we come out of the pandemic? How are these likely to change over the next few months?..."
Take NHS Confederation's single question survey
The government has indicated it will left many remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, including the legal requirement to wear masks in public. Ahead of potential government guidance, we are asking you one simple question: "Do you want there to be a continued legal requirement for members of the public to wear masks in all healthcare settings?"
From BMJ: Doctors’ early retirement has trebled since 2008
"The number of doctors taking early retirement from the NHS has more than trebled over the past 13 years, official figures show. In 2020-21 1358 GPs and hospital doctors in England and Wales took voluntary early retirement or retired because of ill health, up from 401 in 2007-08... Overall, the total number of doctors retiring rose by 21% over this period, from 2431 in 2007-08 to 2952 in 2020-21. The total number of doctors employed by the NHS in England and Wales rose by 25% over this period, from 141 000 to 176 000..."
Blog from The Mental Elf: The COVID-19 pandemic is harming our mental health, and it's affecting some more than others
"In his debut blog, Christian Dalton-Locke reviews a recent longitudinal (online survey) study, which looks at mental health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research finds that women, young adults, those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and people with pre-existing mental health problems were affected worse than others..."
From The British Journal of Nursing: It's time to change the way we work.
"Sam Foster, Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals, reflects on how the pandemic has changed work practices and suggests that refocusing priorities can not only improve staff wellbeing but also productivity and competition..."

Guidance and Institutional Publications

From NHS Employers: Guidance on long-term COVID-19 sickness absences
"Read the latest guidance from the NHS Staff Council on the management of long-term COVID-19 sickness absences..."
From The King's Fund: Health and care organisations say more action is needed on staff health and wellbeing
"Staff across health and care are working under intense pressure and for many, it is taking a toll on their wellbeing. In response, a broad coalition of health and care organisations have come together to speak with one voice about the need to prioritise the emotional and physical wellbeing of health and care staff..."
"The NHS employs around 1.3 million people in England, and there are around 1.65 million jobs in adult social care. Together both services potentially account for around 8.6% of the working age population. Not only is our health and wellbeing dependent upon their commitment, but many people will have friends and family who work in the NHS or care system. It is essential they are able to carry out their duties safely and effectively. The Committee is enormously grateful to staff and volunteers across health and social care who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. It should surprise no-one that they stepped up at this time of national crisis..."
From The Royal College of Nursing: Healthy Workplace Toolkit
"The RCN takes a holistic view when defining a healthy workplace. It is far more than offering wellbeing support to individuals, but is about taking a proactive approach to tackling the work-related factors that can lead to stress and poor mental health and building on established evidence on what constitutes good work..."
From The Centre for Aging Better, via The King's Fund: Working well? How the pandemic changed work for people with health conditions
"This research, produced together with the Institute for Employment Studies, highlights the challenges faced by employees with long-term health conditions and warns that more support is needed to help people manage their conditions in the workplace if the state pension is to rise further..."

Carers UK, Age UK, Carers Trust, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Oxfam GB and Rethink Mental Illness
"In this report, the six charities supporting Carers Week are calling on the UK government to provide £1.2 billion funding for unpaid carers’ breaks, so that those providing upwards of 50 hours of care are able to take time off for their own health and wellbeing..."

From the BMA: Moral distress in the NHS and other organisations
"Read our briefing and survey summary on moral distress in doctors that has been compounded by COVID - and how not being able to provide sufficient quality of care can have a negative impact on healthcare staff..."
From Carers UK: Breaks or breakdown: Carers Week 2021 report
"This survey found that carers lost, on average, 25 hours of support a month they previously had from services or family and friends before the pandemic. It also reveals that 72 per cent of carers have not had any breaks from their caring role at all. It calls on the UK government to provide £1.2 billion funding for unpaid carers’ breaks, so that those providing upwards of 50 hours of care are able to take time off for their own health and wellbeing..."

Latest Research Articles

Workplace Incivility and Its Effects on the Physical and Psychological Health of Nursing Faculty
"A cross-sectional, correlational survey was distributed to nursing faculty teaching in the southeastern United States. Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression and hierarchical multivariate multiple regression..."
[Poster abstract] 1074. Sounding circles - a grassroots wellbeing initiative for junior doctors during the pandemic
"The Sounding Circles initiative was introduced in April 2020 to address the needs of the junior doctor cohort during the COVID-19 peak in a district general hospital in London. Sounding Circles was hosted weekly on a virtual platform, providing a place for mindfulness and confidential sharing of experiences in small groups of participants (between 2 and < 10 participants). Sessions lasted one hour and were led using a structured approach - the facilitator was a senior trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology. Attendees were surveyed after the sessions ended; there was a 25% response rate. 100% responders stated sessions were useful. 30% attended more than one session and 85% would want to attend a future sessions..." [author: A Vasireddy, Leiwsham and Greenwich NHS Trust]

[Conference abstract from Barts Health authors S. Strong, S. Thamban, and R. Davison] 283. Impact of redeployment and emergency medical rotas on doctors’ wellbeing during COVID-19
"A detailed online survey was used to collect demo- graphics, information about working patterns, redeploy- ment to new areas, access to adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and assessment of mental wellbeing including impact on life outside work... The online survey was sent to 110 doctors who were currently redeployed on the acute medicine rota; 80 Senior House Officers (SHOs), 16 registrars and 14 consul- tants. Redeployed doctors were identified by administrative heads of each department..."

Hopelessness and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms among Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Any Role for Mediating Variables?
"Eight hundred forty-two healthcare workers were recruited
between 21 March 2020 and 15 May 2020. A specific questionnaire was administered to assess socio-demographic and clinical characteristics, together with psychometric scales: Beck Hopelessness Scale, Death Anxiety Scale (DAS), and Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS). Respondents with hopelessness scored higher in the DAS and DTS than respondents without hopelessness. Furthermore, death anxiety was identified as a potential mediator of the significant association between hopelessness and post-traumatic symptomatology. The impact of death anxiety should be recognized in vulnerable populations, such as frontline healthcare workers. Therefore, pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies could be useful to attenuate the negative psychological consequences and reduce the burden worldwide..."
Mindfulness and self-care of therapists - Evidence search report carried out by librarians from Brighton and Sussex on 14/6/2021
"This evidence search report looks at literature discussing the use of mindfulness meditation as a tool of self-care and whether mindfulness meditation increases therapists' ability to be more aware and present for their clients..."
The Healthcare Sector Employer's Duty of Care: Implications for Worker Well-Being
"This paper reports on results of a narrative review performed to assess COVID-19 exposure and disease development in healthcare workers as a function of employer duty of care program elements adopted in the workplace. Significant duty of care deficiencies reported early in the pandemic most commonly involved lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) availability. Beyond worker safety, we also provide evidence that an additional benefit of employer duty of care actions is a greater sense of employee well-being, thus aiding in the prevention of healthcare worker burnout..."

Library COVID Update

All staff are now required to sign-in, and wash their hands with the gel provided, when entering our libraries.

St Bart’s Hospital Library has moved back to its original space in the department of diagnostic imaging, on the ground floor of the KGV Building. It will be staffed from 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday, and available to staff 24/7. The phone no. there is 020 3465 5467.

At Whipps Cross and Newham Hospitals we offer comfortable seats and computer access, with tea and coffee, from 10am-4pm. Please check local notices for details. Staff can continue to access our 24/7 knowledge hubs (computer rooms) on each site.

Our Library Hub at the Royal London continues to be available to staff 24/7.

Please see our new website and our Digital Library WeShare page for more information.

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