“Big fan!” an elementary schooler called out to me from behind a sports-field fence, holding a pocket Bible in his hand.  I turned my head and smiled in his general direction as I walked past the baseball field.  I had just led an assembly for the 4th-grade students at Harold W. Smith Elementary School in Arizona, during which the nearly 100 attendees had excitedly asked questions about American Idol, tried using my white cane to walk around with their eyes closed, and received New Testaments and copies of my book By Faith, Not By Sight.
Later that week, I received the following message from one of the teachers which encouraged me so much:
“It was an absolute pleasure to hear you sing and speak to our 4th-grade students.  I have been teaching for 17 years and I have to say, yesterday was perhaps the best assembly I have ever attended with students. The students were 100% engaged and they could not have asked better questions.  When we arrived back to the classroom, I could hardly contain them.  The students who received the autographed cards and the book displayed them proudly.  They conversed about their experience with you with bubbly enthusiasm for about 15 minutes afterwards.  Thank you so much for agreeing to come to our school.  Your presence is a memory that will live on in our students' banks and hearts for a long time.”
The superintendent also attended the assembly, and she expressed interest in having us visit more schools in the district too!
Reaching the next generation with the gospel and leading them to an unshakable truth is so important in a world where truth is thought to be subjective and depression and suicide rates are sky-rocketing.  We’ve ministered to a number of other student groups like this one in the short time since, and it’s amazing to witness God going before us to prepare hearts and bring fellow Christian laborers for our visits.
During my recent trip to Tampa and Miami, Florida, I got to sing for and interact with about 1,100 people, the majority of whom were students ranging from K-12 and up through college.  Please know that your generous support and your prayers are bringing hope-filled music and a message of faith to people and places we could not reach otherwise.  It’s truly exciting to be able to encourage these young individuals to seek God and to be present with them in their struggles.
Isn’t it interesting that the most important relationship we have is with someone we can’t see?  Some of us struggle with what is sometimes called the hiddenness of God, and we might wonder where God is in our circumstances or whether he is even listening to us.
I’ve often described my blindness as looking at the world through a tiny straw – I can only see a small sliver of the world at a time.  Growing up, I could study a picture of someone for a long time, and after a while I’d begin to visualize certain features of that individual better.  But when I am able to hear someone talk about what they love and hope for, the picture I have of them becomes even more clear.
God’s fingerprints are all around us, but what’s even better is that he’s left us a written revelation of his heart!  Through the life of Jesus, we can know what God loves and what he hopes for!  And while we will not see God face to face until heaven, we can experience more and more of who he is right here and now, as we spend time with him in his word.
God wants to be known, and he has provided the opportunity through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
If you know someone who is struggling in their faith journey or needs some special encouragement this week, will you share this episode of our “Enduring Hope” podcast with them right now?  You never know how God could use these words of encouragement in their life:

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