How many times do we start the new year with new resolutions to improve ourselves, only to fall short?
Every day, you and I are told the solution to our issues can be found within – that by digging deeply for enlightenment and tapping into our truest self, we will begin to experience our best life.  But messages like this send us on an endless, fruitless, and hopeless search in the exact opposite direction of the true remedy.
When my kidneys failed at 19 years old, I remember trying my hardest to make every nutritional and medicinal choice I could to heal my own diseased kidney, but all my self-help efforts failed. Ultimately, I had to surrender—I had to admit I wasn’t enough. There was no improving the kidney I had. I needed something new, something I didn’t possess within.
God wants to do a new work in your life and mine in 2022!  From the moment we are made new, we will begin to be made whole, just as I experienced after I received my new kidney.
Listen to what it means to be made new, as Christina and I share encouragement for your new year!

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