“I was at my weakest, then I saw you on TV. Oh my! My heart cried. I wish so much I could hang out with Christians. I lost my twin in 2012 and have never been the same. Thank you for being on TV, it brought me a bit of joy and help.”
“You and your wife were such an inspiration. My husband is not usually moved to tears by singers, but you DID IT! Thanks for a blessed Sunday and powerful ministry.”
“The Lord is helping us with the loss of our daughter to cancer. We thank God that she loved the Lord and knowing that she’s in His Arm’s gives us so much peace that there’s no room for fear.”
“I’ve never cried so much in my life. It was a good cry. God has just torn open my heart and shown me how much Jesus loves me.”
Dear friends - Thank you for your partnership in ministry.  Stories like these encourage me to keep pressing on and relentlessly invite others to surrender every area of their lives to our great God.  My heart is truly to leverage the power of music, testimony of dependence on God, and the notoriety of American Idol to encourage as many people as possible to abide in Christ and to live each day in light of eternity.
Would you be willing to give a special financial gift as we round out the year to help us change more lives just like these?
Read on to learn how God is using Christina and me, our ministry team, and your faithful prayers and giving, to bring the gospel to many through the arts!
From the beginning of our journey into full-time ministry, we have had a vision of reaching the millions of people who watched me on American Idol with a clear presentation of the gospel, and right now our world desperately needs Jesus.  God is leading many people who are suffering to see our TV Special “Enduring Hope” and find strength to press on.  With your help, we are committed to reaching 1 million people with its timely message by 2023!
Your gift takes this creative presentation of the gospel into homes, hospitals, and anywhere there’s a television!
It’s our desire to regularly remind those who come into contact with our ministry through television, events, or just in daily life, that suffering has a purpose and that the hope we have in Jesus endures through all adversity.  Our “Enduring Hope” podcast and radio ministry allow us to share Scripture and encouragement with people around the world on a weekly basis who need to be uplifted.
Your gifts help us develop and produce Biblically sound devotional content each week and get it to those who are struggling.
Pastors and worship directors rarely get to take a break to recharge.  When we have the privilege of sharing our music and testimony in church services, not only do key members of the leadership team have a chance to refocus, but people who wouldn’t normally be in church come to see “the blind guy from American Idol.”  Many times, the churches we visit experience their largest service attendance in months!
Your gift helps us bless, edify, and grow churches at home and abroad.
Having a disability in the family can put unbelievable stress on a marriage.  Nathan, a vet, and his wife Leslie were at odds when they came to a retreat for families with disabilities at which we were singing and sharing, but they left with a new-found commitment to each other and a path to healing.  What I wouldn’t give to see more couples take their burdens to the cross and decide to stick it out with their spouse!
Your gift brings the gospel to more families who need to know Jesus understands their pain.
“Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story and give us advice. It encouraged me to take steps without fear and follow my dreams. You truly inspired me.”
Madison – Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
It’s so important to reach the next generation for Christ, and my history with American Idol continues to open doors for our ministry to serve in both mainstream and Christian schools – even schools for the deaf and blind.  As young people look to the future, we want to encourage them to seek God’s future first!
Your gift brings hope in Christ to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Scott MacIntyre Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit department of A.C.T. Intl and exists to help children, students, and adults find hope in Jesus Christ in the midst of adversity through inspirational music and story, utilizing live performance and media.  Your donations help us share the message of hope in churches, schools, hospitals, and blind centers around the U.S. and beyond.

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