Dear friends – as we make our way further into 2021, I pray that you are continuing to rest in the knowledge of God’s sovereignty and goodness.  There is certainly no shortage of things about 2020 we all would prefer to leave in the past, yet time and time again I see God working in the most difficult of circumstances, in my life and the lives of others, to bring about a greater purpose.  Christina and I can’t thank you enough for making this ministry possible, at a time when so many people need the message of hope in Jesus.
In-person events are becoming a larger part of our focus once again this year having had several already, and we have reached nearly 20,000 people through our television ministry in January and February!
We were especially encouraged to get this email from David after he saw a recent airing of the TV Special:
“I was on the streets 2 years ago, addicted, running. Long story short, I was crushed in a car accident leaving a permanent colostomy and paralyzed leg. I just had a toe amputated from gangrene. Your message inspires me to get back to my music, and back to worship. Thank you for your story.”
If you know someone who needs encouragement, please take the time to share our music and story with them and pray that God will work in their life.  You can send them this link to the TV Special:
When Christina and I typically share with you about the ways in which God works through our ministry in churches, we’re usually focused on those who have prayed to receive Christ or who have been encouraged during a trying time.  But there are many other ways in which God works through our church visits – providing mentorship to younger worship leaders and musicians, giving worship pastors who sacrifice and serve every Christmas and Easter a much needed break, and creating space for growth in the Lord.
Recently, we had the joy of leading worship and sharing our testimony at Illuminate Community Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it was a blessing to receive the following note from Chris, the worship pastor:
“Our time away was refreshing.  We wrote a couple of worship songs and several books, while also enjoying some vision and preparation for our efforts in the coming year.  It was awesome to have your partnership while we were gone.”
Thank you for partnering with us as we have come alongside many churches and pastors in this way, and know that your prayers and support are making a difference, not only in proclaiming the Gospel, but also in building up and edifying church leaders.

Scott MacIntyre Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit department of A.C.T. Intl and exists to help children, students, and adults find hope in Jesus Christ in the midst of adversity through inspirational music and story, utilizing live performance and media.  Your donations help us share the message of hope in churches, schools, hospitals, and blind centers around the U.S. and beyond.

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