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Show Your Love for SEM!

with our 30 for 30 Checkwriting Campaign Challenge!
For the next 24 hours we are hoping we can get 30 families to donate $30 for our Checkwriting Campaign!


2019-2020 SEM PTSA Fundraising Goal: $15,000
That averages to $30 per student!

We've had a great start to the check writing campaign! $6,000 has been donated so far by SEM parents! Let's keep it up during these last three days. Show your community spirit by donating $30 or whatever amount you'd like. 

Why we need your financial support! 

Our SEM Community 

Our students are attending one of the most honored and highest ranked schools in DISD and the Nation. We are a Title I school and we represent a diverse group of urban families who are committed to excellence and rigorous standards for our children. SEM is an extraordinary, innovative school that promotes the belief that STEM centered learning can transform traditional boundaries and open opportunities.

SEM PTSA Fundraising Philosophy

It is the mission of the SEM PTSA to enrich and enhance SEM resources that support our one of a kind Math and Engineering program.  Our fundraising philosophy directly supports our teachers and students. We don’t invest in overpriced and low margin gimmick fundraisers! Instead, we have a once a year check writing campaign.

SEM PTSA Fundraising Objectives

Each year, the PTSA board meets with faculty and staff to determine the most pressing needs which are not covered by DISD funding. Once prioritized, these are included in the fundraising goal for that year. Last year, we spent $6,786 for calculators and mathematic competitions.


2019-2020 SEM PTSA Fundraising Goal: $15,000

(That averages to $30 per student!)

We've had a great start to the check writing campaign! $5,000 has been donated so far by SEM parents! Let's keep it up during this special week. Show your community spirit by donating $30 or whatever amount you'd like. 

What does your contribution go towards this year? Student Supplies & Materials and Annual PTA Operating Budget!


PTSA Annual Operating Support

Here are just a few of the programs that your SEM PTSA accomplishes with your donations and volunteer time!

New Student Orientation                         PTSA Newsletter and website

Back to School Teacher lunch                Snacks and delivery for testing

PTSA Morning coffees                            PTSA Officer Training

Teacher Appreciation week                    Awards night program expenses

Senior Activity Expenses                        National Honor Society Reception

Parent Teacher Conference – Teacher dinner  Field Day/Signing Day expenses

Click HERE to make your donation! 


Scan QR code below 

Please select from the drop-down box "2020 Check Writing Campaign" when making your donation.

When considering your annual donations, please consider all the benefits of attending SEM such as our wonderful staff and faculty, free AP tests, waivers for college testing and applications, and bragging rights of being part of the SEM family – priceless!


Support your School Through Matching Programs

Does your employer offer matching grants? You never know until you ask! Some of the larger companies in DFW also offer matching-on-matching with other company matches!


        You can also help with the Gift of Your Time!

SEM is unique in that we need an army of volunteers, equally as important as monetary donations. We are an inclusive school, and volunteering is so highly valued because it is something all families can contribute.


2019-2020 Check writing campaign timeline 

Our kickoff for the fundraising campaign starts now! We would like to raise $15,000 by February 29, 2020 to fund teacher requests and your PTSA annual operating budget. You may make donations conveniently on our website HERE or place a check in the PTSA lockbox in the SEM front office.

Thank you again for your annual donation and your gift of time. Your generous support and volunteering time provide for the most pressing needs of our school and programs.


Amy Hickox.
2018-2019 SEM PTSA President


16-20 Spring Break NO SCHOOL

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