S U N D A Y   .   M A Y  2  .   2 0 2 1
Worship with us on Sunday! Join us at reduced capacity in the sanctuary or via livestream. Our traditional service is at 10am. If you plan to be with us in person please allow yourself extra time to be checked-in and screened.

It's time to lift up your mom and dad, spouse, friend or somebody who's been like a parent to you -- let them know how much you appreciate them putting up with your nonsense.  We're putting together special Mother's Day and Father's Day tributes so make sure you score some brownie points and send your photos, stories and kind words to Jen Hedrick at

        Mother's Day . May 9         
Submissions needed by Wednesday, May 5

         Father's Day .  June 20          
Submissions needed by Wednesday, June 16

National Police Week is May 9 - 15; a time set aside to honor men and women of law enforcement and to remember the officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Epworth has agreed to participate in an effort to honor our local law enforcement called "Adopt-an-Officer."  A card or thank-you note along with a gift card of up to $40 is a great way to express your appreciation. 

If you're interested in participating contact Teresa Gray at or 704.239.3811. She'll connect you with the name of an officer and handle getting your thank yous and gift cards to the community organizers. Items need to be returned to Teresa by May 8. 


S U N D A Y   .  J U N E  6   

We'll be lifting up our high school and college graduates on Sunday, June 6 during worship. If you're a member of the class of 2021 we'd love to recognize your accomplishments and cover you in prayer. Use the link below to tell us a little about yourself. 

Lastly, if you'd like to be included in our Graduate Recognition video, please submit up to 40 digital photos to Jen Hedrick by May 30. Photos can be shared to a platform like Google Drive or submitted via thumb drive.


Packets for the May SMILE Project will be ready soon!  If you would like to be a part, please sign-up.  Be sure to indicate how many cards you would like to create!  Individuals may pick up the packets beginning on Friday, May 7th during preschool/learning center times.  They may also be picked up on Sunday, May 9, 2021 (from 9:30 am to 11:30 am).  


“STAND UP FOR JESUS!”  Messy Church in a Bag has been a GREAT ADVENTURE over the past several months as we continued to learn in a safe way!  However, it's time for in-person worship and activites that are sure to be AWESOME FUN!  Come experience May Messy Church IN-PERSON on Sunday, May 23 from 4pm - 5:30 pm.  There will be praise and worship and lots of fun activities for your family to interact together, while learning and studying scripture, all outdoors with weather permitting.  If it rains, we will move inside.  This month, we will be exploring Daniel 3 and really delving into how we, as a family, can "Stand Up For Jesus!" each and every day.  Some of the activities include participating in an obstacle course, competing in a tug-a-war game against other families, making S'mores, decorating a stepping stone, and creating Friendship Bracelets.  Come worship with us in a fun and creative way, as we all grow closer to Christ as individuals and as a family!   

T E A C H E R  A P P R E C I A T I O N   |   M A Y  3  -  M A Y  7

Please pray and give thanks for all the staff of our preschool and learning center!  They are ESSENTIAL, and they have been DEDICATED to God’s vision at Epworth UMC throughout this entire year of living through the pandemic.  Also, give thanks to all teachers and school staff everywhere!  Educators and all school staff have been true Super Heroes this year as they worked tirelessly to provide the best possible education in the safest way possible.  If you know a teacher or anyone who works in a school, consider writing a note to them just to say “thank you” for all they have done this year during the pandemic to meet the needs of children and youth in our community.

We have scheduled a week for day camp at Mount Shepherd - June 14-18. This week is for students K-6th grade (we've added 6th graders for those who missed out last summer). Day campers will meet at Epworth daily at 7am, head to Mount Shepherd on the church bus and return by 4pm each afternoon. 

Cost is $150 for the week and includes all meals. Donations to cover fuel costs are much-appreciated. 


Plans for Camp Epworth 2021 are in the works! We will offer 9 weeks of day camp for pre-school aged children and 8 weeks of camp for elementary children. Download overview and registration forms below.


CAMP EPWORTH is looking for staff for preschool and elementary-aged groups this summer.  Camp will be operating Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and there are a total of nine weeks of camp in June, July, and August.  All applicants must go through the application and interview process, as well as a background check.  Anyone who is interested in being on the Camp Epworth Staff should email Mrs. Teresa Gray, Director of Family Ministries at for more information and an application.

We're excited to announce the return of the Back-to-School Shoe Distribution. The date is Saturday, August 14. We are currently raising funds to purchase shoes and supplies. Cost of shoes and a new pair of socks is $20. As we get closer to the event, we'll begin collecting school supplies as well. If you are able to financially support the shoe distribution, place your donation in the offering plate and note "Shoe Distribution."  Thank you for your commitment to this outreach that supports children and youth in our community. 

Y O U T H   M I N I S T R Y   &   S T U D E N T    M I S S I O N S

SUN. MAY 2 - MEET @ 12:30pm

Doing naturey things in nature. Meet at church at 12:30pm. Make sure you have water bottle, good shoes and stamina. Please let Jen know if you're planning to go so we have adequate transportation. Moderately responsible adults welcome! Should return by 6pm.


SAT. MAY 8 | 10am

Been on our donkeys way too long! Time to do some good stuff! Meet in back parking lot at 10am to accept your mission.


SUN. MAY 16 | 4pm

Ridiculous games, stunts and shenanigans to celebrate the donkey in all of us!


Congratulations to two of our own for being named summer staff with Carolina Cross Connection. Charlie Walker will be working with CCC's Urban Ministry in Asheville.  Max Hedrick will be working with the Home Repair Ministry in western North Carolina. 

Charlie and Max continue a long-standing partnership of Epworth students who have served on the staff of Carolina Cross Connection. 

Ashley (Carruth) Odom        Madison Tesh             Taylor Bodenheimer
Jessica Christy                     Kelli Tesh
Megan Emerson                    Lauren Hughes

As part of their commitment, CCC summer staff are required to raise half of their salary through donations. Charlie's letter is posted below.

If you have questions for Charlie he can be reached at 843.687.3367



It's literally the most fun you can have camping in a tent behind the church. Registration opens in May.  There's so many ways we can make a difference right here in our own back yards! Camp is geared for rising 6th graders - 12th graders (and ridiculously cool adults)! 


The Easter Laugh
By Linda Henley

Rooted in the early musings of theologians such as Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa, an old church custom began. The Latin phrase “risus paschalis” means the Easter laugh. It was particularly popular in Bavaria inthe 15th through the 19th centuries and occurred during Eastertide to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  A day was designated as Holy Humor Sunday when churches and pastors would tell stories and play practical jokes on each other, even drenching one another with buckets of water.  The days were filled with joy and music, singing and lots of laughter. They regaled in picnics and parties and danced until dawn. It signified that God hadn’t taken no for an answer and had played a trick on the devil by raising Jesus from the dead. God could clearly boast the last laugh over death and that was worth celebrating!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reclaim such a tradition?  After Easter Sunday we hurriedly gather the eggs and bunnies and place them on the top shelf between the plastic tubs labeled Christmas and Fourth of July. The envelope from the department store marked “twenty-four pictures of bunny and me” are slipped into the drawer along with fleeting memories of the children with the crooked tie and lopsided easter bonnet. Easter 2021 is over until next year, with only a half-eaten chocolate rabbit on the counter as a sticky reminder that it happened. We are impatient and don’t linger long enough in the seasons of our lives.


Laughter is embedded in our faith, but we certainly don’t live like it.  We aren’t always known for emulating this joy.  Holy laughter is good for our souls. Divisions fall away in the midst of stifled giggles. Differences disappear as tears of joy stream down our faces.  Bonds are formed when we laugh until our sides ache. Friendships are cemented when we share a wink of understanding.


The laughter of God rings throughout the ages in Sarah, Isaac, the psalmists, the wedding party at Cana, the fatted calf for the prodigal, and at the door of an empty tomb. God, the Creator, who turns mourning into dancing, continues to move joyfully among us inviting us to the party. Don’t be surprised when you feel a tap on your shoulder and a voice whisper in your ear, “May I have this dance?”

                “And I’ll lead you on wherever you may be,
                  and I’ll lead you on in the dance, said he.”


  • Cereal (sweet stuff like Honey Nut Cheerios goes quick)
  • Canned Fruit (esp mandarin oranges & fruit cocktail)
  • Canned Pasta
  • Soup (esp tomato & chicken noodle)
  • Canned chili (with and without beans)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly (grape)
  • Snacks of any kind
  • Cookies
  • Pop Tarts
  • Pudding cups
  • Fruit cups
  • Chips
  • Snack bars

Our current big needs are:
  • Cereal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soup
  • Canned carrots, peas, potatoes and mixed veggies
  • Canned fruit
  • Any dried beans
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Toilet Paper
As always, we especially seek low sodium items, no-added-sugar items, and whole  grain items.
Right now, we have plenty of the following:
  • Canned chicken and tuna
  • Canned green beans and corn
  • Canned Pinto Beans
  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Macaroni & Cheese
Thank you for the continued support from our church partners.  Our Crisis Center at 246 Country Club Drive NE in Concord serves as the warehouse for most of the food.  
  • We will gladly accept all donations at that site from 10am - 1pm Monday through Friday.  
  • Bethel Baptist Helping Hands Food Pantry, located at 1209 1/4 Opal Street in Kannapolis, will gladly accept donations from 9 am to 1 pm on Monday and Thursday. 
  • The food pantry located at Westford UMC on Highway 49 and the Kannapolis Food Pantry at West Point Baptist Church can accept donations on Saturday morning from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. 
  • The Feeding Our Souls Food Pantry at Bethel UMC in Midland, and North Kannapolis Baptist Church Food Pantry will accept donations by calling the church in advance.
  • The pantry at New Life Baptist Church is temporarily closed.
                             Mary Elise Capron            Brandon Carson
                           Will Capron                     Brandon Cook
                           Zachary Capron               Caleb Odom
                           Ben Carruth                     Ryan Tennis
                          Joyce Baucom                  Bob Moss
                          Mike Bodenheimer           Debbie Myers
                          Judy Bonkowski               Shirley Nichols
                          Bill Chapek                       Ed Nimmo
                          Rose Emerson                   Elizabeth Schavillie
                          Linda Widenhouse Fink    Charlie Sehorn
                          Nancy Fisher                    Joanne Shepherd
                          Noah Goertzen                 Rachel Thomas
                          Carol Goodrich                 Betty Towell
                          Becky Holshouser             Betty Wagner
                          Hannah Hughes                John Watson
                          Sarah Hughes                   Carolyn Williams
                          Bob Lentz

                         Jake McClamrock                      


                          Peggy Caton                     Dean Humphries       

Pam & Doug Adams
Daughter/son-in-law of Marylyn Smith

Rob & Mae Aldrons
Friends of Epworth Hot Dog Ministry

Grace Alexander
Friend of Jane Hinson 

Ed Anderson
Cousin of Wayne Reid

Morris Anderson
Friend of Betsy Graham

Janet Barbour
Friend of Carol Blackwelder

Brian Barbour
Friend of Carol Blackwelder

Cindy Barfield
Friend of John Mitchum

Nancy Bebber
Friend of Carolyn Williams

Lisa Blackburn
Teacher at Flock Preschool

Jim Bonds
Friend of Kathy Taylor

Michael Breamer
Friend of Kathy Taylor

Jo Anne Bullins
Mother of Patty Randolph  

Ricky Clatterbuck
Friend of Tiffany Carter

TJ Daniels
Husband of Courtney Daniels (Flock teacher)

Lisa Potter Eudy
Friend of Marilyn & Richard Burrage

Kathy Taylor

Connie Williams (Betty Wagner’s daughter) 

Dave Goff  
Father of son-in-law - Gaye Seifel

Karen Hopson
Niece of Betty Wagner

Chris Hopson
Great nephew of Betty Wagner

Chad Hudson
Grandson of Sis Mills

Dee Hutcherson
Friend of Nancy Fisher

Bill Jackson
Uncle of Kathy Taylor 

Vicky Jackson
Aunt of Kathy Taylor (caretaker of Bill Jackson) 

Arden Lewis
Friend of Jenny Bodenheimer

Jeff Luther
Friend of Sjodahls

Lynda Lynch
Friend of Carolyn Williams

Nancy Matthews
Husband Jake is employed by IKE'S

Emily McGuire
Cousin of Betsy Graham

Charlie Mullis
Brother of Carol Blackwelder

Shantelle Muntiah
Great niece of Jean Lamb    

MaryAnn Neilson
Former Epworth secretary  

Kurt Randolph 
Brother of Scott Randolph

Tim Reynolds
Son of Nancy Olive

Karen Rowland
Friend of Betsy Graham

Edna Shefield
Friend of Jane Hinson

Debbie Sides
Friend of Betsy Graham

Stephen Smith
Grandson of Becky Holshouser

Robby Tucker
Brother of Rick Tucker

Sherry Turner
Mother of Bethany Bostic


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